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Safety of Customer Belongings at America's Best
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- After reviewing various America's Best locations and not finding anything that indicated there were any issues at stores situated near to the Miami International Airport, an appointment was made at 3144 North Miami Avenue, Miami FL, 33127 for an eye examination. Upon my family's arrival at the airport, we proceeded to this location for the appointment and parked the vehicle given to us by the rental company in the car park of America's Best mere feet away from their front door.

Within an hour of our arrival there, our vehicle was broken into and our luggage was stolen. Our luggage contained our passports, visas, laptops, cell phones, credit cards etc. As we had not yet arrived at our final destination these documents were stashed in our carry on pieces as we did not expect to have stayed more than half hour at America's Best.

As the manager of the store became aware of our predicament, only then was it mentioned to us that this particular store of America's Best had been experiencing a spate of robberies within recent times and the management and staff of this store did not see it fit to inform any of the customers coming into the store to be mindful of where they were parked. While I understand the company will not want to scare away potential clients, I believe it's far more damaging to the company's reputation to not mention something as important as probable robberies at the store.

We were also told because of the robberies, video cameras had to be installed in the car park but they were of no use to us as we were not able to see the faces of those that committed the crime. America's Best, for this indiscretion, you get one star as you demonstrated "YOU DO NOT CARE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS AT ALL" by failing to provide security in the car park area of your business or at least discreetly mentioning to persons to amplify the checks they already provide to their vehicles parked in YOUR car park.

It does not matter whether you share the car park with the bank and other business places located nearby, something other than cameras that cannot zoom in on the faces of persons frequenting. There should have been implemented knowing what you all knew... Way to go America's Best. Such a caring and thoughtful company.

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DOWNINGTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My 18 year old daughter recently had an eye exam at America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses in Pennsylvania and picked out a pair of eyeglasses to purchase. Also went home with a pair of contact lens to try. Eyeglass Complaints are as follows: When ordering the glasses, the technician did not check to see if the glasses would fit properly, and when my daughter went back for a fitting when the glasses arrived, the technician had problems fitting them to her face. The nose piece is too small for the bridge of her nose.

The above mentioned technician explained nothing during the first visit, except the final price, not giving me an itemized receipt even when asked for. I should have pushed harder, granted, but figured they were honest and aboveboard. (I was charged for extras I did not ask for, but as I said, I should have pushed harder to see an itemized receipt which I was finally awarded on the third visit when pushing for a copy). NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all, the technician was on the phone, talking to others, etc. I should have walked out, but my daughter already had the eye exam.

Basically the technician explained nothing to us, did nothing but put the order into the computer in between phone calls and other tasks. Not what I am used to when purchasing eyeglasses from reputable firms, and have purchased eyeglasses for myself for over 40 years. In retrospect, I should have immediately walked out.

Technician # 2 fitting the completed eyeglasses upon the return visit, conferred with others, whispering, which my daughter overheard, that the glasses did not fit properly. Instead of being upfront and honest, they fit the earpieces behind her ears and sent her on her way. I did not accompany her on that visit. She is 18. What a lesson she learned about dishonesty and deception. Did they think it would be easy because she was only 18? We had to leave for college the next day, and I didn't realize the extent of the poor fit until later at college.

Approximately two weeks later, the hinge broke on these new glasses. She was now in college and there are no America's Best in that part of the country. She mailed them back to me. I took them to the local store where we had the problems, asking for a refund, due primarily to the poor fit and our inability for her to come in for a proper fitting for a new pair. Was told that they could not issue a refund because I brought them back in two pieces.

(From the manager) They supposedly have a refund policy that you can get a refund within a month if you are not satisfied. (From their website: We offer a 30-day return policy on eyeglasses when accompanied by a receipt.) Hell yes, I was not satisfied, poorly fitting glasses that could not be fixed, and defective hinges, that could be fixed.

Let me make this clear, the hinge broke through no fault of my daughter's, the piece of metal inside the hinge itself snapped, it is defective. No dropping, no abuse, nothing, and yes, she is in college! So no refund was issued as the glasses were returned in less than perfect condition, through no fault of ours. They did replace the frames with a pair on the shelf, fitting the original lens into the new frame - the exact same poorly fitting frame. THAT does not take care of the original issue of poorly fitting eye glasses. Nor does it make me feel good that even the earpieces may not fit now as my daughter is away at college and I have to pay to mail them back.

We were told we could come back during Thanksgiving break when she is coming home to replace the glasses with a pair that fit, but that does not help if they cannot be worn properly and comfortably between Sept. and end of November. Yes, it is not America's Best's fault that she lives so far away. I understand that.

I do wonder about an organization that will go through three pair of frames and two pair of lens for about $120 instead of refunding me so we could get my daughter glasses that fit properly. Do they care about their customer and their ability to see? Doesn't seem that way to me. (AGAIN, lesson learned by me, make sure the place we get glasses has a branch close to college.) And the refund policy, guess they got me on a technicality, broken glasses due to no fault of our own, but a defect in the frames.

During this third transaction mentioned above, again two employees were whispering a few feet away from me about the problem, definitely poor customer service, and rude and unprofessional. Unfortunately I also became unprofessional for a few moments, but did apologize after yelling at the manager who did appear after the rude whispering and by talking to two others first.

I have another issue with the contact lens, but once again, and I won't go into that whole story, but it all comes down to lack of training, lack of professionalism, and lack of commitment to customer service that is clearly advertised. I have no problem with the eye exam part that was performed by an optometrist, but the same technician did part of the exam, again with no explanation of what she was doing. Five people in my household wear glasses, three additionally use contact lens. I bought and paid for a three year $99 exam which entitles my daughter to two more eye visits. Will I use this outfit again? NO.

America's Best Eyeglass - Glasses TV & Phone Pitch is a SCAM
By -

ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- America's Best (Eyeglasses & Contacts) advertises on TV and Print media their $69.00 "special" for an exam and glasses (most ads say 2 pair for that price). When you show up for your appointment, you immediately feel like you are at a Carnival getting ready for the bait & switch.

Before you see the "Optometrist" and Ophthalmologist Dr., the second employee you encounter takes you in a room for some "pre-screening" before your eye exam. Here she shows you 4 different machines that do four different tests on your eyes. The pitch is, an eye exam is not really complete without these tests... The "Dr" (not really a MD or DO) recommends you have these tests so he can do a good exam on you. You say, GREAT let's do it. Then the "hook employee" says, "Each test is an additional $20, but you really should have them as part of your exam." Their ads and on the phone say, "complete eye exam"...

Well I got the feeling I was getting scammed right from the beginning and asked just what kind of exams do they do? I was told that they "have to sell the additional tests" because that is how they get paid (apparently commission from what it sounded like).

In any event, I left without any test of any glasses and felt totally ripped off for my two hours of valuable time wasted. I went to Costco immediately following, got the FULL test with all machines doing all tests and was seen by a qualified Eye Doctor without and Carnival shenanigans. I would stay away from "America's Best" and their SCAMS and go to a qualified and HONEST chain for your glasses. I do not like "come-ons" and that is exactly what America's Best aka America's Worst Contacts and Eyeglasses offers. Www. is the website they show on their "shady business cards."

Can't See Right!!!!
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I joined America's Best because I was told it was a good value. I signed up for their 3 yr membership plan. I figured it would save some money and also allow me to get my eye exams done every year without the worry of cost. Now I was also under the impression that the membership afforded me to have good customer service. But I was mistaken.

I'm in my last year of membership. I purchased a eyeglass frame in the summer of 2006. It turned out that one of my lens was cut improper so that when I go to clean it w/ tissue if I rub hard to remove a stain etc. it would pop out. Only my right lenses because it's not cut properly. It was 2 mo. later I believe I went to the store and I asked them to look into it. They said they would have to hold the glasses. I explained to them I don't have any other pair and I need the glasses to see. Then I get a sarcastic attitude from one of the CS reps. there, as if it was my fault that it wasn't cut properly. It was my fault that I didn't come in sooner.

I called the headquarters of America's Best. I explained them the situation and they said they would look into it and get in touch with me. I get a phone call stating that I should call up the gen. manager because they will be getting my glasses done in a weeks time. All I have to is to drop off my old pair and pick up the new one.

I did not hear from the store regarding if my glasses were done or not. It's not another 2 mo. I call up because I was having some other trouble with my glasses now and I explained to them if my glasses were ready. I was told the glasses are sent back if not picked up in 45 days. I explained to them that I was never notified to come pick up the glasses. So now I explained to them the situation and they said I would have to come in. I explained to them that my glasses should have been done already, so why can't they just get them back. They said I would have to come to the store and pick out another frame.

I call back to the Headquarters. Again the rep. tells me that they will look into it. I get a phone call, I'm thinking it's the headquarters, and they tell me that I can get my glasses done but I would have to come in because they no longer have the same frames. I explained to them I just want my glasses. I asked them if I can go to another location they simply replied yes. Then a bit later I get a call, this time from AB headquarters. I was surprised because I thought I just got off the phone with someone from the headquarters. I was explained that I can't go to another location. I would have to go to the same one and pick it up there.

Too many miscommunications. I was told to call the gen manager, which I did, but no luck. 1st time I called he was out to lunch. I left a message but no reply. Next week my 2nd attempt, I was told he was not in and to try the next day. I left a message for him to call me back once he was in, no call back. My 3rd attempt the week after, and I got fed up. I call back America's Best Headquarters to complain. I'm told that they will call and look into it.

I was told that I would have to go to the branch. I explained to them, that it's not around the corner, it's quite a distance, what good is it for me to go there and be told well the branch manager is not in. Because he's either not in or out to lunch.

America's Best is not all that it's cracked out to be. You think you're getting a bargain, but you really are not. It's just a simple scam. And on top of that they label a frame stainless steel, and it's really not. I actually gotten a reaction from one of the frame. I was told that some people have reactions to stainless steel, I was like, that's news to me. Usually it's a reaction to non-stainless steel material. So don't jump into it. It's a waste of money and you do not get the proper customer service that you should get with a not so inexpensive membership fee.

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