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Ripped Off
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I have been an American Express customer for 30 years. During this time I have never paid a late payment. In February of 2015 I was at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas and was approached to apply for a card for the company I work for. I did and the company used the card on a large project. That was bank funded. It turns that the card they sent does not have a pay over time clause and the company owed $20,000+.

They stopped using the card and made 3 payment and paid off the balance plus interest and late charge. In the meantime American Express had some of the nastiest people call me. It seems the card was actually considered mine and had the company's name on it. They then cancelled my personal card and are trying to keep my 39,000+ reward points. I owe them $4,000. (Not late) am consider keeping it until they pony up my point the card? I don't care. I can get a credit card anywhere.

Bad Business Practice
By -

TEXAS -- We have used the Gold card now for 8 years for our business spending, I just checked for 2007 over $105k and have never been late and it is paid off every month. The Platinum Business Card, we had a limit of $18k, and paid it also down every month.. when it got to be at $7400, they send an email of a limit reduction to $7500, the credit score was then affected. I called them, but they said there was nothing they could do about it.

Yesterday, Jan 15th 09, I received another email to reduce the limit again to $4500, the balance being $4300. These limit reductions come without any notification or calling us at all. I called, and the supervisor said that there was a history of Mortgage payment problems. I told her that this was a downright lie, as we have 11 mortgages and all are paid correctly, but she started to say that I did not have my credit report, which I then replied that I did, as I pulled it just the day before and it did not show any problems, in fact the Fico score had gone up again (Amex) had made it drop.

It was now more than it was before, she said that I did not have all three reports. I replied, "no I have two." She said that the problems they referred to were in the other one. She also got very rude and said that they were not going to change anything at all so I may as well hang up, which I then did. Her name was ** and her reference number was NARB146.

I am now in the process of switching all auto payments to our business bank, also all payments that were previously paid by Amex, now will be paid by our Bank card. And we will not be using the Gold card anymore. As we are only a small business, Assets of around the $3mil. I suppose they do not want our custom. We will use either Visa or Mastercard. Does anyone know why this company has suddenly started to treat its customers in this way please?

Failure to deliver promised product
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- American Express appears to have several flaws in policies and procedures that prevent customer service from being able to accomplish what they try to do for me. Someone fails to deliver each time I get a commitment. American Express has failed to provide a second credit card for my Costco business account after several attempts to get the problem resolved. At first no card was delivered and they blamed Costco. The account at Costco was fine when checked at the store.

A regular card was sent to me but it would not work at the Costco gasoline pumps. A replacement card was promised right away. It required cancellation of the unusable card and re-issuance of a corrected card. After four tries, a customer supervisor at American Express claimed to finally get an unidentified person to correct some data. I received a letter apologising for cancelling and reinstating the wrong card. The new card was promised again. This still did not resolve the problem. There have been several more calls where I was told that a card was sent, yet no card has arrived and customer service cannot determine why.

American Express Is Screwing Their Top Customers
By -

Last Month, out of the Blue, I received a call from AMEX saying my credit has been placed on hold until I paid down the balance, I have ALWAYS paid the bill in FULL never was LATE period, the bill was NOT even past due. They said they decided to place me on hold because of the past 6 month review of spending pattern, I told them in my 15 years of business, September to January is usually my slowest time of the year therefore their judgment call is inaccurate as the business is in their normal pattern of the year.

They refused to budge on this and I told them I will pay them when it's on due but not before, and I did paid them on my regular due date and then 1 week later I got a new phone call saying they have frozen my account AGAIN and asked me to pay down. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON??? I have paid over $150,000 dollars in CASH in the past year and never was LATE once I never even asked for extension once! My business is doing well. AMEX has LOST their prestige service! They are definitely losing their customers by treating them like rats!

American Express Lies
By -

KEY WEST, FLORIDA -- American Express decided that they would accept no more charges against my Gold Business Card because I was behind on my personal card. I always paid more than was requested by them on my business card and had a very low balance. They told me they would continue to pay any business recurring charges, i.e.; my Sprint Bill. They didn't and I had to pay that bill out of the money I was going to pay American Express. Now I'll be paying the minimum as soon as I can replace the Sprint money.

Don't believe anything American Express tells you, and if you pay your bill make sure you have double that money because that's when they cut you off.

American Express Hates American Businesses
By -

After being a member with American Express since 1982, they one day canceled my card with an email notice. Payments were always made on time along with my flex account. After they suspended my account, they are now calling me days before my payment is due asking if a payment has been made. This is harassment and is unwarranted! If anyone knows of a good attorney, I think there is a slam dunk case present against this ignorant, rude company!

Amex Business Card Rip-off
By -

So AMEX get TARP money to help consumers. They convert to a bank. Then they screw the consumer by raising rates. They are also screwing the business owners. They have raised rates of my Open card. It is unbelievable. Fortunately when the crisis is over, there are other choices. But I really have to say, it is time to avoid credit cards and all bank cards. Go back to cash. It's the best thing.

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