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Unadulterated Water
By -

I bought an Aqua-Vie online from eBay since my water distiller from Sears finally gave out. The one from Sears was good & it lasted for maybe 10 years each one (I'd bought first one 20+- years ago). I happened to get a reconditioned one for $60. + a $20 s/h, versus the one from Sears $99 on sale.

The Aqua Vie is awesome for a couple of reasons; it tastes better than my previous distillers and it doesn't require the filter that my Sears models did, which is probably why it tastes better. The Sears model used a charcoal filter but the "filter" for Aqua-Vie is (actually it's not a filter per se) OPTIONAL if one wants to add the minerals that were taken out, which I don't recommend. It is better for you in its purer state.

Many people have the mistaken impression that Americans are the healthiest people in the world. We have a Federal Food and Drug Administration to watch over us, and we have massive health care facilities. They put chlorine in our water to purify it and add fluoride to make our teeth strong and so on. In reality, the chlorine causes your arteries to harden, and the fluoride has a direct effect on the functioning of the thought and memory processes of the brain. This is all done with intent and purpose by health officials in high places that are capitulating with the Luciferian conspirators.

In reality, of all the nations on earth, the United States ranks 31st in life expectancy. We rank 37th in infant mortality, and 34th in maternal mortality. Our water supply is only one way of our gov't messing with us, but I don't have the time or forum here to get to the real news. My final word is the Aqua-Vie is an excellent product.

Pathetic False Advertising
By -

They have a TV Infomercial and then the same on their online website, AquaVie Healthy Water Systems or www. and say this product is $39.95. When you go to order it, it is actually a whopping big $479.00 !!! Is that major FALSE advertising or what? It also needs a MONTHLY $25.00 (including shipping) mineral additive that will cost you in addition to the sales price (indefinitely)! Somehow paying around a dollar a gallon for purified drinking water when I need it doesn't sound sooo bad any longer! What a bunch of crooks that must think we are all a country of fools!

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