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Rating: 2/51

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Whoever would want to be with liars go to Anytime Fitness. That is all you get a bunch of liars period.

Watch Your Back and Your Bank Statement!
By -

WICHITA, KS, KANSAS -- In all fairness I haven't had a chance to contact the manager of Anytime Fitness yet because I just discovered this discrepancy this Friday evening and managers don't work on the weekends. At the end of my one year contract with Anytime Fitness I went to the facility to inform the manager that I didn't want to continue my membership. He was in his office chatting with someone so I sat at the table and waited for him.

When he finally came out I told him I wanted to turn in my key and not renew my membership. He was obviously displeased and then told me I would have to wait because he had to go pick up his son before we could talk. So I sat there and waited for almost an hour. When he returned I asked what I needed to do to terminate my membership. He took my entrance key, which I had offered to him before he left, and said I didn't need to do anything else. I wanted to ask why he made me sit there all that time if that was all he needed but I remained polite and just left. That was at the end of June last year.

My membership would have expired the next month. What I didn't notice until now was that he has continued to charge my bank account $37.21 every month after that. When I finally noticed the charges, I called the phone number on my bank statement, but they said I would have to deal with this locally. They could only inform me that I was paying my membership monthly now. What membership?! I partly blame myself for not catching this earlier but can't wait to find out why I was being charged at all. This is one more reason I don't like payments to be automatically taken from my checking account.

The only reason I'm writing this now is because it has ruined my whole weekend thinking about it, and I am anticipating the 'run around' when I am able to speak with the manager in person on Monday. If I get my money back in a timely manner, and an apology, I will be the first to let you know.

They Lied to Get Us to Sign the Contract. He Get's Commission, We Get Nothing!
By -

KEIZER, OREGON -- My husband and I were visiting his mother in Keizer, Oregon, when we saw an Anytime Fitness and wondered if their prices were reasonable. We knew we had an Anytime Fitness in our hometown of McMinnville, Oregon, but had never gotten around to talking to them about their prices. We walked into the Keizer Anytime Fitness and told the General Manager, that we were interested in knowing more about their gym, but that we lived in McMinnville, Oregon. He assured us that it was no problem, and told us that we would have access to over 1000 locations just by signing up with them.

He offered us a great deal and we signed up under a one year contract. The General Manager was FULLY aware that we resided in McMinnville and would be going to the gym there most of the time. He had us try our key's out, and told us that they would work everywhere else as well.

We tried to get into the gym in McMinnville, but our keys did not work there. We had to wait through the weekend for someone to be in the office to help us. When we were finally able to talk to a person there, we were informed that we would not have access to any other gyms for 30 days! News to us, and unacceptable, especially since my 10 year reunion was coming up in two weeks and I had really wanted to be working out up to that date. Our only option, she was kind enough to offer, was to come in during her office hours to work out. This is not the 24 hour membership we were told we were paying for.

I cannot get the General Manager on the phone. I called the corporate headquarters, and was informed that nothing could be done. Apparently Anytime Fitness managers are allowed to say anything they need to say in order to get a person to sign up for membership, even if they are lying and misleading customers. We were told we were buying a 24 hour gym membership that we could use in our location, and our money has been taken, but what we have actually got is not what we were told at all.

The General Manager get's commission, and neither he nor the headquarters cares at all about us. We're chopped liver. Do not sign a contract with Anytime Fitness in Keizer, Oregon. In fact, don't sign up at Anytime Fitness at all. You may end up like me, paying money, stuck in a contract, and no gym access.

Poor Maintenance Causes Back Injury
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Rating: 1/51

GRANTS PASS, OREGON -- The Anytime Fitness in Grants Pass, OR. does not maintain equipment. The lat pull cable broke and herniated a disk in my back. Manager ** said he could not see the cable since it was behind a shield so would replace them when they broke! Since I signed the standard agreement when joining I am responsible for the $4,000 in medical expenses, physical therapy and $10,000 of lost work. Not to mention the intense pain for the last 6 months. Only 6-12 more months of healing left - at least I am back to work with minimal lifting. So beware, anything happens and they are not responsible!

Anytime Fitness Lies
By -

Like the other customers, I was told that I could use my Anytime membership at the gym next to my work when I signed up at the one next to my home. My key didn't work & a lady at the gym next to my work was extremely rude in telling me that under no condition could I use her gym for the next 30 days. I was shocked. She told me to read my contract & slammed the door on me. I was not told that I would have to wait 30 days as they already took my money. Now I am in a contract & I'd rather find another gym. That are rude & they lie & misrepresent. No wonder the websites are full of complaints.

Uncaring Management
By -

I want to work out to certain TV programs that hold my interest. I pick specific time to go to work out on the treadmill because of that TV program. After finally getting local stations back on the machines after they have been taken off, there is no sound on one local station on all machines. I have asked several times and waited several weeks. I have been told by the manager that there is nothing he can do. The bike has an extra loud volume that can't be adjusted. I guess I will be looking for a new place to work out that shares their customers interest.

Almost Had Account Overdrawn From $108 Over Charge by Anytime in Fenton, MI!!!
By -

FENTON, MICHIGAN -- I have only been a member of the club since the first of March 2010 and today is the 12th day and they finally decide to charge me for the month which is $29 plus card for $10. I go to withdraw money tonight for poker and have only 16 bucks in my account because Anytime took out a crazy amount of $108. I just seen this five minutes ago, but still am upset and want to write this review right away while I am upset!

I should not have been charged this amount and no excuse can get back overdraw fees and that could have happened quite easy. Don't go to Anytime Fitness. Go to any other 24 facility, just not this chain. Either people are really filthy or they are top notch snobs.

A Great Place to Be
By -

KEIZER, OREGON -- I have been working out at Anytime Fitness for over 2 years now and absolutely love it. The people there have become like extended family. The atmosphere is very non-competitive so it's great for all those ladies that don't like to work out because of all the "in shape" competition. I highly recommend this gym to everyone looking for an at ease place to work out.

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