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Don't Get Scammed!!!
By -

In February 2009, I was laid-off from my interior design job in Las Vegas, NV. I moved back home to Tulsa, and saw an advertisement for All-American Fitness $25/month NO Contract! When I talked to the salesman he informs me that it is $25/month but there is a $75 sign-up fee. I explain to him that I just got laid-off and it would be a bad idea for me to spend $100 for just one month at a gym. Here's when the swindling started.

He told me if I signed up for a one year contract at $25.00/month he could waive the $75.00 sign-up fee. I told him, since I lost my job I had no idea if I was going to find another one in Tulsa, or have to move again. He says, "If you have to 'move', come in and tell me and I'll cancel your contract". Then he adds "Actually, my best friend is an interior designer and she needs a lot of help right now. If you bring me your portfolio and resume, I'll give it to her and I'm almost positive you could work as her assistant".

The whole time he is saying this he is looking down at my contract doodling on the paper, no eye contact. He eventually starts telling me what a great Christian he is, and how I should go to his church and get a free cappuccino... I did NOT care what religion they guy was, I was only there to get a one month gym membership. So after a while, he convinced me I could cancel the contract anytime and save $75.00. I signed and initialed the contract, he gave me my gym card and I left.... without a copy of my contract.

So for the next few days, I worked on making a new portfolio and resume. A few days later, I take my portfolio and resume to him and he acted like he had never seen me before. After that, I emailed him, called him to see if he gave my stuff to his 'interior design' friend. No response. No reply.

A month later, I checked my bank account and $37.98 had been taken out of my account. So I call ABC Financial (All-American's financial company) to tell them they were taking too much out. That's when I was informed that my contract was for $37.98 for 2 YEARS!!!

Soon after, I go back to All-American and tell my salesman that I need to cancel my contract (like he said I could). He looks away and says, "You'll have to call ABC financial and cancel with them." Frustrated, I go home and call ABC financial who tells me that I need proof that I am moving far (2 utilities bills with my name on it) and a $100 cancellation fee. So now I'm stuck, and haven't used the gym in months, because of its poor and dirty conditions.

A year and half later, I noticed $34.00 and $37.98 were taken out of my account from All-American. I call ABC Financial AGAIN and find out that the $34.00 is for yearly maintenance fees!!! So I tell them I want to buy out of my contract and be done with them FOREVER...the lady tells me, "Well, remember to cancel your automatic renewal" What's that? In my contract it said that my contract automatically renews after 2 years! Please report them to the BBB, if you also have been scammed.

I was scammed/tricked into signing up for 2 years
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- On July 31, I went to the All American Fitness center located on NW Expressway in OKC to see about signing up for a short-term membership. I was enrolled at a beauty school at the time of the inquiry, and I knew I would be graduating within the next month, so I only wanted to sign up for a month at a time, if it was possible. I spoke to a man that is the Asst. Manager at the facility. His initials are **. I explained to him how I was going to graduate soon, and that I didn't want to sign up long term with any gym right now, so I asked him, "Is there any way I can sign up for just a month at a time?"

"We'll hook you up," is what he said. He took me on a tour of the facilities, showed me all of the equipment, the usual, and then he took me to the office to discuss prices. He asked me if I would be interested in getting a personal trainer. I had just quit smoking in May, and I was rewarding myself by joining a gym. I always wanted to have a personal trainer to teach me how to properly execute moves, engage my muscles/core, help me with a nutrition plan, etc., so I figured, what the heck. Let's sign up for a trainer.

He told me the trainer for a period of six weeks would be around $375.00. I then asked him how much would that be with just one month of membership. He told me that my ONE MONTH would cost me $45 dollars. Considering the membership included aerobics, a sauna and access to a swimming pool and hot tub, I assumed that was a feasible price.

I then asked him, "Since the personal trainer is a little more than one month, if I decide I don't want to continue my membership after a month, I can still come to see the trainer for the additional two weeks without reupping my membership, right?" He says yes. Now he does "crunch some numbers" for me at this time, and tells me how much it WOULD be if I decided to sign up for more than a month. I just nod and say, okay, whatever, but I make sure he knows I'm only interested in the month to month basis.

He NEVER tells me it's not possible to sign up for just a month at a time; he never tells me that in order to have a personal trainer, you HAVE To sign up for a long-term membership. I was supposed to be at school at 11a.m. It was around 10:50, and I stressed my concern with Mr. ** that I would be late to school, so I asked if I could just come back in later to finalize the membership. He says, "This will only take a few more minutes." He goes to get the contract, and while he's gone, he has me fill out another sheet that has my personal info on it.

About five minutes later, he returns, with the contract in hand. He sets it down, he shows me where to sign for the personal trainer. I sign it. He shows me where to sign for the ONE MONTH membership. He says, "and this is where you sign agreeing you want the one month for $45 dollars." I sign it. He then has me sign the bottom, agreeing to authorize them to use my credit card to pay for my personal trainer and one month membership. The total was $422.15. I sign it.

He takes the contract, quickly tears off my copy, folds it a couple of times, and then places it in a huge white envelope. I'm in a huge hurry to not be late to school, and I'm giddy with excitement that I have just signed up for a personal trainer... so STUPID STUPID me flies outta there without going over my contract. I go to the gym a total of three times. Twice to work with my trainer, and once to work out on the cardio equipment. Exactly seven days later, I receive a phone call from the gym.

"Hi, this is so-and-so with All American Fitness. I'm calling to see how you'd like to set up your payment plan for your gym membership." WOAH. "What payment plan? I already paid for my PT and my month's worth of membership with my credit card." The caller goes on to say, "Well ma'am, it says here you signed up for 24 months."

I run to get my contract, and as clear as day, on the front of my contract, there was a section that Mr. ** had filled out without my knowledge, where he "crunched the numbers" away from me and filled in 24-months worth of membership on my contract. He had to have filled it in before he brought the contract to me to sign. I never noticed it when I signed the contract, because 1. I was in a huge hurry. 2. I was excited and wasn't thinking I had been tricked and 3. I didn't realize it at the time, but Mr. ** had his hand resting on the contract, conveniently over the area where he filled out the 24-month membership, as I signed it.

I told this person on the phone that this wasn't correct, that I wasn't paying for something that I never intended on getting, and that I would be at All American tomorrow at 10 a.m. to get this sorted out. I get to the gym the next morning, and I tell a lady at the front desk my name, and I say, "I was tricked into signing up for 2 years worth of membership here, and I want to talk to Mr. D.P. RIGHT NOW." I stayed extremely calm, I didn't lose my cool, and she goes to a back office to get him. About ten minutes later, she resurfaces, without Mr.**.

"Mr. ** wanted me to tell you that the matter is out of his hands, and that if you want to cancel, you have to contact home office, because your three day grace period is over." Three day grace period??? What's that??? That's something else he never told me, or else I would have read my contract first thing!!! So I say to her, "So he won't even come out and talk to me about it?" She just shakes her head no. Now if that isn't a sign of guilt, I don't know what is. If he's innocent, and I'm the one at fault, then why wouldn't this man just come out and try to clear things up with me?

So I ask for his manager. "He is the manager." "Then who do I need to talk to about what he did to me?" She tells me to call home office. I call home office (from my school later that day) and ask for Ms. **. Ms. ** is in charge of cancellations. She hears me out, gets the idea of what has happened, and then tells me she'll look into it and call me right back. She never called me back.

The next morning, I call her again, go over with her again what happened to me, and then she asks me, "Did you sign the contract? Didn't you read it?" Yeah, I read the contract, AFTER I found out I had been scammed. I admit to her that me not reading the contract was a HUGE mistake, because it's obvious I shouldn't have trusted anyone working for All American. "Well, you signed a contract. It's a matter of 'he said, she said' now."

I try to explain to her that yes, I was naive and stupid for not going over the contract, but when you're a busy student and mother of four, in between studying, cooking, eating and sleeping, it doesn't occur to you to make sure you read a contract you THOUGHT was legit. She just says, "Well, we get people like you trying to back out of their obligations all of the time. How do I know you're not lying, and even if he did trick you, you still signed the contract. Simple as that."

She says she's going to call the Asst. Manager and get his side of the story, and she'd call me back. Of course, when she calls back, she says Mr. ** (of course) said that I knew what I was signing, and that if I didn't know what I was signing, then why did I agree to the "ALL CLUBS" feature. All clubs? He told me all clubs was a feature he would add on because I didn't want tanning with my month's worth of membership. He NEVER SAID it was something I had to do if I was signing up long term. He never uttered the words, 24 months or 2 years. He knew I never intended on signing up for a long term membership!!!

She didn't give two flips that the Asst. Manager at the NW Expy facility is deliberately scamming people. She just kept saying, "Well, you signed the contract. It's your problem now that you have to pay for it, and we won't drop it."
I informed Ms. ** that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau, and that I would make sure the local news stations in OKC would hear about what happened to me. "Are you threatening me??" "If that's what you want to call it, sure."

I have not made a single payment to ABC Finance, the financial institution that handles money for All American. Since I never made a payment after they sent me snail mail, they took it upon themselves to take out a total of $67.76 from my Visa Card I used to pay for the original $422.15 I DID agree to. I called my credit card, and it is impossible to stop them (ABC Finance) from taking the money out. They didn't even take out the $45 amount, because they knew if I had blocked their payments (which I did attempt to do with Visa) that they could go around it by taking out a larger amount.

I am making it my personal mission to make sure that people looking into a gym in Oklahoma City, or anywhere in Oklahoma DO NOT sign up with All American Fitness. If you do, MAKE SURE YOU READ YOUR CONTRACT!!!! I admit my fault at not doing so, but it's disgusting that someone can take advantage of someone's naivety, and trick them into something that can wreck their financial standing. I refuse to go back to the gym, even though I am technically paying for a membership, unwillingly, through my credit card. I don't want to have anything to do with such a shoddy business.

I consider this an extremely difficult lesson learned. A day doesn't go by that I'm not stressed out with the thought of what has happened, and the thought of the debt I now have due to them. Please, if you've had the same type thing happen to you with this gym, post it here for everyone to read. Word of mouth is either your best friend or WORST enemy.

Stay Away From All American
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- The All American Fitness Center suffered fire damage and recently reopened a few weeks ago. There is a large banner at 69th & Lewis stating "$17.00 month NO CONTRACT."

What is a contract. Lawyers can define it as "Contract: A negotiated oral or written agreement setting forth the terms for an exchange of value between parties (which may be individuals or companies) and under which each party promises to perform an obligation. Certain terms, such as the obligations to be performed and the terms for setting price or compensation must be mutually understood, known in legal lingo as a "meeting of the minds," and promised to by the parties to form a legal contract."

So All American has no contract? Wrong. When I called for the details on what is included with the $17.00 month, I was told by one of the center's consultants that $17.00 a month was all there was and it covered Mon Wed Fri or for $24.00 you could come in any day or as often as you desire. Very fair at this point. Now I ask if there are any other fees or charges, the man says only a credit card or a bank draft for the monthly fees and there is a $199.00 one time fee which he can reduce to $50.00 today if I come in for a tour. I tell him I will be in Wed after work. He calls me Tuesday wondering why I am not there, I remind him it's Wed.

My wife and I arrive for the tour at 6 PM today. A nice young man gives us a tour and takes us to the table. He is dismissed as the original man I talked to appears. Now I ask to see if there is a agreement may I see it now. He showed me the agreement and I stated it was a contract and the Billboard on Lewis stated NO CONTRACT - He wadded up our application, walked away stating, "Have a nice day". All American: 1-Lies NO Contract and asks you to sign a contract. 2-You are treated rudely if you ask for the truth.

All American Fitness Cancellation
By -

MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I joined with All American in January of 2010 and I have been trying to cancel my membership for a while, so I call around and try to get help form the company, but the ones I call say that they can't delete me from their computers and I ask "Why?" and they give no answer. All they say is to call corporate. So I then call corporate and I'm talking to a machine that really is, but isn't helpful, as I listen to it talk. I click the button for cancellation and what do you know the machine says that I could cancel my membership after 3 days. This information was not shared with me or my friends as I filled out the safety papers.

All the man tells me is that I could cancel my membership within 90 days, he doesn't tell me if it counts everyday they're open or just business days, he doesn't tell me that I have to stay with them for 2 whole years. When I went to sign up me and my friend told him that I just want to possibly just try it out for a month, because I am a high school student so I would only come 3-4 days a week. He says OK. Telling me that I would save a lot and only pay the same price every month which would be just 10 dollars renewal turned out that I'm only saving like $12 from the original price which is $49 for a single person. Again he tells me only $10 a month.

I DON'T want to renew my membership. I want to cancel it, and the guy that "helped" totally screwed me over. He should have told me about the 3 day cancellation. Now I have to stay in this stupid contract for 2 years. Reading the back it states that I CAN CANCEL BEFORE 90 DAYS. It didn't say anything about a fee or a written note or anything. I got screwed by All American and my friend and her husband will be paying the same amount as me for those 2 years now. How does that work if we got 2 different plans?

Scammed Into A 24 Month Contract
By -

OWASSO, OKLAHOMA -- BEWARE: they will tell you that you can cancel the contract anytime, if you move, go away to school, or within the first 30 days, but their financial management group is a nightmare; here is my complaint filed with the BBB;

Complaint Description: I had a family emergency that has caused me to move out of the state of Oklahoma, to the state of Ohio. I had joined a gym in Owasso, OK on 6/8/09, and moved to Ohio on 7/4/09. I immediately called the gym, told them of the family emergency and my current medical emergency and they assured me that if I moved more than a certain miles away, or if I cancel within 30 days.. June 8 to July 4 is less than thirty days.. also if I have moved more than 25 miles away.. ALL of these things I have done.

They said they would take a copy of my ONE way airplane ticket, I provided them that, then they said that wasn't good enough. I needed to be flying out of the USA or in the military to use that.. then they needed a copy of a new school sched on letterhead, college up here in Ohio doesn't start until the 23rd of Sept. I sent in my financial aid disbursement, and my welcome letter from Columbus State Community College in OH., this also wasn't good enough.

I also sent in proof of address change on bills, airplane tix, school verify. I OVER-VERIFIED my move, as far as I am concerned. When I called the actual gym, they said it was an easy process, since I had moved so quickly, due to a family health emergency. I can provide medical documentation that I have been diagnosed with a tumor in my abdomen, and doubled over in pain, to be taken by squad, along with ovarian cysts.

I moved to Ohio, to get better health care, and moved to Ohio to help my Grandmother remain in her home after a series of strokes and the onset of Alzheimer's. I can provide all of this info to ABC financial, and I have provided all documentation as requested, then they add MORE CONDITIONS on to it ???

I feel they are dragging it out to make it longer than 30 days. I called on the 4th of July.. and told them, it might have even July 3rd that I called and sent in emails to get this straightened out. I am worried they are going to continue to withdrawal money. Please help.

No Flip Flop Policy
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I have been member of All American Fitness for the last 8 years. Not to mention they scam me into signing the contract; can cancel anytime, but in actual reality, nobody been able to cancel. I am getting angry that they added the No Flip-Flop policy this summer. I forgot to bring sneaker yesterday, but this one girl get heisty with me, she was pointing finger, yelling that I have nasty attitude. I am a paying customer, and there is no way to treat your customer like that. I wanted to file a complaint with the manager, but she conveniently no available.

Neglected Tulsan
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I have been a member of All American Fitness in Tulsa for about 5 years. I have noticed that the Broken Arrow location is the company's "baby" and the two Tulsa locations are consistently shortchanged. From the newest equipment to the classes they offer (times and variety) to overall maintenance, the B.A. club always comes out ahead, while the two Tulsa locations remain neglected. About 2 months ago the 69th & Lewis location had a fire that has completely closed it down for an undisclosed amount of time. (Rumor is until Thanksgiving!!) I now have to travel to the next closest location, 31st & Garnett (Which is still across town for me).

I am a runner and the air circulation in this location is so poor that the treadmill area is consistently between 77-80 degrees. This is unacceptable and unsafe for long distance runners. If I wanted to run in the heat, I would stay close to home and run Riverside. Even though I have called the corporate office 4 times and spoke to numerous people at that club over the past 2 months, nothing has been done to correct the problem. Not even so much as a fan in that area! (Which I have specifically requested)

The place in the club that should be the coolest (near the cardio machines) is actually much hotter than any other area of the club! All American needs to get on the ball and step up the service and amenities in the Tulsa locations.

Not enough bang for your buck
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- ALL AMERICAN FITNESS = 10 GYM nowadays. I haven't been to the newly named facility but I was a VIP member for 2 years. It sucked. Dirty facilities in bad repair except the BA location (sometimes messy but not for long). The rules regarding TV's, music, conduct and apparel only applied to the people the staff didn't approve of as the privileged crowd. If you weren't privileged they were rude, or too busy with their own agenda to tend to yours. I complained loudly enough and long enough to get my membership cancelled without any further obligation. I would never recommend this facility to anyone.

Do not SIGN!!!!!
By -

I received an ad in the mail for All American Fitness stating $10/mo. I only had 15 minutes to take up that offer when I checked my mail, 10 minutes later I was there. I only had 5 minutes to get the contract signed in order to get the deal. I was not told I couldn't cancel... (EVER). I tried the Better Business Bureau, but as it turns out, All American Fitness would rather have bad reviews from the BBB than let one person out of a contract due to their own mistake.

I was told I could cancel, which was the only reason I signed! Especially after they told me my $10/mo was actually $50/mo until I renewed my contract after one year. I just received a letter saying I owe $60/mo for a 2 yr contract! Spread the word! All American Fitness is a SCAM!

Great place with friendly management
By -

MIDWEST CITY, OKLAHOMA -- My husband and I went in to try the place out and everyone was friendly. I had read some bad reviews but had to check it out for myself, and nothing that was stated in the reviews was true. The restrooms and locker areas were very clean, and all machines except for 1 treadmill was working. There were lots of machines to keep me occupied. When going to leave, we talked to the manager and he gave us excellent rates for being military. So far, I would recommend this place to anyone, and will keep everyone posted about this place, the more I work out.

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