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Great! Not-So-Much The Customer Support, Sometimes
By -

The software, AllMusicConverter, is a GREAT piece of programming, and it does a SPLENDID job... BUT! I was off to a good start with the "AllMusicConverter" Customer Support guy. I was telling him about how the EARLIER version of the program would cut-off the LAST FEW MOMENTS (up to 10-15 mins.) of ALL of the books I had paid for and decided to convert to mp3. The two of us discovered it was SOMETHING in the NEW Audible Manager, that using the old V4 would result in the whole 'book' being processed.

After helping with this issue, and "resolving" on both our ends, it got HARDER and HARDER to get a response from the guy. He obviously got tired of my having to repeatedly bug him for a new serial number, due to a lot of re-installs of the system I was using, and the two re-formats I did of same system.

I re-format my systems about every six months, just for general reasons; newly formatted systems run better. The way that AllMusicConverter works, as far as UN-LOCKING the software, is by MARRYING the SERIAL NUMBER you pay for, with the 'soft' ID of your system's HD. See, every time your HD is formatted, a NEW I'd for the drive is created, which is why it is called a 'soft' ID number... always changes with a format. So, after a re-format, the OLD SERIAL number checks back 'home' and sees the number BELONGS, or is MARRIED, to a system with a DIFFERENT ID number than what you are NOW wanting to install to... BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT!

The one way AROUND this is to ALWAYS make a FULL IMAGE, using something like "TrueImage", or "GHOST", or "Drive Image 7"... whichever you like best. I always make a BASE image, after getting rid of all the CRAPWARE from a new system, then after I install the few programs that use this damn 'soft' ID for the hard drive, I make a second image which I used to restore AFTER a re-format, and USUALLY all the software already installed when the image was made works just fine... USUALLY!

Sometimes, when you UPGRADE with new hardware, SOMETHING makes "the 'soft' ID needed" software to SEE too much of a 'change', and BINGO! TIME TO BEG FOR A NEW SERIAL NUMBER for the NEW ID it sees, or WHATEVER it sees!!!

The people behind "AllMusicConverter", aka "SoundTaxi", also make "Rip Tiger", a WONDERFUL utility for capturing most ANYTHING you can watch/view on the web... does it in the background while watching... downloads right to the HD!!! WHAT A DEAL! Any who, for helping with the 'chop' issue mentioned above, I was given a FREE SERIAL number for Rip Tiger as a thank you... nice! I mention this because the person who helps with issues regarding "Rip Tiger" has been really nice with helping towards the other software; same company, different departments.

I HIGHLY recommend both "AllMusicConverter AND "Rip Tiger". "AllMusicConverter" will work with both AND RHAPSODY tunes, as long as you are a paid member of both. When converting, it 'checks' for this! Anyway, the MAIN thing to take away from this info here is to just be sure to make a FULL IMAGE of your total system HD after installing and unlocking this type of software. Oh, yeah... it might also help to try to do EVERYTHING to make the people you might have to 'bother' for another SERIAL number like you... LOL!

Any questions, give me a call... **. I don't mind yakkin' about this stuff on the telephone. After all, I can always hang the thing up and block your calls... hee hee. Take care!

Don't change anything!!!
By -

I recently purchased AllMusicConverter from the manufacturer online and installed on my computer. After changing a video card the product no longer worked, believed not the same computer. Re-installed the old card, still won't work. Wrote several times to the company with no help at all. All they send is a canned email with your unlock code that will not work anymore!! Stay away from this product. I have heard if you install some software it will stop working, thinks it is not the same computer!!! Complete WASTE OF MONEY.

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