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Sold out to Verizon or is it AT&T???
By -

I would greatly suggest to all who read this to never, ever, ever, sign any contracts for any cell phone company. In fact, we would all be better off if we BOYCOTT the Big Cell companies (Verizon and AT&T) entirely. We have had our cell phone service with Alltel in Rural SD for several years. In general, the phone service itself has been very good. Customer service as other have said has been rude and ridiculous, but the service has been good.

Now however, Alltel has been bought out by Verizon and thanks to the non-monopoly clause of the FCC, Verizon had to sell its SD Alltel assets to AT&T. Of course, we "upgraded our phone in June, and we are still under contract with Alltel/Verizon. Now, unfortunately, despite our wishes, that contract is going to be sold to AT&T. The problem is that I do not want to be part of AT&T. I want absolutely nothing to do with that miserable, worthless company. I have bad blood with them going way back to college. So I have no interest in joining AT&T.

Alltel/Verizon could have done the right thing and released us from our contract, but that would be asking too much. They say, that I am "required to try out AT&T for at least 30 days" and if I decide not to continue using AT&T service then AT&T will let me out of the contract with no strings attached (Yeah right!). They are even giving me (since the phone I picked out will no longer work on their modified towers) a "free" phone as a welcome!!!! Yeehaw. Of course none of my whopping three phone choices are the phone I currently own and purchased at the store via Alltel and I of course... I don't want AT&T!

So... without my consent, input or anything my contract is sold to another company and I am forced to pay for their service for 1 month even though I know I want nothing to do with them. I am to waste my valuable time filling out form after form and getting and returning "free" phones, signing up with them and then dropping a service I have quite clearly stated that I do not want OR I am forced to pay $200.00 to get out of my Alltel contract. The Alltel/Verizon customer service agent actually had the nerve to tell me that this fee was "small". Unbelievable! In what world does one live in, when a $200.00 waste of money for no service is "small".

The icing on the cake... if I refuse to pay them, then they destroy my good credit and harass me with collection agents for the next 20 years. Nice little system they have set up huh? If there are any lawyers trolling in here looking for the next case call me. If you are reading this review, please take my advice and never ever ever sign any contract with any of these crooks. "Free" cell phone or not. Don't be fooled by the illusion of choice. They are all in it together.

Run Around Fraud And Incompetent Service Reps
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- My husband has had service/a contract with Alltel since 2002. We have never been fully satisfied with their service, but have continued to renew our contract. I have constantly called to have misc fees removed, I have had someone else's bill printed on my account and had to pay it and it was debited back the next month. All kinds of crazy stuff. When we purchased our new Smartphones we're not advised we would have to pay a whopping $40 extra per line aside from our package price. We have 2 other lines with regular cell phones.

This story takes the cake... We have NEVER had a prepaid phone with them. I do not know anyone that does. I am very dissatisfied with our current experience with this "Company". I have my personal bank account set for mobile alerts when X amount of money is debited from my checking account. At 3:30 yesterday I received a mobile alert that nearly a $100 debit was pending to my checking account. Since I was watching TV I knew I did not make this purchase (my mobile alerts come in right when the debit hits). I immediately looked at my online banking and saw a pending purchase for $X to Alltel Replenishment. I had no clue what this was.

I immediately picked up the phone and called Alltel. The story gets better, I PROMISE!!! The customer service representative informed this is for prepaid services. I informed her I do not have a prepaid service through Alltel. She transferred me to Financial Services. I went through the whole spew with this representative. She advised me I needed to be transferred to the Replenishment Dept. and transferred me. I am hold until about 3:45 listening to the Alltel lady with the pleasant voice advising me to buy more prepaid minutes on the recording.

A foreign speaking man picks up the phone and wants my prepaid wireless #. I advise him I do not have one. He does not understand and cannot seem to comprehend. I explain the situation to him and he says "Oh, you need contract customer service." I try to tell him, "No, no, no they sent me here." He says, "OK, I transfer you now ma'am." I go through this cycle once more and I am then disconnected in translation.

I go ahead and call my bank and make them aware of this. The representative gives me a series of #s and a 1-800 # and says all the info that was sent from the processing dept and that this was a manual key entry (payment by phone). She advised me the Alltel account # and confirmation # were not provided, and often are left off in the process of a speedy collection. I thank her, ask her to block my account and try to call Alltel back.

When I finally make it back to the Replenishment Dept. an agent laughs at me and says he is going to transfer me back. I hastily replied, "PLEASE, do not transfer me back, I need your supervisor." The man laughs and says, "OK I transfer you now." I am on hold for a little bit listening to that recording again. A lady picks up and says her name is **. I inform ** of my situation and tell her I do not have a prepaid phone. She requests my mobile # and seems to not be able to comprehend the fact that I do not have one either. The foreign lady says, "I no believe you, how do you know it is prepaid if you do not pay for it."

I kindly advised her that the people that transferred me back and forth before told me they were sending me to the prepaid department and the little jingle recording thingy offers you to buy more minutes while you are on hold. She completely acted like she did not believe me. She advised me she could pull up the transaction by my debit card and cancel it if she received a fax from my bank or talked to them on 3-way. I thanked her graciously and tried to dial on 3-way. My brand spanking new Blackberry Curve would not let me do a conference call. Ahhh... I told her and she told me to call from my husband's phone separately.

I did so, I got a bank representative on the phone explained the situation and explained I was on two phones here. My bank representative advises me she needs a faxed release form before 9PM or she cannot release it and we will have to dispute the charges. ** proceeds to tell me this will not work anyway because she has to be on 3-way. I apologize to the bank representative disconnect that call and ask the ** why she asked me to do it then?!? She said "I need a faxed form from your bank showing the transaction and a copy of your most recent bank statement." I told her I will not have that until next month when my statement cuts.

She once again belittled me and asked how did I even know about it if I did not have my statement yet. I advised her once again of my mobile alerts and online banking. I remind her she said earlier she will delete the payment if she can locate the account. She pulls up all transactions processed from my bank account and says, "Mam, I see that you do have a history of buying Prepaid minutes with Alltel. Are you sure this is not yours? I cannot delete this transaction because of your history."

I inquire on how many times this has been done. She advised me once. I inquire when, and she says today!! I said "Ma'am that is the transaction I am talking about. Can you please fax this release form to my bank?" She said "I really would, but we do not have a fax machine in our call center." She advised me to go to the nearest Alltel so they can see this text message and fax the form. I advise her they close at 5 and it is now 4:30. She says to go ahead.

I became very frustrated and advised her I do not appreciate her insulting my intelligence during this conversation and ask her why they do not have a fax machine. She just kept repeating "Mam drive to your local Alltel (Ohhhtal is how she pronounced it) and have them fax it." She would say nothing more than that. Just like a broken record. My husband took the phone and tried to discuss the matter with her and she repeated the same thing over and over. He got so mad and cussed her out. She refused to give the direct 800# to that department, an extension or employee ID #. She just said the same thing over and over.

So we stay on the phone and drive 30 minutes and get there as they are locking the doors, but I shimmy my way in. I told her I was there and would get someone to talk to her. She did not respond. "Hello, hello?" My screen said call disconnected. Great!

I am in limbo once again from customer service to financial services to replenishment several times again while standing in Alltel waiting on a representative in person. This place was packed and it was already closed. I wait... on hold and in person. Transfer, transfer, transfer. I wait. Then a man comes on the line from replenishment. He laughs and says this must be Mrs. **. I never even gave him my name. He advises me all supervisors are busy and places me on hold. Until 5:30 he would pick up and say nothing then hit the hold button again. Finally he just disconnected the call.

Yay! A representative in person is finally available. My husband and I inform him of what is going on. He says, "Ma'am I am so sorry, but there is no reason for you to be here. We cannot do anything for you." I already knew this. He gave me the 1-800 # for the prepaid services department and apologized. He notated my personal account and advised me to use "That black phone." I called from their phone and could never get through. I was finally disconnected again by an agent "looking for a supervisor" at 6PM. I thanked the sales associate for his time and left since all other customers were gone.

In the car I called the replenishment department and was sent back to financial and customer service and back again and the agent on the phone advised me she had to look for a supervisor. Where on earth are these supervisors? She puts me on hold and never comes back. I hear the little recording over and over with a pause in-between and then back on hold. Finally she disconnects my call.

I call back. I call back. A man answers and calls me by my name and says he will look for a supervisor. I hold. Finally he comes back and says "My supervisor said to forward you to financial services. He is standing behind me right now." I advise him not to and he laughs and says "Please hold." This is not a game people. About 10 minutes later he comes back and says "Ma'am there are no supervisors available at this time." I asked him what happened to the one standing behind you and he says, "Oh yeah, I did tell you that didn't I?" I advised him yes and please put him/her or some supervisor on the phone.

He laughs and places me on hold until around 6:45. Or at least he thought he did. I could hear him laughing and talking the whole time. He eventually transferred me to a lady who answered and said, "Thanks you for call Alltel (No these are not typos) my name is ** how I help you?" I say "yes ma'am," she cuts me off starts yelling in another language and hangs up. Oh my God, I am a little more than furious right now.

My husband decides he will call. I also call on my phone. We both wait. We refuse to be transferred. The agents must have been side by side because we could hear them one another's conversations. His guy finally got a supervisor named ** who was the sweetest person and I explained again this horrible situation!! She apologized and researched the series of #s my bank gave me and turned up nothing. No phone #, no confirmation #, finally at 8PM she asked me to try calling my bank on 3-way.

I did so successfully this time, and they could only give her the same info I already had. It did absolutely no good. I gave her my debit # and she pulled up all transactions. For some reason she could not delete it from there What? This is crazy. She said they do not have the authorization to just delete something. She said she does not know how ** could have done that because there are no notes and no account to put them on. She told me it has to go through the fraud department.

She tried to transfer me and they were closed. She apologized profusely and gave me the fraud dept # and advised me to call at 8AM my time because it is the one nearest my location in the same time zone. I thanked her for not disconnecting my call and actually helping me. It was 8:30 PM my only day off in 7 days, a Sunday.

Today 7:30AM... I get up early and check my bank account. Transaction still pending. I call Alltel customer service on MY account and advise them my account is blocked and the payment I set up 2 weeks ago to come out this past Friday for MY REAL CONTRACT ACCOUNT has not yet debited and is not pending so it may not go through. They lady advises me my services may be disconnected. I advise her of everything from last night. Instead of telling me she cannot help me in the beginning she lets me go on and on for 30 minutes.

When I am finished she tells me she cannot help me I need financial services. With a huge migraine I tell her, "No they cannot help me." She said "yes they can. You have to call and tell them this on your personal account, but they do not open until 7AM." I advised her it is 8am. She tells me it is by my time but they do not open for 3 more hours. End of that call. I call the fraud # I was given immediately. I get a voicemail message for an associate that says he will be out of the office for a week to try his mobile. I try his mobile, no answer. I call the original #. Same message. Dead end.

I call customer service. After 20 minutes of fighting to get a supervisor ** on the phone I am told by the supervisor that he cannot give me a direct fraud dept # because they do not have access to that and they do not accept direct calls from the public anyway. He then tries to transfer me to them. He comes back and says they are not answering to call back later. I advise him to try again that I do not have "later" I have to go to work. He does so and same result. He then advises me I am not calling the right department anyway and transfers me to financial services before I can say anything.

This financial services associate says "Ma'am this here is the fraud dept # I am going to give you. I don't know why he didn't give it to you, and they do accept calls from the public." She then transfers me. During this time I thought nothing of it not even being 7AM "Mountain time". And whoa, what do you know someone is answering in Financial Services. Could have handled one problem right there.

The gentleman from the fraud department advises me I have called the wrong fraud # because he is not in NC. He gives me the correct # and tells me they cannot do anything without a police report anyway. What? This is the first I have heard of filing a police report. He proceeds to speak to me in a demeaning tone, you know, like I am slow. He tells me that all of the information I have been given is incorrect. I ask him if he can pull up all transactions processed through Alltel using my debit card. He advises me yes and requested my card #. I gave it to him and he says he sees the charge.

I ask if he can give me a confirmation # or account # or phone # or something. He says no. I tell him I need the confirmation # because it was authorized on my card. He refuses to give me the information. He says he has to protect his client's information. What? I am your client. I just want the measly confirmation # used on my debit card. He advised me it has to be court ordered for that information to be released. He said to call the other fraud # because he doesn't have time to talk to someone that is not in his area. Okay, what just happened? I was nice.

I call the Sheriff's Dept and wait an hour and a half for an officer to come out. He takes my info and advises me it will be a week or so before a financial crimes investigator gets my case and will be in contact. I call customer service back to be rerouted to financial services. I get the same guy from before that "said" he was a supervisor **. Why is a supervisor answering customer service calls if they can never be found? Anyway, he transfers me to Financial Services after telling me "Oh yeah I remember you" after I went through the story AGAIN.

Financial Services advises me my service may be disconnected since my bank account is blocked due to the fraudulent activity. If they receive a returned payment it will be disconnected regardless of the situation. Thanks lady please notate my account! You have a great day too!

I then call the most recent fraud # I was given. The gentleman was very nice and the conversation lasted all of 2 minutes. He asked the nature of my call. I advised him my debit card was fraudulently used to pay on a prepaid account and I have no clue as to who it belongs to. He asked if a family member has ever used my card for this or if I had voluntarily had done so. I advised him no I do not even know anyone with a prepaid Alltel phone. He said, "Oh, because all we can do is reverse payments to an account that had been accidentally debited because of information stored in the system previously."

He advised me everything has to be done through my bank to call them with my police report and that Alltel can do nothing and refused to give me any information regarding the posted payment. Personal Opinion: What in the world do you need your fraud department for? Fraudulent activity means you have no knowledge of the transaction. Not just reversals for agent mistakes. I am at a loss for words. Yes, I can dispute this with my bank. Yes, the police can investigate. NO ALLTEL IS NOT ON THE SAME PAGE AS A WHOLE.

I work for the bank my accounts are with. If this would have put me in the negative I could have lost my job. It is against the code of ethics. I work in collections and I talk to clients every single day, all day long. If you do not know what you are talking about, you find out the proper course of action and you do not just send a client on to the next person because you don't want to take the time to help them. You take care of them and help find a solution. And you NEVER deny someone to speak with a supervisor or you are putting your job on the line. Yes, you do your all to help the client to avoid getting a supervisor, but you never mock a client or just hang up.

This is ridiculous and I am disgusted. I had to take a day off just to handle this bull. I hate Alltel. Yes, I know we have to wait out our contract we just renewed. Otherwise Alltel will Win and we will have to pay over $800 to end our contracts early and pay for a new contract elsewhere. I am fully aware Alltel did not steal my identity, but they did nothing to help me gain it back or feel like a valued client.

Terrible Defective Phone Exchange Program
By -

I recently purchased a new phone from Alltel, the LG Scoop, in July. For some unexplained reason one night (in early September) after it had been sitting in my purse for a few hours I took it out and most of the screen had gone white. The phone still worked for dialing numbers and such, but I could not see who was calling me or do anything else on it really. Naturally I thought that the phone must be defective since I had never dropped it or gotten it wet or anything (it looks brand new still), so I call up Alltel to ask for a replacement phone since I was still under my one-year warranty.

Soon enough I got my replacement phone and sent my defective phone back and thought it was all behind me. About a week or two later my defective phone got sent back to me with a crude diagnosis report along with it saying that my warranty did not cover the replacement of my phone since there had been "physical damage beyond normal wear and tear". Again my phone looked brand new since I didn't even take the protective coverings off of it until I sent it in.

Of course I was baffled about how their tech. department came to this conclusion and I read their cute little explanation about how sometimes damage can only be seen when examining the inside of the phone and can be caused by sitting with the phone in your pocket for example. It seems to me like they could get almost anyone with this little scapegoat since I obviously can't look at the inside of my phone and tell that it's not damaged.

I had my parents call up Alltel since I wasn't in the mood to deal with them and it's hard enough to get them to talk to me since no one seems to understand that I'm authorized under their plan and they told me that Alltel told them that they had never gotten the phone and that LG was the one who did the report. So they had them call LG and LG said that they had never seen it either. On the next try they finally got Alltel to say that they did indeed look at the phone (the diagnosis report had their logo right on it) and that they would call us back in a couple of days to explain the situation.

I just got a call back today saying that I have to go to the nearest Alltel store (which is an hour and a half away from me -- I'm away at college) to go get a new phone since I can't get one via exchange by mail, and that I have to send my working phone back asap. Further, my dad explained that they told him if I brought my defective phone in and it was indeed like new that they would probably give me a new one for free... but I still have to drive an hour and a half to get a new phone because they want this one back or they'll charge me $165.00.

For some reason I can't just keep this phone and save myself the outrageous gas money and the time because apparently this one is worth more than $100 more than one I could get in a store. They make a whole lot of sense don't they? So I have to go to this Alltel store tomorrow and see what happens, but given my previous experiences I doubt they even know that I'm coming (they're supposed to know). I'll probably have to pay $60 or so that I don't have for a brand new phone that I shouldn't have had to replace in the first place. I'm sick of dealing with Alltel.

Horrible Customer Service, Called Me a Liar
By -

My husband was with Alltel for years and never had a problem. When we got married, I was added to his plan. They were running a deal on a data card, no start up fees, no cost, $40 a month. We added it to our plan for my brother. They charged me $81 at the store the day I bought it! They called me up 30 minutes later and told me to come back in they made a mistake and will refund me. The manager said that instead of me coming back, they can just get a credit to our bill. It took almost 3 months of my nagging to get anything back, and we still ended up paying $25 out of pocket.

The manager was extremely rude and more interested in helping the "young pretty" crowd than the normal people. For the next 6 months, none of our bills were correct. Every single one of them had something wrong and while they were fixing one bill, our phones were shut off! Apparently they didn't note the account they were crediting us and the bill was late, so they shut us down forcing us to pay reactivation fees.

Cancelling was a nightmare as well. When they switched over to AT&T we took the chance to get out of there. We were billed over $80 for a partial month of service on just the data card (we switched our phones to Sprint a few weeks prior to this). We had to pay AT&T a bill and Alltel, almost $140.

When I called Alltel to find out what was going on, the manager stated "I can guarantee you no one said that to you." She called me a liar! Instead of helping me try to figure out what was wrong she was accusing me of lying and making up stories. She wouldn't help us at all. I finally paid all the bills and will NEVER work with them again. If anyone tells me they are going to sign up for them, I will force them to walk the other way.

Alltel Family Finder Service by WaveMarket
By -

This problem started over a month ago. After verifying with Alltel that a spare KRZR phone was compatible with the Alltel Family Finder service, I activated the phone for my 11-year-old. The application would not download and trouble tickets were opened. To date, no response from those trouble tickets has been received. After a couple of weeks the local Alltel manager suggested the best solution was to buy a new phone with a new contract. I downloaded the application while in the store. Now, the Alltel Family Finder website gives an error message stating it doesn't recognize my phone number or Alltel account number. More trouble tickets are opened and escalated.

I discovered using Google that a California company named WaveMarket is the third party responsible for the Alltel Family Finder application. I've attempted to use WaveMarket's help forum but have not received a reply. The forum appears to be abandoned and is littered with spam messages for various drugs.

I've followed up with Alltel several times but they claim there is nothing more they can do until WaveMarket's Alltel Family Finder engineers answer the trouble tickets. The WaveMarket website lists the corporate officers. The WaveMarket CEO has a Facebook account found through google. He replied promptly and has passed my contact information to someone within the company.

EDIT/UPDATE: I did hear back from WaveMarket as promised. They are aware that the KRZR is not compatible with this service and should be removed from the compatible list. They are also aware that some Alltel Family Finder customers are not able to register for the service. As Alltel has been bought and sold again, it will not likely be fixed for these customers. Happy with WaveMarket's response but Alltel is a lost cause with its customers in limbo until AT&T or Verizon pick them up.

Overcharging /Poor Customer Service
By -

After years of service with Alltel and the past couple of years' not happy ones we are planning to move over to AT&T. We have been overcharged for our service for over a year that we know of and we are looking into all the past bills. A little over a month ago we upgraded to 3 smartphones (we have 7 lines one is an internet card). When we got the smartphones we were informed that the bill would be lower than what we were paying, oh yea, this is when we found out that the air card was less a month than I had been paying.

After a couple of hrs trying to get the account set up correct we left thinking wow that is great. The bill was less than it had been in a while. That is until the bill came in TWICE as much as it had been. So, I take the bill to the Alltel store and wait a couple of hrs and finally the representative was really nice and about a hr. or so later she had the bill all straight (or so we thought). I came home with instruction to bring my payment into the office so that it would be entered into the system correctly. This we did and everything was OK. A week later I receive another bill. I took this to the store and again waited a couple of hrs to get this fixed.

Everything was supposed to be fixed again and I paid the bill while I was there. A week later my phone is shut off. I called customer service again and they tell me that all that money has been applied to three of the lines and that I have a credit but I would have to pay the amount due which is what the entire bill is supposed to be before service will be back on. So, again I call the store and talk to the representative who has been helping me all along, she goes to her supervisor and in less than 30 min my phone is back on. Then last night my phone got cut off again.

Why can't these people get this right? They expect me to come up with another payment and let them credit my account with the extra money. I work hard for my money I cannot afford to just let them hold my money. I have placed a call to the store and I am waiting for a return.

Alltel Fiends
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- IF YOU ARE MISTAKENLY THINKING OF GOING WITH ALLTEL, FOUR WORDS FOR YOU--NO WAY IN H_LL!! In April our daughter's cell phone was lost/stolen at her Prom. We tried calling Alltel, there was nothing in the voice menu about lost/stolen phones and their 'customer service' was closed at that time of night. After looking on the internet, I called the Alltel phone insurance number and filed a claim. During the call I asked several times if the phone can be disabled so no one could use it, activate it, or run any unusual charges on it. I was assured several times that would be the case.

Several days later we received the replacement phone. When the May bill came out it was over three times what it should have been and had a lot of extra charges on it (GPS and ringtones). We called Alltel and were told these charges began the day after we had been assured by Alltel personnel that it wouldn't be possible. We were told by the CSR (customer service rep) that she couldn't do anything about it only a supervisor. I called back and after a heated discussion (we didn't understand why we should have to pay when they could access the tape of the call to their incompetent or untruthful insurance person) she agreed to reverse the charges.

She gave us a corrected balance to be paid which was still a little high but we were tired of having to explain and ask everything at least three times because of the mix of their personnel's language issues (all our calls except one went to people with English as a distant second at best-language) or denseness. I paid the balance given. Today, a couple weeks later, our service is suspended because of the excessive unpaid balance.

Morals of the story: Alltel's personnel seem to be perfectly comfortable lying and giving false, bad, and misleading information. Apparently whatever it takes to get you off the phone NOTHING TO DO WITH DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM. It seems as though Alltel's call center is either located in a country and staffed with people with poor English skills or just staffed with people with poor English skills. Bad news.

The customer service and business practices of Alltel is so horrid that you should not use their service even if it were the only game in town!!! Just imagine how thrilled my wife is that I talked her into switching from AT&T (bad phone service but great customer service) to Alltel with their nightmare customer service!

Customer Service? - Not
By -

MIDLAND, TEXAS -- I have been a customer of Alltel Wireless beginning in late 2000 under the Cellular One Co, which was taken over by Alltel. They have now been taken over by Verizon. Through my entire history with the company, I have never been late with a payment as it was set up from the beginning as an auto pay account. I have stuck to my plan minutes and never had over charges or complaints. In short, I have been an easy customer to have on their list. In late March, 2009, the company texted me that my plan minutes had been way overused. They then called me offering a larger plan.

On explaining to first one person on the phone then another, I went to the local office to straighten out the problem. March 20, 2009, I dealt with an associate at the local store who added a supplemental plan, at a cost, to my bill to handle overused data minutes and told me he couldn't do anything else until I had my bill. I never received a bill. April 17, they charged my account $392 more than my usual bill. I went back to the local office and was told there wasn't a supervisor present, the associate couldn't do anything but issue a credit which would take several days to weeks to reach me. I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of money just lying around.

I have talked to several people at the local office and by phone and have received nothing but run-around from all of them. A wireless company set up to take money from my account wirelessly will snail mail a refund when they get around to tending to that minor detail! Needless to say, I am not a satisfied customer nor will I be a customer one minute after my "contract" finishes. I wanted to send an email to the company about this treatment and what I intend to do.

Lo and behold, there is no such thing as contact information on their website. When the "Contact Us" button is clicked, you are routed to a log-in screen. OK fine, I logged in again and clicked the contact button again. Guess what, I was routed to the log-in screen. Totally unacceptable customer service!

The Entire Remaining Balance On My Pre-Paid Account Was Confiscated!
By -

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I have been an Alltel prepaid wireless customer since November 2008, and after checking the balance on my account the other day, I noticed that the entire remaining balance of $27.15 was missing from my account. After calling Alltel customer service and waiting on hold for almost 20 minutes, I was told by a customer service representative that Alltel had "confiscated" my remaining balance because that I had what they considered to be "excessive use of roaming". It seems that I live just outside of an Alltel cell tower, and whenever I make or receive calls at my home, I am using another carrier's cell tower, and therefore considered to be "roaming"!

Since I was assured that my home was in Alltel's home service area when I established service, I asked that the amount that was "confiscated" be credited back into my account, but they told me that they couldn't do that. I then asked them to refund the amount in the form of a paper check, and they said that they couldn't do that either. It seems that the "confiscated" funds have been forfeited, and I will not be receiving one dime back from Alltel! They told me that if I want to continue to use my Alltel prepaid wireless service in the future, I will have to deposit more money into my account with no guarantee that this money won't also be "confiscated"!

Does Alltel Wireless think that I'm an idiot? NO WAY AM I GOING TO DEPOSIT ANY MORE MONEY INTO THIS ACCOUNT! I intend on porting my cell phone number to another wireless carrier so I can keep my number while ending my relationship with these deceitful thieves. I will also write a letter to the head honcho at Alltel Wireless detailing my recent experiences, and if they still refuse to give me my money back, I will file a case in my local small claims court. I'd like to advise anyone contemplating becoming a customer of this company to heed my advice: TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. ALLTEL WIRELESS ARE A BUNCH OF TWO-BIT THIEVES!

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