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Poor Care
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SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA -- I do not recommend Arbor View Rehabilitation & Wellness Center on 20th Street in Santa Monica California. Since it was purchased a few years ago by St. John's Hospital I consider the care from the personnel not acceptable. My 93 year old mother-in-law was admitted for assistance and physical therapy after falling and breaking her hip. Whenever she used the call button, which wasn't often, nobody would come to her aide for up to 20 minutes. The caregivers would sometimes put her in her wheelchair and leave her there for hours which caused her great pain in her back.

Even when visiting her I noticed that when she pushed the call button there was nobody available to respond. I would have to walk down the hall and ask somebody to come to her aide. There always seemed to be four or five caregivers hanging around the call station conversing with each other instead of taking care of their patience. When the physical therapist worked with her in walking she complained about the pain in her legs but they did not call either the nurse or a doctor to investigate. We put up with this for about a month and thought for sure she was soon to die with the lack of care.

We found an assisted living home a few miles down the road and after speaking with the owner he told us he wanted to meet my mother-in-law. Upon his visit with her at Arbor View he sat her up in her bed, checked her legs and thought that she might possibly have blood clots. Arbor View did nothing so we took her to her doctor's office and he confirmed that she had blood clots and took immediate action.

If it hadn't been for the owner of the other assisted living home visiting my mother-in-law we would never had known about the clots. Of course we removed her from Arbor View and put her in the other assisted living home. It was a residential house converted into an assisted living home and they gave her excellent care, unlike Arbor View.

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