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Deceitful, Con-Artist, Nice To Get You In, Bait And Switch
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SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY -- I went to All Star Mitsubishi because I had bad credit, this review will be honest... I won't sugarcoat. I made very bad decisions when I was younger and well they are hunting me now. I was in need of a car because my previous car's transmission went. I have a little one, I wasn't looking for anything fancy just something reliable and family oriented.

I filled an application online and I got a call that I was approved... Not pre approved anything with a pulse, can get pre-approved. ** told me that I was approved with little or no down. I told him I have had the runaround before and I REALLY don't want to waste my time. He told me "I got a lady with a 420 and a repossession approved, you're fine". So I made an appointment because their "bank guys from Texas" was down and that he would approve the loan right there. So I showed up... walking up you saw all the salesmen close to the door. It was like they smelled blood and were going in for the kill. It was an uneasy feeling.

I asked for **, he went and greeted me. Told me their bank guy from Texas. I sit down with the bank guy from Texas and I am thinking they know my credit situation. Well I find out that they don't because I had to sit down and fill out a credit application and sign that it was okay for them to run my credit. I was slowly getting upset, so again I am given the runaround... what happened to the approval? Lie #1. Being in the situation I am in, I stayed, I let them run my credit. They come back, they said we can get you approve with 2500 down. I said" wow that's great". But ** told me that I would be pre-approved with little (too me little is 1000) or no down.

The guy looked at me like I was senile. I said "well I don't have 2500 right now, I need sometime to get it ready". I really wanted to get a car. I was willing to do what I needed to do to get it. He said "as long as you come back in 30 days this approval is valid"... ** the finance banker from Texas said. Then he said "even if you come back in 31 days you will be fine, the bank will approve you again no worries". A month and a day later I went back. Guess who was there. **, the bank guy from Texas who really is just a sales guy or application filer guy. I was surprised to see him there but I didn't give it too much thought.

I went in and filled out my application. He says "you'll be fine the bank will approve you again". Twenty minutes later one of the guys from behind the desk said "you need a cosigner to get approved or 7000 down. WHAT THE HECK? My credit had not changed, I know for a fact because I checked it before going in. I just got up and left. I was so upset. Again I was duped. So please don't waste your time, they do everything they need to do to get you there and then they screw you.

Now thinking about, I don't think I was ever approved. They were just going to do a bait switch seeing if I could come up with more cash. STAY AWAY FROM ALL STAR MITSUBISHI IN SOUTH AMBOY, THEY LIE. THEY CANNOT APPROVE EVERYONE...

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