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Worse Customer Service I've Ever Had
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Rating: 1/51

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I have had the worst experience as I've ever had in life. I purchased last Sunday. The staff seemed more concerned with making the sale than my delivery inquiry. I asked could they deliver the following Sunday (yesterday 02/25) they said yes. I asked for early time they just said, "Yea yea." Not comfortable with how I was being treated I called on Tuesday 2/20 to verify. They put me on hold never came back to the phone. I called back and as usual, "Yea yea we'll be there."

At this point I was certain of the unprofessionalism and just wanting to get me off the phone so I verified on Thursday the time because I would have to leave Florida very early to be there in time for the delivery. They again assured me there would be no issues. I called Saturday. They (Greg) again assured me 10-1 delivery. Come Sunday the 25th day of the delivery. I called after 12. Matt told me, "Yea yea the delivery driver will call you in a bit." Come 2 pm the never heard from anyone.

I called and spoke to Luke. Informed him of the importance of the delivery being done. He again lied and said the driver will be at my home in 30-45 minutes! 4 pm the driver never showed or called. Now at this point I'm upset. Called Luke back after much back and forth he FINALLY agreed to delivery fee being waived (he protested despite the fact I called for a week to verify only to be lied to continuously). He then waived the fee with the caveat that the delivery be between 7-9pm!!!

This is by far the worst customer service I've ever received. My wife was so upset we went to Ashley Furniture to buy the rest of the items for the home. Spent 3x as much but ok with it since they will deliver when they say they will and treat a customer with some form of respect. The worst part of my experience came after I called numerous times with numerous lies was when without warning they transferred me to Joe the delivery driver. Who didn't hang up the phone nor mute me to tell me the next set of lies then says "This Damn motherfucking customer up in Woodstock is getting on my damn nerves!"

Despite that was the only time I had ever spoken to him and didn't speak to him rudely. The staff will just place you on hold and not say anything at all. My wife was interested in 2 more pieces at the store a table and chair but I'm certain that too will be going to Ashley or any store for that matter with some form of professionalism and sense of care about customer service.

Luke made it seem like I was the bad guy and getting on his nerves with his huffing and puffing. And yes I will be posting this in other sites because apparently this was an ongoing issue within American Freight. I only wish I had read the reviews prior the purchase. This was pathetic and not one apology from the staff!!!

Horrible Customer Service/company
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Rating: 1/51

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- Bad Experience!!! My wife and I ordered furniture to be delivered to us Friday 03/23/2018 from times 11am-7pm. We informed them BEFORE the delivery that we needed to be at a funeral by 1pm Sat 03/24/2018, which they ensured me this would be no problem and that they will make us the 1st stop on Friday.

Well, Sat came and there was NO call from anyone. Not even from the delivery company JoePowerCompany. I called myself only to be told that our couch was broken and that he needed to find another store with the same color. He explained that he did not want to deliver a broken couch to my home so he needed another day to get my items out to me... We waited from 10am until 4:35pm to get that answer AFTER we were promised we were the 1st stop... so not ONLY did we miss the funeral but also had NO bed to sleep on.

Sunday came and my items were finally being delivered, the company they used, explained to me that they did not assemble items. They were just there to drop it off and that if we needed to have it assembled he would call his boss for price.

Before we could reach the store they took off and the store clerk Greg told me, "Ohh well you guys were supposed to have them assemble. We don't know how to put that bed together it's one of our hardest pieces. You may have to call someone to help you we don't know what to tell you", ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!!!

I will be contacting BBB to complain further as well as this company to HAVE SOMEONE FIX MY BED THAT I PAID FULL PRICE FOR... Horrible horrible customer service they put you on hold for mins at a time and never come back and when they do come back they put you back on hold for 15 more mins then hang up the phone!

Delivery People Stole $89.00 From Us And Did Not Deliver Furniture.
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Rating: 1/51

SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- On September 22, 2018, we purchased a sofa and loveseat from this company. We decided to have it delivered to us and knew we would have to pay an $89.00 delivery charge. When they came to our home, the men came to our door and asked for $89.00 CASH before they would take the furniture out of the truck. Then they tried to push the sofa through our door without even tipping it to get it in. Our door was measured and there was no trouble getting our old furniture out or the new furniture we bought a week later from a reputable company. These guys turned around, put our sofa back into their truck and left, WITH OUR MONEY!!!

They took our delivery charge and also our furniture. We called American Freight and they told us these men didn't work for them!!! They hung up on us and wouldn't speak to us about this. We sent them a registered letter notifying them that if they don't give us the company name of the men that took our money, we would sue them for our money back. WELL, we just got a phone call from the MANAGER FROM AMERICAN FREIGHT and he told us he sent us a check in the mail over a week ago!!! Wow, how stupid do we look??? When we told him we never got his "check", HE HUNG UP ON US AGAIN!!! DO NOT SHOP HERE!!! I would give them ZERO stars if it was an option.

This Company Is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

ROSEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- I have had the worst experience of my life with American Freight in Roseville. Not only was my furniture two weeks late the delivery company PLIEGO broke my screen door. The management department Joel, Jason ** & Jeremiah are very rude argumentative and unsympathetic. Not only did they refuse to fix my door but they are now lying to the BBB saying that I refuse to let the delivery company remove the furniture - which by the way they claim to have no contract with and just subcontract.

I have been given nothing but false promises and a headache from this company who is pretty much trying to scam me into keeping the furniture I absolutely do not want. I came to this company looking for furniture. The only thing I found was an everlasting headache and a legal process! This is not how you treat people. I will not stand for this. I want my money back and this furniture removed from my house if I have to take it back myself!!!

"Lay-a-Way" Not a Layaway, Rude Service False Claims
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Rating: 1/51

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My husband went in looking for a reclining loveseat and found one that he really liked and spoke to the salesman about lay-a-away because we needed to wait a couple weeks before we would have the full amount. He was told no problem and the salesman explained the layaway process. I went with my husband a couple days later to put it on layaway and was told because it was the last one they had and they would not be getting any more of that style that we could put it on layaway but they would not hold the item, if someone came in and wanted to buy it they would sell it to them.

We would not get a refund of the money we pay but would have to choose something else. This is not a layaway, this is a scam. We then asked to see the manager because typically putting something on layaway means the item is sold but he was extremely rude and told us that we were wrong and basically they could do whatever they wanted until we paid for the item in full. He said if we could more than half the money down (the loveseat was $699) he would 'consider' holding it for us.

Never Shop Here!
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I would have given a negative star amount, if that was an option! My husband and I had heard about American Freight because of the special they were running for a living room set for only $498. Seems like a great deal, right? Wrong. They never had any in stock anytime I called (6-7 times) over a period of a month.

So, my husband finally decided that we would go in and look at the floor models and see if we could order one to be delivered. We were then told that we could not order any certain set. We would have to just give them our $500+ and wait for a truck to come in on some unknown date, not knowing what color or style of anything was on this truck, and then fight on a first-come, first-serve basis to come in and pick up what we had already paid for! On top of that, we could get stuck with anything from purple, to gold, to puke green. No, no, thank you. When I spend $500 on anything, I need to know for sure what I'm getting.

So, the $498 deal was just a bait and switch scam to get people in the door, which we should have realized. So we started to look around to see if they had anything in stock that we would like for a good deal. We found a nice, small couch and love seat that would fit in our living room perfectly. Also priced very reasonably. So we asked about it. We were then told that they didn't have those in stock either, but for just $100, we could have the "bigger and better" set just behind it. Well, we didn't want "bigger and better", our living room is not large enough.

We wanted the set we had picked out, in the color we had picked out. We said that right up front. He said that they could be ordered and would arrive in 2 weeks at the most. And we said that would be fine. But then, he continued to try to get us to buy the other set for almost 5 minutes after we told him specifically that was not what we wanted.

He was rude and did not consider what we wanted or needed, he obviously just wanted the extra commission. He treated us like crap after we asked him to order the cheaper couches. He reluctantly took us over to the counter and took our money for the couches we had asked for, told us they would be delivered to the store in approximately two weeks, but couldn't give us a date of when that would be. That's fine, we'll figure it out.

Three weeks went by, no phone call, nothing. Not even a follow-up to let us know that they would be late. I called back in myself and was told it would be another week. Called again a week later, was told it would be another TWO WEEKS! It has been two months and we still have not received even one phone call from them, we have called in every time, and every time have been told it will take longer.

Even after my husband called in and asked to speak to a manager, got blown off, then called in again and got the phone unprofessionally set down on the counter (instead of being placed on hold) for several minutes until someone decided to pick it up again.

My husband gave them an earful. They told him that they didn't care if he told all of his friends to never go there! This so called manager told him that it didn't matter what my husband said, they would still have enough business! They then offered us a $200 upgrade to a different set. Again, not the set we ordered. Another one. I don't believe they ever even ordered our couches, nor did they ever intend to. This poor excuse for a business will take your money up front, then string you along until you give up.

NEVER EVER give them any money until you see your couch in front of your eyes. There are no guarantees at American Freight, and they don't give a crap what they tell you, they'll tell you anything just to shut you up. Also, they try to bribe you with a free lamp if you give them a good customer review, so don't believe any good reviews you see! DON'T buy anything here! Spend a little more and go to a reputable business that won't treat you like crap! American Freight cares nothing about their customers, only getting money in the door! Don't make the same mistake we did!

Scam Process
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Rating: 1/51

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I went to American Freight due to the ability for them to deliver on the same day and provide furniture at an affordable prices. Needed to purchase a bedroom set for my mother that was coming to visit and stay with us from out of town. When I arrived, the sales people swarmed. I know it's a commissioned job, but heck let us look first. After looking through the sets we came upon one that my wife liked. I approached the sales associate and they said that it was available and had plenty in stock. Great I thought that this was easy.

Next went to the mattress and the wife picked one out, and that too he said that they have plenty and it's in stock. Now off to the fun part. Went to the computer and started entering all the info. Said everything was there and asked me if I wanted the warranties. I thought that this was a smart idea considering and said yes. After all was said and done it came to $1,100.00 and some change. I put $200 in cash down right then and said that I will be back on Monday to pay the remainder. The guy told me that would be fine and we can setup delivery then.

3 days later I went to the store to pay the balance. The sales guy that I was working with is no longer there. Spoke to a very nice lady and she went to the computer to look my order up so I can pay. She stated that it was all put in the system wrong and they do not have these items there. After waiting like 20 minutes, she was plugging things into the computer and stated that they do not have the mattress that I wanted but have one they can replace it with (not the same quality) but it will be the same price. She then went to get the manager, a young guy that thought this was funny.

He stated that he would have all the correct stuff available within 3-4 weeks. (WHAT?) I stated that the reason I came here is because of the same day delivery on the what was sold to me. (I did not yell or lose my temper.) He said hold on and was making some calls. He came back 2 minutes later stating that he can give me another set that they do have in stock by Friday. This was a white set that was just horrible. I stated NO! He started getting on the phone again and I was just standing there for 25 minutes. He was on the phone and talking to associates off to the side laughing about this. Unprofessional to say the least.

1/2 hour later he came to me said that he can get parts from different stores but it would be 1-2 weeks to get it all, but he gets trucks in all the time and there may be something on the new trucks. At this time I stated, "I would like to cancel this order and have my $ back." He started to Tap Dance and stated that he will get me my stuff. I was so irritated at this point, even if he took $ off, I would not purchase it. He stated that since I used Cash, they would have to issue a check from corporate and it will take 14 days. Ok, I stated that this was not an issue. He then stated that they will mail it to the store and he will call me when it gets there.

I asked why the store and not to my house. He stated that this was policy. I walked out and went to a legit furniture store where we got the furniture we wanted on the next day delivery (Delivery was Free). It has now been 4 weeks since this went down and still no call. Called the store as soon as they opened this morning. Spoke to the manager and he put me on hold for 20 minutes while he goes and looks to see if my check is there. Comes to the phone and stated that he does not see it. I asked what's the issue. He said that he will email the office and find the status. Once he gets a response to his email, he will call me.

I am not letting this go, nor am I just going to be OK with this $ not being sent to me. I am going to contact the BBB to file a complaint on this whole process. Already notified friends, family and posted on FB about the horrible company and process. Buyer Beware, If it sounds too good, It probably is BS.

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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, ILLINOIS -- This doesn't even deserve one star. And I have been more than understanding because I REALLY wanted to like this place since I fell in love with the 5-piece bedroom set that I purchased and have not received. However after this nightmare the past week and a half I can say with complete sincerity that I will NEVER purchase from these crooks again, and never recommend to anyone.

Monday August 22, 2016: Purchased 5-piece bedroom set from American Freight in Washington IL. Originally told that the chest was not in stock and that I would be getting that later that week Thursday. Everything else would be delivered that night (Monday). After I officially made the purchase, I was then told that the chest would not be delivered either. Later that night I received the bed (headboard, footboard and rails), nightstand, and mirror. Paid the $85 delivery fee upon delivery.

Thursday August 25, 2016: Chest and Dresser were to be delivered today anywhere from noon-8. They were to call me when they were on their way. After altering my work schedule to accommodate the delivery, I called around 2 pm to see if they had an approximate time when I can expect the dresser and chest to be delivered.

It was then that I was informed that the furniture was not going to be delivered that day either because they had not received it. It will have to be delivered Saturday anywhere from noon-6. Please note that I HAD TO CALL to find out that my stuff was not going to be delivered. Very inconsiderate, especially after I had cleared my afternoon and evening.

Saturday August 27th, 2016: Again, cleared my day to accommodate from noon to 6. Did not hear from them all afternoon, so I called a little after 4 pm to ask when I can expect my delivery. They said that they have a few more stops and that they will call when they are on their way. Around 6:30 pm I got a call from Anthony who said that they are loading up my chest. The dresser is NOT going to be delivered because it was damaged.

An hour and a half went by and they still hadn't showed up. Called the store at 8 pm and got no answer (at this point they were closed). Received a phone call at 8:45 pm from the delivery driver who said that they were 25 minutes out. At 9:30 pm they showed up with the chest. NINE THIRTY PM ON A SATURDAY NIGHT when it was supposed to come anywhere from noon-6.

Monday August 29th, 2016: Tried calling the Washington store to ask when my dresser will be delivered. They did not answer the phone even though it was within their normal business hours. Immediately called the corporate number and left a voicemail for Susan who was "on the other line". Never received a phone callback.

Tuesday August 31st, 2016: Called the corporate customer service number again and actually spoke with someone (did not get her name, my fault). She said that she would reach out to the store and find out what the status is for my dresser and that she would call me back. Never heard back from her as of today 8/31/2016. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. DO NOT buy from this place unless you want them to take your money and run.

Worse Company I Have Ever Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We ordered a bedroom set priced at over $1000 and made the required monthly payments per our contract. A final payment was made and we were told by the manager that our furniture would be ready for delivery in two weeks or less. According to American Freight'€™s "Terms and Conditions" it states delivery could take as much as four weeks so I wasn'€™t too set on getting it in two weeks or less as previously stated.

We never received a single phone call from American Freight and after one month from the date we paid the furniture off I contacted American Freight and their response was, "€œYour furniture is on backorder and we do not have a date for when it will be here." Two weeks later I called again (still never received a phone call from the company). They stated, "€œIt may come in on this next truck but we don'€™t really know when our trucks come or what is on them."€ Again, still nothing and no phone call from the company.

I finally submitted a Better Business Bureau complaint and received this response from the regional manager: "The furniture is on backorder from the manufacture. We do not have a date because they are out of it. The customer can either wait on it to come in, which we don't know a date, come into the store to reselect even if they pick out something better we will work out a price, or get a refund."

I then contacted American Freight again and requested to speak to the manager but was told the manager was assisting a customer. I told the woman on the phone my problem and she said to call back tomorrow when the manager would be there (after she just told me the manager was helping a customer). I called back the following day and the manager was again, helping a customer. I requested the manager call me back in reference to my furniture and I never received a phone call.

I showed up at the store that following Sunday to speak to the manager and he said he never knew I called. I told him my problem and gave him the regional manager'€™s solution from the BBB. His response was, "€œEverything was on backorder and it would be another 3 weeks before anything comes in."€ Frustrated, we were about to leave and he said, "€œWell we do have a couple things coming in tomorrow."€ We decided on a set that was coming in tomorrow just to be done dealing with the company. Delivery was scheduled the following evening between 5pm and 8pm. At 7:45pm the delivery guys showed up, unloaded our furniture, and left.

We unboxed everything to find a 4"€ hole in the bottom of the dresser and the mirror frame was cracked on both sides. We would have to pay two additional delivery charges to get another dresser (one to take the broken one back and another to get our replacement). We decided to cut our losses and live with the one with the hole. I was able to fit the mirror in my car and took it back to the company to get a replacement and never received one apology for everything I had to go through. They also couldn't care less about the damaged dresser and made no mention of it after it was brought to their attention.

I suggest anyone looking for a deal to pay a little extra and go with a different company. This company has absolutely no customer service experience and only cares about money coming in the door. Their last concern is making sure the customer is happy. They will not call you if your furniture is on backorder and they will not return your phone call if you leave a message for the manager. They will though act like your best friend when you walk the sales floor to pick out a set of your liking. Please, Google search this company for reviews as this is not the only negative review this company has.

The absolute worst furniture experience of my life!
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Rating: 1/51

BOARDMAN, OHIO -- My husband and I have been shopping for a rocker/recliner for months now. We avoided going to this store because of a friend but one evening my husband said "Let's go check it out. What could it hurt?" We ended up purchasing a couch, loveseat and rocker/recliner, at a decent price I might add.

The salesman, Ramone, asked if we wanted "Scotchguard" protection, since the furniture is oatmeal in color - we said "Yes." Two hundred dollars more for two kits. I said "You're going to do this, correct?" Ramone said "Yes". I said "Can you please put the delivery charge on the bill?" He replied "Yes". I said, "My husband is disabled, can your delivery men please remove the old couch to the front porch?" Again "Yes".

Tuesday comes, delivery day. Two very nice men come to my front door requesting the ninety-eight dollar delivery fee. I get out my contract, looked it over very carefully, no delivery fee was added. Now we're scrambling around the house trying to find exactly ninety-eight dollars cash. Found it. The two men tell us that they "Do not remove any furniture". We showed them our contract that clearly stated they would remove the couch. He made a phone call, they removed the couch.

The man hands me two small boxes and says "These are your protection kits." I said, "The store was supposed to Scotchguard the furniture." He said "Sorry ma'am, take it up with the store." I opened the boxes. They were leather protector and wood protector. My furniture is all cloth. I call the store, of course the owner/manager is unavailable. I called my local BBB and registered a complaint. I will never deal with this company again but, you can be assured I will be telling all my friends not to go there.

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