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DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- My neighbor backed out of her driveway and onto my driveway, striking my car. Her insurance company is Apollo Casualty Company who denied my claim because I didn't use a proper look-out. Where was I supposed to go when I see this woman flooring her vehicle and shooting straight back onto my driveway? I work in the legal profession and the attorneys I have spoken to said Apollo never pays on claims, they're rock-bottom when it comes to insurance companies. How can they get away with not paying claims when their insureds are at fault, forcing you to take them to court? There should be a class action suit to run them out of business.

My damage is between $450 and $650 based on the estimates I got. I did not file a claim for personal injury, although I awoke with whiplash symptoms. You think because of the fact I didn't try to milk this thing, they would be decent enough to pay my damages.

Insurance Claim Settlement
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DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- I want to recount my experience with Apollo Casualty Insurance. Last month I was driving our 1998 Chevrolet Suburban. My 11-year old son and my wife were passengers. We were stopped at a red light when we were rear-ended.

The woman who hit us said she looked down to answer her ringing cell phone and hit us. She was ticketed for failure to stop to avoid an accident and ticketed and arrested for driver's license expired over one year. She posted signature bond, but did not show up for her court date.

In the statement she gave to her insurance company, Apollo, she said we stopped suddenly in front of her. Apollo offered us a 70% settlement, based on an estimate from one of their body shops. We were told we could not base repair costs on any other shop estimate but ones on the list they sent us. Their shop would not give us a written estimate, they would only send the estimate to Apollo.

Verbally their shop owner told me the estimate he sent Apollo was for $321.14 but Apollo is offering us $154.79. The actual cost to repair our suburban was $728.90 at a reputable body shop. According to the Better Business Bureau, Apollo has over 59 current complaints against them. The Illinois Attorney General shows 163 complaints against this company in 2003, the last reported year.

Complete Scammers
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I was in a parking lot practically stationary when I was hit by a truck backing out a high speed. The moron was insured by Apollo Insurance. When I filed the claim, they sent an adjuster and told me to get my car fixed. They paid for the repair expense but owed me $300+ in rental fees. They sent me a check for a third of the amount siting that the dealership kept my car too long. So this is my fault? How am I supposed to control the speed at which a dealer fixes my vehicle?

I sent the check back at their recommendation to have the claim reviewed again. That's the last I heard of them. I mailed them a letter and they ignored it completely. So I'm out $300...I was a victim twice - first by moron driver, then by Apollo. Not surprised - when I called their office, they answer the phone like they are at home. It's always one person in a dead-quiet office. I don't know how the state allows them to stay in business when you see all the complaints on the net.

Low-life Liars and Cheats
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DES PLAINES, ILLINOIS -- My car was struck by a deadbeat who lost control of his car and veered across the road into oncoming traffic. In the process, he sideswiped my car causing extensive damage. He is clearly liable for damages he caused to my car and even admitted liability several times in front of a police officer. However his insurance company, Apollo Casualty, have outrageously denied my claim against this scumbag, leaving me almost three thousand dollars out of pocket.

Their explanation was that a phantom driver (who nobody else saw) caused him to swerve onto the wrong side of the road, seemingly absolving him of all responsibility thereafter. By the way, the phantom driver didn't actually make contact with the scum bag who hit me.

My attorney has advised me that although Apollo Casualty's denial of my claim is completely spurious, they are likely to try to drag out any court proceedings until I give up. Having spoken to other people who have dealt with Apollo Casualty previously, I am surprised they are allowed to remain in business. They are devoid of morals.

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