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Buying a Lagotto Romagnolo in America Buyer Beware
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As a past owner of non-AKC breeds (as in the Lagotto) and AKC breeds, what concerns me is that the breeders in America do not seem to be using proven dogs. They are selling pups of upwards of $3,000 and skip out on the all the competitive Lagotto confirmation shows. Serious breeders from all over Europe, getting just $2,000 a pup, make the trek to many shows. This is very costly in terms of time and money. Thus is what they must do to prove their dogs and to insure the betterment of the breed. Dogs who are not correct to standard should not be bred. The American Club should be modeling this behavior.

The president of the Lagotto Club states on her website one of her dogs is the IABCA (International All-Breed Canine Association) Champion. These shows seem to be only in America. How many other Lagotto showed up? My guess is 0. Why aren't American breeders, especially the board of directors of the American Club, using true champions or investing in going to competitive shows? Many of their dogs might not do well.

If you want to ensure the bad genes are not continued, don't support breeders (and pay more) who are not using correct dogs, and with A or B rated hips. Championships and Hip ratings are all listed here: **. Italian Breeders are listed here: **. This is an Italian Breed.

A good breeder has champions, A or B hip rating on the parents, and also truffle hunts. You can purchase such a puppy for less than an American puppy including shipping. When you email an Italian breeder in English, keep it short, so they can translate it well. An example is “Greetings. Do you have any puppies available?” Take it from there. I believe that breeders who are dedicated to the betterment, and honoring the rustic tradition of the breed, and have PROVEN healthy and correct dogs, should be rewarded. Bad genes should not be continued.

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