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Fraudulent Lending Practices
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- On or around March 20th 2008 in regards to the current status of my account. I reached a representative to whom I explained my current situation. I spoke to the representative about the current status of my account being past due in the amount of 210.00 and a minimum payment due of 347.00. The representative that I spoke with on that day enrolled me into a program that Applied Card bank had known as a hardship program.

Under the agreement that the representative enrolled me under the situation was stated that starting April 16th the amount of 100.00 dollars would be withdrawn from my account. Subsequently on the May 16th, and on June 16th consecutively that a payment would be withdrawn from this account. According to your website you have received 2 of the three payments: 05/16/08 $100.00 MULTI CUST SVC PYMT. 04/16/08 $100.00 MULTI CUST SVC PYMT

As these payments were being processed to get my account up to date according to the representative advised me that only one charge of 12.95 for the first payment would be charged along with a suspension of any over draft or late fees for the months of March, April, May and June that would normally be assessed would not be charged to the account and at the end of the three month period my account would be satisfied as up to date.

I kept receiving letters, phone calls and emails about my account not being up to date so around May first I check with my online account access and found that after my payment was received I was charged a over the limit amount of $35 and a late fee of $35 on 3/2/2008 and on may 2nd 2008 after payment was made and after a verbal agreement was reached with your representative a month prior.

Wondering if there was a mistake in my account. I called into your customer service line at 561-982-9111. I explained to the representative the situation as explained above and they advised me that after the program was completed, that all the charges would be refunded. This was not acceptable because so I requested they be removed so that I have an accurate reflection on my account. Because along with the payment and the fees which would still accrue interest at the 29.00% interest rate, and the representative is not able to answer.

So he transferred me to a manager. The manager advised me there was nothing he could do and he would submit the issue to the correspondence department for review and someone would get back to me within 24-48 hours. After this time I had not received any communication regarding my inquiry. And so I contacted Applied card bank back at the same corresponding number. I spoke with another representative who again could not provide me any additional information. So transferred me to another supervisor who placed me on hold while she communicated with another line manager about the current issue with my account.

The supervisor advised me that since my account was not enough, payments passed due. That the original representative that set me up on the hardship account had no right to do that because the program was still in a testing phase. But that since the original agreement was made that she would talk with her direct supervisor or director, and that they would get the account balance where it was supposed to be. She provide name and extension of herself and direct supervisor which I can supply upon request. After a couple of days with again no communication I called back and was giving the same information.

That it was a mistake on their end and they would rectify the situation. And that there is nothing they can do at the moment about the current fees. I called back several more times. Being transferred to a number of departments where no one could provide me a resolution to the issue above. If upon request would like documentation on the phone calls made, I can supply a phone bill because of the long distance number being called and the exact amount of time on the phone trying to come to a resolution.

I called again one more time today May 22, 2008 and spoke with a supervisor who said that they would not honor the original verbal agreement made because the representative that made the arrangements was not authorized to make them. So I again advised them of the situation and advised that I have been completely accountable for my part making my payments when requested and asked again for the $4 356 fees to be removed and have my account reflect a current amount of 1347 dollars as originally agreed.

And that I should not be punished or made to pay more because Applied Card Bank could not keep the verbal agreement that it originally made. Instead the supervisor said she could enroll me in another hardship program where I would pay an additional 6 months of 90 dollar payments an that I would again not be charged late or over the limit fees and that my interest rate would also be reduced to 22%. This is unacceptable.

Call Harassment
By -

We are getting this company calling for my husband at work. We have already stated no phone calls at work. Now they are calling automatic computer calls that state who they want and they are a collection agency attempting to collect a debt with whom they are and phone number. They are calling all shifts at work so all kinds of people know our business. Nothing is more comforting than a coworker telling you got a collection agency phone call. Real embarrassing. I thought that violates the privacy act.

I know we owe money but this company is real piece of work. We went from owing 500 to 1200 in 6 weeks time. That is when we tried to talk to them and all we get is the ones who speak limited English. So all that are a predatory company they do not benefit you. Any advice on what to do to get them from calling work so my husband does not lose his job for outside calls will be helpful.

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