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Customer (dis)service?? American Airlines is pathetic
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I had reservations for a June 14, 2019 nonstop flight from Miami to Madrid at 4pm. It was a trip to celebrate my youngest's 9th birthday. Boarding was supposed to begin at 3:15pm, so we arrived at the gate with my family of 4 (with 2 young kids) at 1:25pm. American Airlines (AA) should change their description of this flight to "nonstart" instead of nonstop. This was not the first time I show up for a nonstop international flight from MIA to Europe where AA has delayed the flight due to 'maintenance' issues. Last year we were delayed 2.5 hours in MIA for a flight to CDG (Paris). So when I saw delayed on the departure board for Madrid recently it was not a shock.

However, the shock set in after 6 delays and 12.5 hours later (at 2am the following morning) AA decides to cancel the flight. We didn't get our suitcases until 3:15am. I informed AA that due to these severe delays and cancellation, I lost my connecting flight to Barcelona and the tour we were supposed to take when we got there. "Don't worry" AA said, "since it is a maintenance issue, we'll will reimburse you for the money lost, just send it to AA customer relations and provide receipts."

Since the 7/15/19 nonstop AA flight to Madrid was already booked, AA booked us on a nonstop flight on Iberia from MIA to MAD (on 7/15) at 5pm. Ok so that would've worked, instead AA decided to do the same with approximately 40 other people. Did I mention we were not informed by AA of this 'overbooking'? So at the Iberia counter I am informed of the AA overbooking problem. I was told I could be on the standby list, but that Iberia had all seats sold anyway for their passengers. I was directed to go to the AA counter and see what they could do.

After a LOT of arguing and several more hours at the airport they managed to get us out. It was only 28 hours after we were supposed to head out, but hey who noticed? So when I get back from my trip I submit my claim to AA customer relations, you know what their response was???? 10,000 AA points!! (see attached) I guess I know why it takes them a week to respond. Apparently 'Dee Peaches' is the only person who looks at them.

So I send a follow up to send me a number I can call in, or to have someone call me. They called while I was unavailable and left a message, but failed to leave an extension. So when I call back to the 1-888-214-3282 number, I don't know the extension and there is no way to talk to an operator. Unbelievable!

Failed Delivery
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Rating: 2/51

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- The CS really needs to be worked on. If you contact a number for delivery, then contact that number again for any updates. When a person waits for 4.5 hours of their morning with a no show it is beyond frustrating. The item took a week to get in from CO to begin with. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with CS. The sleeper sofa will need to be reordered from CO, and then I will need to wait for 4.5 hour delivery window. My time is worth something. They really need to value their customers. I wish I would have stuck with my normal store. UGH!

More Than Completely Incompetent Customer Service - Even a Letter to Stephan Squeri Produced Zero Results!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I have been a Platinum cardholder for 21 years with AMEX. Recently they solicited me for a new Business Platinum with 75k points promotion - falsely communicated this to me in a solicitation to my personal e-mail. In attempting to remedy this situation of applying the points promotion on my account; AMEX locked my existing points for use, and none of their Customer Service personnel (including supervisors) nor Membership Rewards personnel (including supervisors) can remedy this. They cannot escalate. Thus I have written the CEO of AMEX twice now; trying to get a resolution to this issue. He assigned an individual in the corporate offices who has not resolved the issue; nor can you get this person to respond. There is no way to zero out on the phone # provided.

AMEX has taken several steps backwards in the past months with Customer Service, false solicitations, and cardholder benefits. Such that I am ready to severe my 21 year relationship with them at this point. Their products are pricey ($598 annual fee) for the service and benefits they provide. STEER CLEAR OF AMEX!!!!

Annuity - Asked for Distribution; They Gave Me More Than I Asked For; Asked for Corrected 1099-R, Not Received.
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Rating: 2/51

AMARILLO, TEXAS -- Needed a Required Minimum Distribution and sent in a form but apparently I misread it and they assumed the amount I specified was net rather than gross. Sent them a letter to correct it; didn't hear anything in two weeks so called again; only then did they forward the letter to the distribution office; waited two more weeks (after I received 1099-R which was incorrect). Asked for correction on 1099-R and one month later am still waiting for it. AIG deliberately ignored my repeated attempts to correct the situation which they could have done before the 1099-R was due. No apologies. No corrections. Conclusion: lousy company to do business with.

American Airlines Flight Delay and Conduct Endangered My Personal Safety
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Rating: 1/51

My travels went smoothly until I arrived at LAX with American Airlines. Landing at 7:16 P.M.--from what the service agents told me, I was already pinched for time to get to the gate since my flight departs at 8:00 P.M. This was compounded by the fact that American Airlines decided to park the plane at an off-site terminal. The pilot said that there would be no more flights on that specific shuttle for the day, which is why they did this. This prevented me from getting to the gate on time. Even though I sprinted to gate 50B directly, they told me the gate was already closed--mind you that this is at 7:53.

I have been repeatedly informed of the policy that the gates close 10 minutes before departure, but it is American Airlines that is at fault for the delay and missing of the flight. I first spoke with the customer assistance agent Sonia Ochoa in terminal 5 and I was rudely and mechanically told that, "it is air traffic's fault, we can't help you." She only offered me a stand-by ticket at 7:50 in the morning.

As a paying return customer of American Airlines, I was shocked by the egregious treatment I received. I had to fight tooth-and-nail to simply get a confirmed flight the next day. I was even lied to by one of the phone agents, who told me that the 2:10 P.M. flight by American Airlines the following day would get me to Honolulu the quickest out of all carriers. Constance, the other agent working at terminal 5, told me that it was a problem in Philly with air traffic. Then she began repeatedly questioning me by asking me, "Why would they park at an off-site location?" She personally embarrassed me by putting me in the spotlight in front of other customers and agents with this action.

Without anywhere to stay overnight, I was extremely worried about my personal safety. I was staunchly denied any access to a lounge or hotel where I could be safe. Through its actions, American Airlines endangered my safety. I filed a formal complaint, but they just sent me corporate nonsense that fails to make me whole. Attached is their ridiculous response to the situation upon filing a formal complaint.

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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- The worst experience I have ever had... never again will I travel through DFW or on an AA flight again. I would like to start off by saying the security was the best thing about DFW Int'l. airport. Kudos to them for their courteousness and their friendly attitude.

I would like to ask you a question... Have you ever been through a bad experience and felt good about it in the end because of the way you were treated? I have and it's amazing how people who care, can really take a negative, and turn it into a positive. It wasn't the circumstances that were so upsetting to my wife and I, it was the arrogance and the disrespect we had received from the American Airlines representatives.

From not taking responsibility for their own actions, to the fact that we were asked to come out of pocket for transportation and lodging expense after we arrived late from PHX, and missed our connecting flight to Tampa because there ground crew was late by an hour to man the flight. When we landed we watched our connecting flight roll away from gate c-19 as we arrived at gate c-12. (They told us they could hold that plane when we left PHX). Also note there were 8-10 of us on that PHX flight that missed the connection flight 890 that departed at 6:45...

So they put us on stand by for flight 1072, it was the first flight to Tampa departing 8:40 p.m. We walked DFW one end to another from gate c-28, to a-39 back to gate c-11 for our opportunity to get to our destination. (THAT'S ALL THE GATE CHANGES IT MADE FROM 6:45 to 8:30.)

Here's the trouble. The plane had open seats on it and they would not book us on it because they said it was weather related... NOT TRUE!!! You people can wait, we will make you fly stand by again if the plain sells out... Now keep in mind we where not late due to weather. We were late due to their inability to staff their plane with a crew... So we couldn't get on that flight (1072). Now listen to this customer service...

The man at gate C-11 starts issuing stand by for the 7:30 a.m. flights... STAND BY AGAIN WHEN AGAIN WE LOOKED AND SAW THE PLANE WAS NOT BOOKED. So I confronted the man and asked him why would he not book our flights and give us a seat assignment when we were the priority for open seats? Why make us fly stand by again? As he saw the angry people around him bumped from now 2 flights... He took back the stand by tickets issues and books our ticket and gave us a seat assignment...

OK fine now let's get to the lodging... We were told that we would get a cot for the night... Again not acceptable... Are you charging me for a ticket I book and don't show up to use?? YES. So I am paying not only for a rental car tonight and lodging in Tampa but I am told we won't compensate you anything... Again we are not here due to weather. This is your mistake. He issues a voucher for a room, and $25 meal voucher to econolodge in Arlington... It was 20 minutes away, had no restaurant to redeem the food voucher and we were told we would be required to pay 47.00 for the room plus a shuttle fee of 40 roughly to get back in the a.m.

So we come back to the airport and demand a supervisor... There are 2 hotels on the airport property, why would you send us 20 minutes away?? And why would we pay anything??? The response given, “I am sorry but we can't give distressed vouchers to those properties.” So we asked why would we get taken 20 MINUTES FROM HERE? As we understand there are about 30-40 hotels in the area within 5 minutes... So we called the Hyatt... They confirmed that they do work with American Airlines and they needed a phone call to authorize the voucher...

All I can say is if you work for this company I am sorry you don't have any real choices as to being employed by a reputable company who puts quality and service ahead of the $$$$$ machine.. As to the multiple AA employees I spoke with I was told this was the worst on time airport with the worst customer service, they have visited as if they were ashamed themselves to be in DFW... Now I know as a business man when your employees speak of their company with disrespect, embarrassment, and contempt there is an obvious leader issue. People should speak up and you should listen...

MANAGEMENT YOU ARE FAILING IN THE BIGGEST WAY AT THE SIMPLEST OF THINGS IN BUSINESS... SERVICE. To Dallas, you will never see one dime of my money ever again... This reflects on my perception of what your city is like.

To the heads of AA you can look in the mirror and point the finger at the reflection you see... As in any organization leadership, and lack thereof is reflected in the attitudes and the demeanor of its staff. If this is your base, your hub, your home, I would think if you're going to see class, service and quality it would be here... UNFORTUNATELY IT WAS NOT. Make your billions and be happy. Rape, pillage, and look at yourself and smile, coz that's all you got to show for it... Sleep well. I know I won't here on a cot, listening to construction workers in DFW...

Failure of American Airlines to Honor Commitment to Passengers
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Rating: 1/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- This letter is being written as a warning to passengers flying on American Airlines (AA) in association with “partner airlines”. I recently (June 15 to July 1) returned from a trip to Ecuador. My flights were booked through Orbitz but were all American Airlines flights. Nashville to Miami and Miami to Quito, Ecuador – returning the same way. The Miami-Quito leg was American Airlines (flight 7638) but operated through Lan airlines.

On the trip from Miami to Quito one of our group (of 10 total) was told by Lan that she had no ticket and would have to go to the AA counter to get proof that she had purchased a ticket. As a result of her trouble we went to the AA counter in Miami (since we had a 3.5 hr layover and thought we had time to spare) and asked them about our tickets. The AA representative behind the counter told us that they didn't know why we had come to the counter, that we were appropriately ticketed and had nothing to worry about.

Given our friends experience, we asked them to contact Lan to let them know that we were ticketed. The representative, with a supervisor standing next to them said no – because Lan wouldn't pick up the phone and said – and I quote - “when you miss your flight come back here and I will help you then”. Little did we know that experience was a walk in the park compared to the one we had on our return trip.

On our return we arrived at Quito Mariscal Sucre Airport 4 hours in advance. When we got to the counter, after waiting 2 hours, the agents told four of us that we had no tickets and would have to go to the purchase counter to get confirmation that we had a ticket, then return to the counter (with hundreds of people waiting in line) to get our boarding passes.

We meet many other groups (over 25 people) that had been there longer than us, going between the AA counter and Lan counter trying to get boarding passes. Since Lan could not/would not confirm tickets we went to the AA office in the UIO airport. At the office, the lights were off and doors locked. Security guards (extremely friendly and helpful) repeatedly rang a bell to get representatives to open the door.

They (AA reps) then robotically printed the ticket info (which my friend already had), highlighted the flight and said they couldn't help us because “their part of the trip” (in her case Miami to Cincinnati) was fine and sent us on our way. There were 7 of us (the other lucky people took another airline). Four (including myself) got their boarding passes with 30 minutes to spare. Two made it at the last minute. One got left behind.

I can't tell you how horrifying it is to leave behind a friend, alone, at a chaotic airport, with an airline (s) that is acting like you didn't even by your ticket (which cost upwards of $1000). She is still there today – although they have put her up in a hotel – she will be returning 3 days late. Many others had the same experience with families and groups randomly split – some “making it” and others left behind.

I am a frequent traveler; having been to many countries and had many interesting experiences. The treatment of passengers by American Airlines and by Lan was by far the most disorganized, discourteous, frankly frightening experience I have ever had – and we were not the only victims. Usually I would contact management and let them know what was going wrong, but I sincerely believe that this is a systemic American Airlines problem. This is meant as a warning to anyone not willing to be mistreated, mislead and even marooned – DON'T FLY AMERICAN AIRLINES!!!

Thanks AA for making me miss a wedding I was in!
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MANHATTAN, KANSAS -- Today is a big day for me; it is my best friends wedding. Not just any ordinary friend, she has been my best friend since kindergarten. I am a senior in college at Kansas State University and have been in DC for the past two weeks visiting my boyfriend. We fly once a month to see each other through American Airlines.

Today I was supposed to be on an American Airlines flight at 12:30 pm leaving from BWI. I was supposed to be landing around 5:15 and getting in the car with one of my friends to the hotel to put on the beautiful satin, honey colored dress that the bride chose for me to wear today while standing next to her.

This is how my day actually went… I woke up in Germantown, Maryland around 9:00 am and called my best friend to tell her how excited I was for her wedding tonight. The Montgomery County Taxicab driver picked me up at approximately 10:02 am to take me to BWI airport. His name was **, he was a very educated man and talked wonderfully about the new ICC highway we drove on a majority of the time to BWI. He said how impressed he was with the building of this highway; delays were a minimal during the construction. Great guy and outstanding service.

We pulled up in front of the American Airline entrance and I paid him $112. I went up to the self-service counter to check in and to check my bag, only to find out that my flight was delayed until after 1:00 pm. This meant that my connecting flight in Dallas wouldn't be an option because I would have only had five minutes to get to the next gate.

If you are familiar with the Dallas airport then you would know that getting off of the plane and making it to the next gate would have been merely impossible (but I'm sure you already know that). So I went to the service counter and was greeted by an agent, **. I explained my situation and how I was in dire need to get back to Manhattan, KS before 7:00 pm. He tried his very hardest to dig deep into the system to find any possible solution for me to make it to my best friend's wedding. I understand that there was nothing he could do, but I am grateful for his effort and kindness. He contacted his supervisor, ** (CSM).

Over the phone, his supervisor offered the possibility of me catching the next flight with United Airlines that leaves at 4:47 pm to Chicago, and then leaving there at 7:30 pm to arrive in Manhattan, KS at 9:15 pm. So I took that flight because I have no other option than to accept the fact that American Airlines has delayed my flight. They told me that I could not get a refund for my ticket, but they gladly offered me a $12 meal voucher. A $12 meal voucher doesn't do me any good when I have been fasting for the past two days to fit into my bridesmaid dress.

So I decided I would go get a drink to relieve stress and call my best friend to break the news that I would not be standing next to her on her big day. Until I looked down at my voucher and read, “NOT VALID FOR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES”. As I sit in the lobby area in front of United Airlines, patiently waiting for 4:00 to roll around to check my bags, I decide to give my meal voucher to a younger lady that could probably find some use for it. Hopefully she's not a drinker. So here I am, still waiting in the lobby. Words can't explain how extremely disappointed and sad I am, and all American Airlines can offer me is free, cheap airport food.

My mother swears upon Southwest Airlines, refuses to fly with any other airline. Her flight was once delayed and she missed a meeting for work, so they immediately offered her a free flight. Now I understand her commitment to them. In six hours my best friend will be getting married to the man of her dreams and I should be standing next to her. Because of American Airlines I won't make it. Now I'm short a $12 meal voucher and possibly my best friend.

Fast Customer Plus Refund on Time as Promised
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Rating: 5/51

TEXAS -- American Healthcare Academy responded to my request for refund when my company refused to honor any online CPR class. I called their customer service and was given excellent assistance. As promised I was given back my refund of $99.90 in 3 days. I would like to share this experience so anyone does not need to worry about their refund policy. Thank you AHA for your great service.

Send Stop Call Letter Refuse Stop Calling
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- The company American Thrift Finance after letter of cease. Refuse to stop harassing, deceptive and unfair calling. They will try under fifteen minute, three call within that time frame a day. Also they use threat method. The person that did all was MIKE. A unprofessional.

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