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DON'T shop here! You'll regret it!
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE -- DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! WORST COMPANY EVER! WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!! Avoid doing business with them at all costs!!! This is, hands down, the WORST and most disreputable company that I have ever done business with. It is safe to say that I HATE this company and I HATE dealing with them in any manner and NEVER again! Three strikes and you're out! Do NOT interact with this company or you will live to regret it. The age old phrase "The customer is always right is unknown to this company." The concept of good customer service is unknown to this company. The only thing this company is good for is screwing customers over! The entire process from purchase to delivery to repeatedly having to have them come back for defective merchandise to the high delivery costs is a nightmare and set up for AFW convenience; NOT the customers. In my home I have online ordered a couch, a standing storage cabinet, a nightstand, a coffee table, a dining set, a TV stand and a 50" TV and I did not pay exaggerated deliver costs on one of these items but AFW still makes you pay though the nose. I have purchased from this company 3 times and each time was worse than the last. The first time was 20 years ago and we purchased an entire house full of furniture. The dining room chairs collapsed out from under us and the upholstered furniture split at the seams within a year or two. Second experience. Divorced and moving into a new apt I wanted a lift top coffee table. They were relatively new at that time and very pricey; $490.00 pricey from AFW. Again and within a year the merchandise began to fall apart. The veneer around the edges of the coffee table began to buckle and come off. That was over 10 years ago. I recently decided I wanted two armchairs for my living room. I looked and looked online and AFW had the perfect chairs for my decorating scheme. It has been one nightmare experience after another. The chairs were delivered to me with the upholstery frayed, ragged and ripped. I had to call and ask to return them and wait until they could bring me appropriate replacements. Then, the legs are wobbly and a leg broke off within a few months. I have had to have people come to my home six times already (at least one more time...) and still the problem is not fixed. The delivery process is your worst nightmare come to life. It is set up for the convenience of AFW, NOT the customer. I've scheduled a delivery and the delivery men did not come to my home but claimed they did. Hello. I was sitting 3 feet from the front door so don't tell me you were at the right house. Each time they come I am expected to sit in my home at a time frame convenient to AFW. The store allows customers to choose a day (only the day) but the company dictates what time frame you MUST be available for them to graciously deliver your merchandise. Like they are doing you a favor by coming to your home; when and/or if they decide to show up. They don't even let you know when they plan to come to your home until the day before. The company fully expects you to set aside an entire day for them until 24 hours before they decide to grace you with their presence. Meaning, you cannot make any real plans until the day before and AFW tells you when you will be available for THEM to show up. You cannot even ask for morning or afternoon. Totally at their convenience. THEY choose the time frame when THEY will be available NOT when YOU can be available. What happened to making the purchasing experience a positive experience for the customer? NOT the policy of AFW! Shoddy merchandise. Horrid and pricey delivery process. Rotten customer service once they get your money! The philosophy seems to be 'too bad, so sad. We have your money, tough sh*t for you if you're not happy. We don't care!" BTW, the little weasel Salvadore Hernandez that I recently had to deal with. I'm sure you enjoy wielding your power and telling customers that even though a problem is AFW's fault too bad. You're a big man and have no intention of AFW taking responsibility for AFW screw up or trying to make it right for the customer. You are the a horrid, little creature with no honor or integrity and you need to be demoted to broom pusher!

Owner Will Return My Security Deposit, Won't Answer E-Mails or Speak on the Phone Unless He Can Record Conversation.
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Rating: 1/51

HAGERSTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Refusing to return security deposit or the necessary proof that I am responsible for the non-functioning item on the RV. Now, owner won't return calls.

I contacted AA RV In August to inquire about an RV rental and spoke with the owner Roger. The size RV I was seeking was not available, but he stated that there was a slightly larger available, I understood from this conversation that I would be getting the larger RV at the cost of the smaller RV. I sent in my $ 1000.00 security deposit with the rental charges due up front 30 days prior to rental date. During the original phone calls to reserve the RV, Roger stated that when we arrived to pick up the RV that someone would spend approximately an hour with us to go over the features/how to operate. I was informed that we would receive an "800" phone number to call 24 hours a day if assistance was needed.

Upon arrival to pick up the RV, Roger spent 15 minutes explaining the operation of the RV to us and when I asked for the 800 phone number, he told me to just call his cell phone. The RV was filthy inside, to the point that I had to clean and disinfect it prior to using it. First stop to get gas, we had no idea how big the tank on the RV was, so first call to Roger. Once we arrived at our location we discovered that the hydraulic stabilizing system on the 37 foot RV did not operate. Second call to Roger, he stated that it had been disconnected as there are only certain locations within Virginia (where we were taking the RV) that allowed the use of system (since then found out this is not true). Since we were unable to relocate, we had the RV on a slant from Wednesday (September 3, 2014 - Sunday, returned the RV on Monday September 8, 2014 even though we had rented it for seven days. The shower was used once and then there was no water, third call to Roger, nope he didn't fill with water.

So, a rented RV ($ 1643.00) on a slant, no running water and filthy. No shower for four days and had to purchase drinking water. On the evening we went to leave the steps would not go up. By the time we stop trying to figure out what was wrong it was 3:00 a.m. and since I didn't have an 800 number to call for assistance and sure that Roger couldn't help from hours away, we took the cotter pin out of the steps and bungy corded them up so that we could travel back to Hagerstown. Upon arrival, Roger was unavailable to meet us so we dropped the RV off at the business location. We cleaned it all out and left the key and cotter pin in the microwave as instructed.

The RV was returned before 5:00 pm on Monday, September 8th, 2014 though our rental wasn't up until September 9th. By September 23, 2014 I had not heard from Roger regarding my security deposit. At 2:17 PM, I contacted Roger and left a message on his phone (Which states he will call you back within an hour) and asked about the status of the security deposit. No return call. On September 24th @ 1:03 p.m., left a message regarding the status of my security deposit. No return call. On September 25th at 1:46 p.m., Roger returned my call and left his name and number, no mention of my security deposit. I returned his call same day @ 2:23 p.m., He stated that there was a piece of metal caught in the step linkage, which caused the step motor to "burn out" and damage all the wiring to the motor. Stated he had sent me an e-mail and I told him I had never received it.

Finally on September 29th, 2014 he sent me four pictures. The step motor and wiring all look fine (some rust on motor)and the last picture is blurry and can't make out any details. Since then I have requested on three separate occasions, additional explanation and pictures with date and time stamp and have received no reply. I have sent him a total of 5 e-mails and have no idea what amount of the security deposit he plans on returning. Ironically, as I was typing this out Roger contacted me and stated unless I called him back so that he could record the call he won't speak to me. I did not give him permission to record me. I asked for his lawyers info & he said he was his lawyer. Then he hung up on me.

If he won't answer e-mails, provide the information I have requested or speak on phone without recording me, I don't know how to resolve the issue. So, I guess I am out $ 1,000.00!

Do Not Purchase From This Locay
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Rating: 1/51

PEMBROKE, FLORIDA -- DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS WAREHOUSE!! I purchased a mattress and box spring from the Pembroke Pines location and now I have bug bites all over my body. The manager James told me, β€œIt's because you live in an apartment and your neighbors have bed bugs.” I live in a single family home. He was very condescending. He said he's gotten this complaint before and all sales are final. Shame on American Freight. Buyer Beware! After receiving the response posted under my initial review I contacted the number. The telephone number is an automated number. I sifted through the options to get to the customer service option. I was then directed to leave a voicemail message. After a few hours I received a call from a company representative that gave me the option of PURCHASING A MATTRESS AT A 5%-10% discount. Are you kidding me?!

Failed Delivery
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Rating: 2/51

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- The CS really needs to be worked on. If you contact a number for delivery, then contact that number again for any updates. When a person waits for 4.5 hours of their morning with a no show it is beyond frustrating. The item took a week to get in from CO to begin with. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with CS. The sleeper sofa will need to be reordered from CO, and then I will need to wait for 4.5 hour delivery window. My time is worth something. They really need to value their customers. I wish I would have stuck with my normal store. UGH!

Customer (dis)service?? American Airlines is pathetic
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I had reservations for a June 14, 2019 nonstop flight from Miami to Madrid at 4pm. It was a trip to celebrate my youngest's 9th birthday. Boarding was supposed to begin at 3:15pm, so we arrived at the gate with my family of 4 (with 2 young kids) at 1:25pm. American Airlines (AA) should change their description of this flight to "nonstart" instead of nonstop. This was not the first time I show up for a nonstop international flight from MIA to Europe where AA has delayed the flight due to 'maintenance' issues. Last year we were delayed 2.5 hours in MIA for a flight to CDG (Paris). So when I saw delayed on the departure board for Madrid recently it was not a shock.

However, the shock set in after 6 delays and 12.5 hours later (at 2am the following morning) AA decides to cancel the flight. We didn't get our suitcases until 3:15am. I informed AA that due to these severe delays and cancellation, I lost my connecting flight to Barcelona and the tour we were supposed to take when we got there. "Don't worry" AA said, "since it is a maintenance issue, we'll will reimburse you for the money lost, just send it to AA customer relations and provide receipts."

Since the 7/15/19 nonstop AA flight to Madrid was already booked, AA booked us on a nonstop flight on Iberia from MIA to MAD (on 7/15) at 5pm. Ok so that would've worked, instead AA decided to do the same with approximately 40 other people. Did I mention we were not informed by AA of this 'overbooking'? So at the Iberia counter I am informed of the AA overbooking problem. I was told I could be on the standby list, but that Iberia had all seats sold anyway for their passengers. I was directed to go to the AA counter and see what they could do.

After a LOT of arguing and several more hours at the airport they managed to get us out. It was only 28 hours after we were supposed to head out, but hey who noticed? So when I get back from my trip I submit my claim to AA customer relations, you know what their response was???? 10,000 AA points!! (see attached) I guess I know why it takes them a week to respond. Apparently 'Dee Peaches' is the only person who looks at them.

So I send a follow up to send me a number I can call in, or to have someone call me. They called while I was unavailable and left a message, but failed to leave an extension. So when I call back to the 1-888-214-3282 number, I don't know the extension and there is no way to talk to an operator. Unbelievable!

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Rating: 1/51

FL, FLORIDA -- Beware horrible company
i went to store and purchased mattresses. The salesperson informed me a payment method and assured me everyone is approved. I was told that it was like a layaway payment but the furniture goes home with you. I made sure to explain that we had lost everything since we had water damage in the home we rented. We had just moved to a new location and had no furniture at all. I only wanted to get mattresses so we didn't have to sleep on the floor.We walked around the store and got mattresses and two beds for my daughters, which totaled $2344.96 with tax and all. I informed the salesperson that I wanted to pay ASAP to be able to come back and get bed frames and the rest of the house furniture. He assured me not to worry since the mattress will get delivered and I'd continue to pay. The salesperson told me to give a $150.00 deposit and it would be $316.54 per month starting July 2018 to January 2019. I explained that was a lot for us since we live paycheck to pay check but he said that was the best he can do and that it must be paid in 6 months. I got my printed receipt that showed the total due and left the store. The salesperson said, layaway but you take it home.
On January 7, 2019 I called the store since it was my last payment to see if I can go and purchase more furniture. The salesperson told me to call another number, American Financial, so they can send me information about it being paid in full.
When I called American Financial they told me I still owed money and it was not paid in full. I was so confuse he said it had an interest rate per month. I had no idea what he was talking about. He checked and said there was a contract. I was more confused. I never saw a contract. I ask him to email what he was talking about. When I received it I could not believe it, I had never ever seen such papers. I explained I was never shown those papers and he told me to look at the signature because I had signed it. When I looked at the page with the signatures I could not believe it, someone had signed my name. I had never seen those papers before and that is not my signature. I was in disbelief that someone had forged my signature on those papers.The financial person on the phone was trying to manipulate me into paying another $4155.95 if I paid that day or it will go up. I was almost done paying what I agree. This is impossible and so unreal that you think I would have bought a mattress that cost $2344.96 and agree to pay $7650.45. OMG my mattress are on the floor I only got two bed frames. The salesperson knew I couldn't afford to agree to such demands so he never told me about any contract just to make a sale. How dishonest can someone be to do these things to someone on a tight situation knowing that I was almost homeless and I had no furniture or mattresses for my kids to sleep on? I live paycheck to paycheck with a family of 6 that salesperson was just trying to make a sale. I never even saw or agreed to anything. How can you let someone commit fraud by signing my name and selling me furniture with false information. I was Never told or seen or even signed anything about a contract.I have the receipt given to me at the store as proof what I was quoted. Its February and I have paid my furniture in full in January and more money was taken out of my account making it negative. you must not take any funds from my account. I was honest and paid what was agreed on in full. your company must make it right. I have written letters n called customer service several times n nobody there wants to help.

Arbitrator Rosemary Townley
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I am in the process of filing a complaint perhaps with others to the New York Bar Association regarding Arbitrator Rosemary Townley. Rosemary Townley in my personal and professional opinion is unfit to be an arbitrator, and she has abused and exceeded her power on numerous instances in my opinion of which I believe inured to her benefit on many levels.

Unlike a Federal or state court judge- an arbitrator does not have to follow the law. This is a little known fact about arbitration. In fact- according to the Rules of the American Arbitration Association- if there is a "colorful" reason to uphold the decision- or not- judges will almost likely confirm an arbitrator's decision on appeal. Arbitration decisions are virtually impossible to overturn. Many judges upon retirement also join the American Arbitration Association or JAMS as a "second career", which I believe is another reason many appeals judges side with arbitrator decisions and will not overturn them.

Arbitration can be very expensive, it is confidential- and few defendants can afford to fund an arbitration against a large company and there is no pressure of publicity to force a company to settle. It can be perceived as improper that an arbitrator who makes their entire living solely through arbitration may side in favor of companies that almost always according to arbitration agreements pay for arbitration. In fact, most companies have mandatory arbitration clauses in their agreements because arbitration awards typically can favor big corporations that pay their fees and repeatedly sue their employees.

In one case that was overturned on appeal by Townley- a defendant employee sued his company for approximately $600,000. There was of course a mandatory arbitration clause in his employment agreement by defendant Audionamix. The company counter-sued for approximately $1 to $5 million dollars. Bare in mind that punitive damages are illegal in New York State. Arbitrator Townley awarded a whopping $9.4 million dollars against the plaintiff. Seriously? How is this legal? It is not. There was no justification for that award under any laws in New York. How would an individual like the plaintiff making a few hundred thousand dollars a year ever pay that type of money off to the defendants? Keep working until he or she is 180 years old? Of course not. The arbitrator in my opinion would force the plaintiff into bankruptcy if they could not afford to appeal a decision (most can't afford to pay for an appeal and can barely afford the arbitration costs... litigation in court is free minus a few hundred dollars to file a fee.)

Inexplicably- the lawyer first appealed to the American Arbitration Association about Townley's decision. The American Arbitration Association makes money in arbitration and of course does not want to forfeit the money or their reputation- and the decision by AAA was strangely and irrationally upheld. The employee then appealed and in a rare court decision- won. The remedy? The employee had to go back to arbitration to redo the case and pay for it all over again because of Townley's original decision. The kicker? Arbitrators- many of whom are not even lawyers- are immune from lawsuits by disgruntled parties. One can't e even uncover the wrongdoing of arbitrators many times due to the confidential nature of the proceedings and even if you suspect wrongdoing- you still can't sue and Win without absolute proof of fraud.

So- an arbitrator is immune from lawsuits and "judicial immunity" in spite of not being a Judge. All decisions are confidential- shielding any wrongdoings of a company (one of the perks of a big company avoid transparency and media press) yet companies can go back to their employees and scare the heck out of them with outrageous and cautionary arbitration decisions that are geared favorably toward big companies that pay the arbitration fees. What incentive does any arbitrator have to go against a party not paying their fees? Arbitration is a BIG, lucrative business.....

It is difficult to even pick arbitrators. If they have undisclosed contacts- it is difficult to ascertain as arbitration decisions are confidential. Unlike Judges- where you can easily find public legal filings and information about them- you cannot do that readily with the secrecy that cloaks arbitration.

In one decision, Townley was an arbitrator with a multi-biliion dollar company, Allegis, founded by Bisciotti and his cousin Davis, both literally in the Forbes 400, with their company Major, Lindsey & Africa. Biscioitti is one hundred percent owner of the Baltimore Ravens Football team. Townley was one of I believe four NFL special NFL arbitrators in the country. Major Lindsey also had the American Arbitration Association as a client, and never revealed this fact in spite of a duty as a party to the arbitration to disclose all potential conflicts. When this was pointed out on appeal- which appears to be a huge conflict of interest- Major Lindsey downplayed this fact, yet promptly removed this client from their website according to public court papers..... and yet astoundingly the American Arbitration Association did not find this to be a conflict of interest....

The arbitration is currently public now on appeal. Allegis paid a $200,000 arbitration fee..... the entire dispute was over allegedly a $200,000 fee, which morphed into a $2.7 million dollar award against the defendant employee. The arbitrator charged a whopping $100,000 just to REVIEW the file... you can send a new college graduate through all three years of law school for that type of money! Arbitrators- under the American Arbitration Association requirements- allege that arbitrators are trained in how to streamline discovery and not increase costs for parties. It is supposed to be fair, efficient and inexpensive. My opinion is that Townley must have ignored that memo. The amount of money that it cost the defendant is prohibitive for the average individual defendant.....but Townley got paid by the company regardless...

Not one independent witness testified against the defendant- all three of the "independent" witnesses against the defendant currently still worked at Major Lindsey when they testified. This is not even mentioned in Townley's opinion. In fact- she stated that shockingly the defendant had no credibility- even thought a Federal Court Judge indicated that Major :lindsey & Africa and Allegis had "bogus" and "trumped up" and "nuclear" allegations meant to coerce a settlement by the companies against the defendant. Suddenly, after a scathing Federal Court Judge coming close to sanctioning Major Lindsey & Africa and Allegis for filing unsupported civil allegations against the defendant- Allgeis and Major Lindsey pulled out of the Federal Court case when they couldn't prove their case and refiled in arbitration. Further, Allegis and their companies have a long history of pursing top performing employees. Allegis has sued according to the defendant's papers at least 26 other Allegis employees, mostly all represented by Littler Mendelson- not including those against whom they took legal action in arbitration and other private procedures. This is a company that is and has been a "repeat customer" in litigation and potentially lucrative client for AAA and JAMS.

Similar in both cases before Townley- both individual parties lost against big lucrative companies. Both parties were not permitted by Townley to present valuable evidence in their cases. In the Major Lindsey case, according to public filings- the defendant sued Lindsey individually for stealing one of her major deals that he hid from her - and she was forced to sit out of the room while Jon Lindsey gave his testimony because he alleged it involved a "trade secret" - even though the plaintiffs never sought an injunction against the defendant for taking any trade secrets! In essence, it appears on its surface to be a major Constitution due process violation- how does one defend oneself against evidence that you can't hear in your own case against a defendant that you are suing individually?

The arbitrator is supposed to render a decision within 30 days. Townley took 7 or 8 adjournments - all the while handling other NFL cases while she was handling the Baltimore Raven owner's case- and delayed rendering a decision for almost ONE YEAR. So much for the assurances by arbitration proceedings on being efficient, and fair, which is the major marketing push of the American Arbitration Association as to why it is a valuable alternative to litigation. Townley decided in favor of the big company, and made the defendant forfeit all commissions from the employed time at Major Lindsey, in spite of there being zero proof of damages, zero complaints against the employee, and no criminal activity and ironically the employee receiving an award and consistent outstanding reviews for being one of the top employees in the world. In spite of the foregoing- Townley still awarded the company a windfall.

The arbitrator in my opinion is self serving and abusive, personally, professionally and financially. She markets herself extensively to the media and big law firms, which is exactly the opposite of what she should be doing to negate the appearance of impropriety. This needs to be exposed. With the advent of the internet, and appeals being public- arbitrators can no longer hide under a cloak of anonymity. These arbitrators, like Townley, need to be weeded out, identified and accountable.

American Airlines Flight Delay and Conduct Endangered My Personal Safety
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Rating: 1/51

My travels went smoothly until I arrived at LAX with American Airlines. Landing at 7:16 P.M.--from what the service agents told me, I was already pinched for time to get to the gate since my flight departs at 8:00 P.M. This was compounded by the fact that American Airlines decided to park the plane at an off-site terminal. The pilot said that there would be no more flights on that specific shuttle for the day, which is why they did this. This prevented me from getting to the gate on time. Even though I sprinted to gate 50B directly, they told me the gate was already closed--mind you that this is at 7:53.

I have been repeatedly informed of the policy that the gates close 10 minutes before departure, but it is American Airlines that is at fault for the delay and missing of the flight. I first spoke with the customer assistance agent Sonia Ochoa in terminal 5 and I was rudely and mechanically told that, "it is air traffic's fault, we can't help you." She only offered me a stand-by ticket at 7:50 in the morning.

As a paying return customer of American Airlines, I was shocked by the egregious treatment I received. I had to fight tooth-and-nail to simply get a confirmed flight the next day. I was even lied to by one of the phone agents, who told me that the 2:10 P.M. flight by American Airlines the following day would get me to Honolulu the quickest out of all carriers. Constance, the other agent working at terminal 5, told me that it was a problem in Philly with air traffic. Then she began repeatedly questioning me by asking me, "Why would they park at an off-site location?" She personally embarrassed me by putting me in the spotlight in front of other customers and agents with this action.

Without anywhere to stay overnight, I was extremely worried about my personal safety. I was staunchly denied any access to a lounge or hotel where I could be safe. Through its actions, American Airlines endangered my safety. I filed a formal complaint, but they just sent me corporate nonsense that fails to make me whole. Attached is their ridiculous response to the situation upon filing a formal complaint.

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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- The worst experience I have ever had... never again will I travel through DFW or on an AA flight again. I would like to start off by saying the security was the best thing about DFW Int'l. airport. Kudos to them for their courteousness and their friendly attitude.

I would like to ask you a question... Have you ever been through a bad experience and felt good about it in the end because of the way you were treated? I have and it's amazing how people who care, can really take a negative, and turn it into a positive. It wasn't the circumstances that were so upsetting to my wife and I, it was the arrogance and the disrespect we had received from the American Airlines representatives.

From not taking responsibility for their own actions, to the fact that we were asked to come out of pocket for transportation and lodging expense after we arrived late from PHX, and missed our connecting flight to Tampa because there ground crew was late by an hour to man the flight. When we landed we watched our connecting flight roll away from gate c-19 as we arrived at gate c-12. (They told us they could hold that plane when we left PHX). Also note there were 8-10 of us on that PHX flight that missed the connection flight 890 that departed at 6:45...

So they put us on stand by for flight 1072, it was the first flight to Tampa departing 8:40 p.m. We walked DFW one end to another from gate c-28, to a-39 back to gate c-11 for our opportunity to get to our destination. (THAT'S ALL THE GATE CHANGES IT MADE FROM 6:45 to 8:30.)

Here's the trouble. The plane had open seats on it and they would not book us on it because they said it was weather related... NOT TRUE!!! You people can wait, we will make you fly stand by again if the plain sells out... Now keep in mind we where not late due to weather. We were late due to their inability to staff their plane with a crew... So we couldn't get on that flight (1072). Now listen to this customer service...

The man at gate C-11 starts issuing stand by for the 7:30 a.m. flights... STAND BY AGAIN WHEN AGAIN WE LOOKED AND SAW THE PLANE WAS NOT BOOKED. So I confronted the man and asked him why would he not book our flights and give us a seat assignment when we were the priority for open seats? Why make us fly stand by again? As he saw the angry people around him bumped from now 2 flights... He took back the stand by tickets issues and books our ticket and gave us a seat assignment...

OK fine now let's get to the lodging... We were told that we would get a cot for the night... Again not acceptable... Are you charging me for a ticket I book and don't show up to use?? YES. So I am paying not only for a rental car tonight and lodging in Tampa but I am told we won't compensate you anything... Again we are not here due to weather. This is your mistake. He issues a voucher for a room, and $25 meal voucher to econolodge in Arlington... It was 20 minutes away, had no restaurant to redeem the food voucher and we were told we would be required to pay 47.00 for the room plus a shuttle fee of 40 roughly to get back in the a.m.

So we come back to the airport and demand a supervisor... There are 2 hotels on the airport property, why would you send us 20 minutes away?? And why would we pay anything??? The response given, β€œI am sorry but we can't give distressed vouchers to those properties.” So we asked why would we get taken 20 MINUTES FROM HERE? As we understand there are about 30-40 hotels in the area within 5 minutes... So we called the Hyatt... They confirmed that they do work with American Airlines and they needed a phone call to authorize the voucher...

All I can say is if you work for this company I am sorry you don't have any real choices as to being employed by a reputable company who puts quality and service ahead of the $$$$$ machine.. As to the multiple AA employees I spoke with I was told this was the worst on time airport with the worst customer service, they have visited as if they were ashamed themselves to be in DFW... Now I know as a business man when your employees speak of their company with disrespect, embarrassment, and contempt there is an obvious leader issue. People should speak up and you should listen...

MANAGEMENT YOU ARE FAILING IN THE BIGGEST WAY AT THE SIMPLEST OF THINGS IN BUSINESS... SERVICE. To Dallas, you will never see one dime of my money ever again... This reflects on my perception of what your city is like.

To the heads of AA you can look in the mirror and point the finger at the reflection you see... As in any organization leadership, and lack thereof is reflected in the attitudes and the demeanor of its staff. If this is your base, your hub, your home, I would think if you're going to see class, service and quality it would be here... UNFORTUNATELY IT WAS NOT. Make your billions and be happy. Rape, pillage, and look at yourself and smile, coz that's all you got to show for it... Sleep well. I know I won't here on a cot, listening to construction workers in DFW...

I Am Sure the Gate Agent Stole My Louis Vuitton Bag!
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DALLAS FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- Plain and simple - on 18 January 2009, the gate agent at Miami International forced me to surrender my $1300 Louis Vuitton Keepall, which housed all of my belongings from a cruise vacation. I argued with her and was refused boarding without checking the bag, which fits overhead (and there was room on the plane).

Surprise, surprise, the bag never makes it to LaGuardia in NYC. It was my only luggage item. I completed all the paperwork and submitted it by the deadline (this is very time-consuming). Then, there is the three-month wait.

In the meantime, I filed a police report with Miami PD because I honestly believe the gate agent stole my bag. It is no coincidence that she forced me to surrender a bag, meanwhile there were other people allowed to board with duffel bags much larger than mine. Also, according to MIA airport security, there is no camera surveillance at this particular gate. Coincidence? I think not.

The last I was told, the investigators were going to interview the people who worked the gate when I boarded. Apparently, American Airlines staff at Miami Int'l were unwilling to provide information about who was working then. I was also told that the "gate agent" may have been an impostor. This is POST-SEPTEMBER 11th America, right?!

In April 2009, Ms. ** sent a cold letter indicating that my claim was fraudulent and that it was denied. There were no specifics given, nothing. The verbiage stated, "Some of the information you stated is not accurate," and that they may prosecute ME for fraud. Imagine that!

I needed to be cool, so I waited before I called her. This ** states she did not believe the items could fit in the bag. Also mind you, if there is even the smallest of typos, then your entire claim could be denied. For example, if the bag was 9.7 inches deep and I put 9 inches or 10 inches, then my claim is deemed inaccurate and thus, false.) She also told me that although American Airlines acknowledges my bag was lost in their care, they will not take responsibility. Does that make any sense? No.

I wrote letters to the entire Executive Board. Surprise here - not a single reply. I sent emails. Imagine this - no reply other than "Contact Baggage Services (i.e. Ms. **). I lost everything! My entire vacation was in that one article of luggage and it is all gone. I waited for hours at LaGuardia, hoping my bag would appear, but knowing it would not. The moment I surrendered it in Miami I knew I would not see it or my things again. I had a bad feeling from the start, when she singled me out and denied me to board the plane.

Next time, I will get ALL the gate agents' contact information before I surrender anything. I will also take their photo with my phone. These people are hard to locate, believe it or not. It is now October 2009 and my complaints and appeals have gotten me nowhere. I am making the next move - legal intervention. This experience has caused significant emotional distress. In addition, losing over $6k worth of material (luggage included) cannot go away quietly. It seems that suing American Airlines will be the only viable option.

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