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Poor Customer Service
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CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My daughter and I had dinner at Alluette's Jazz Cafe on Monday (7/23/12). We had read very good reviews about this restaurant which is what brought us to this place. We started out with a very nice waitress who had to leave and another waiter took over her tables. We asked for ketchup and he said that we should not be angry at him because the other waitress who left had our table. We had no idea why he was angry because we asked nicely. When the meal came ($17.98 for six shrimps), he just put it on the table and hurriedly walked away before we could asked for anything.

We had a tiny cup of ketchup for the fries, so my daughter asked for additional ketchup three times and each time it was a very small amount. When the bill came, we had been charged for the ketchup. I asked about the charge and he said that the ketchup was fresh and homemade and that was the reason for the charge. We asked why this wasn't posted so people would be aware of it and he continued to say that it was homemade. I said that the charge was not the problem, we just wanted some clarification. He said there must be a problem because we were complaining.

We asked to speak to the manager who refused to come to the table. After paying the bill, we saw the manager and asked about the charge. She said over, and over, and over that the ketchup was homemade and that was the reason for the charge. We tried to get her to understand that we didn't have a problem with the charge, we felt that it should have been posted or the waiter should have said something after my daughter ordered three servings. She turned her back to us and continued to cook and refused to answer any more questions!

If you are going to charge someone for something, it should on the menu, wall, somewhere or the waiter should have informed the guest about the charge. The waiter and the manager were the total image of rudeness! Maybe only Oprah (her excellent review on the wall), gets good service.

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Alluettes's Jazz Cafe
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