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3 Faulty LG Washing Machines
By -

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- The other new machine arrived on May 12th and guess what more problems. Is it just with this model # that there are problems or is it mistreatment of the products after the arrive at other facilities. The Door seal on this one is leaking. I am beginning to think that the only way to solve this problem is to go with a different Machine all together.

No one is willing to help work this out and I am refusing to pay for a product that is not working right hence my credit rating is deteriorating. When my husband first spoke to LG they promised a refund of the purchase price of the machine in which we did not get either. Therefore a very unhappy customer is all that you are left with. And I will never purchase another LG product in my lifetime.

Defective Sectional
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Rating: 1/51

THRONTON, COLORADO -- So after dealing with American Furniture having many issues also being muzzled from speaking to get this..."any one" by customer service employee "computer log reads don't speak with me". Why? They don't want to deal with a warranty on our merchandise, by mail, phone, or in person... So, we've sent a ten-paged Letter. Yes it was signed for but haven't heard a word so to court we go. Remember...stand up when you've spent your money. We're no slaves. We made American Furniture a chain... Remember the one location? Well, how some forget. Co/shocked! Some way to show thanks.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GILBERT, ARIZONA -- I work in customer service so I have never used this 'method' before, but I am so disappointed in the service!!! I was dealing with a claims issue and was dealing with an extremely rude person who told me she was the only person working in the department so I could not speak to anyone else.

When it was all over I wrote a letter to customer service and it turned out the joke was on me; She was the only one in the claims department and one of the customer service managers (not a very good one at that). I asked if there was someone else I could speak to given the situation and she said "our correspondence has been shared, if one of them chooses to contact you they will..." That was on the 2nd on Sept, so I guess they chose not to. I am baffled by the service.

What company would have the person that is involved in the complaint respond to it and then have no one follow up? Is she really the only one in the company? I think there needs to be some more checks and balances. I will not only take my business elsewhere, but I will share my experience with anyone willing to listen. My car was damaged in August while buying furniture and I am still dealing issues that came during the process. Do not shop here and if you do, do not expect to get good service.

Delivery Scam Warning and Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WESTMINSTER, COLORADO -- Tried to buy furniture in a seeming simple fashion. They couldn't comment to a general delivery timeframe on the scheduled day. Said they would call me the day before and tell me when and if I didn't accept that time, I would pay a second delivery fee.

Here's the scam: you the buyer have to change the delivery 48 hours in advance but they don't even give you a time until the day before delivery. Manager was an incompetent guy I won't name who wouldn't simply resolve this so I took my money elsewhere. You would be wise to do so too. Logistics are far simpler to manage than they try to claim, and customer service should be more important to them. Delivery scheduling seems like a money scam.

The Worst Customer Service Ever!!!!! Don't Go There!!
By -

THORNTON, COLORADO -- I went to American Furniture Warehouse on Dec. 2, 2007. Bought some living room furniture and chose delivery. Delivery was going to be on Sunday Dec. 9. The night before I call to cancel the delivery because we had measured the room and was not going to fit. The lady that answered which name is Darby in Thornton was the worst customer service rep I've ever dealt with. She stated that she could not cancel the order cause the truck was already loaded and that somebody had to be at home to take the furniture.

I asked if there was anything else she could do and she responded by saying no. I said "is this the kind of customer service you guys have" and she said yes. I then told her that I would not accept the furniture when it came to my house and she said "well if you don't we will cancel the order and you won't be able to shop with us never again" (and she is a Manager).

Then I called Kirstin and told her what had just happened and she advise me to either refuse the furniture and to come the next day and choose something different and they would deliver it to me and would only have to pay the cost of $25 dollars for the delivery cancellation fee. Or accept the furniture and I would bring it back and choose something different and they would deliver it to me and also just have a cancellation fee of $25. I chose option 1.

Now I went to the store to talk to the lady (Kristin) that sold me the furniture and she said that they are going to take away $80 for the delivery fee from my credit. And she said that I could have accepted the furniture and then if I did not like it or had a problem with it that I could have called them and I would pick out new furniture and they would pick up the old ones and deliver the new ones with no cost for delivery. Well how come nobody ever told me about this. Now I'm out of $80 and not happy with their customer service.

This is the worst customer service experience ever. Please help me resolve this matter. I called again today (12/11/2007) to try to have this issue resolve. I called the Thornton customer service and a Charissa answers and tells me that there is nothing that they can do either cause I refuse the furniture which by the way they never actually came to my house. They called from the house of the previous delivery and I said that I would refuse the furniture so never came to my house.

Well I asked Charissa If I could speak with a manager and she stated that she was the manager and it was not up for discussion or debate. Which I also think it's very weird that every time to talk to a service rep in Thornton they are all managers. You should try calling them yourself and test them out. I have been a loyal customer for more than 8 yrs and had never had an issue and have had such HORRIBLE customer service from no one like this. I will call Tom Martino about the kind of customer service you guys have.

Resolution Update 02/02/2010:

American Furniture Warehouse contacted me 2 yrs later but hey better something late than never. They made it right and its all that counts! Thank You American!

Company Response 09/23/2009:

In reading your complaint, I would like to apologize for what you have discribed as your "purchase experience". May I ask you to please contact me in hopes of resolution? Rob Naish 303-727-3103 my phone line direct or please feel free to email me at

Worst Customer Service!
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- We did a lot of furniture shopping with the help of our designer at American Furniture Warehouse in Colorado Springs during Nov 2007 - Jan 2008. When we first contacted them, we were told we would get a 10% designer discount. When we placed the order for about $10000, it was changed to 5% and then 3%. Many items were on backorder and delivered weeks later but we did not complain thinking it must be an aberration due to holidays.

We placed another order for $2500 and were given even worse customer service. Called us at 3:00 PM to inform some of the furniture will be delivered next morning. When we asked for a different time due to conflict with a doctor appointment, the response was - "either be there or we will charge you 200$ additional or you can cancel the order for a 25$ fee"! In other words, we don't care if we inconvenience you and we don't care if we are late for weeks. Jump when we tell you to or get lost!

We canceled the order as per the rude and abrupt suggestion of their customer service rep. And to add insult to injury, they charged us a 25$ cancellation penalty. We attributed it to punishment for having shopped at this place! If this is their idea of customer service and customer retention, we will take our business elsewhere.

The funny thing is, they lost an order for over $2500 and opportunity for another $20000 for office furniture we are planning to buy for my company. And everyone in my company has heard the story so they will think twice before giving these guys any business. What a shame that companies like this have lost sight of any measure of ethical or professional behavior.

Ashley Paints Leather Furniture
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I purchased a couch and loveseat from American Furniture in Colorado Springs. The brand is Ashley. The headrest is peeling - American Furniture said it was painted and Ashley furniture said they don't paint leather furniture. I have a loveseat with a 10 inch area that is peeling. Don't buy American Furniture or Ashleys that don't back their product.

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