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Ariston Rubbish
By -

I made the biggest and most expensive mistake of my life the day I bought an Ariston Front Loader 7.5 KG AVXL129 Washing Machine. The sales guy at Harvey Norman Caringbah told my husband and I it was the best machine on the market, was water efficient and would last us many years. Well none of these statements were true, we bought the machine in 25/07/2006 and now 18/11/2009 have been told that it is not worth repairing as it has now blown the electronic programme board, not to mention it constantly leaks, a spring at the front constantly pops off and the front of the machine had rust bubbles under the paint at the top and bottom of the front of the machine.

The repair guy quote to fix the heap of junk and said it would be at least $500 to replace the board and then there was more cost for the constant leak. Of course all of these things began to go wrong after the 2 year warranty. I thought I was doing the right thing for the environment by buying a front loader, but the amount of water wasted through constant leaking would not make this the case. As for the adding to landfill, I will have to say sorry to the environment as I am now throwing out the machine that would probably should have been sold to me as a boat anchor.

Now when it comes to washing abilities, well that is another story, the machine didn't always spin things properly, woollen clothes came out with little black things on them and would need to be rewashed, whites are now a lovely shade of grey and the black clothes have white powder marks on them even though I use a liquid washing machine detergent.

So for those of you out there who have a nice HARVEY NORMAN salesmen tell you that Ariston is value for money and a good item to add to your household, maybe think twice. If you wish to part with your money in just over 3 years for another machine then listen to him, otherwise, give Ariston a big miss or you will be like me, I am now $1200 less in pocket and anxiously waiting the arrival of another machine. Fingers crossed I made the right choice. By the way does anyone out there need a nice boat anchor, free of charge?

Ariston washing machines
By -

AUSTRALIA -- I am not a happy Ariston customer. I don't think the quality is what the Harvey Norman salesman said it is. I would not buy this brand again and I am wondering if Harvey Norman own Ariston and that is why the salesman pushed this brand? Let me know if anyone out there has had a bad experience with Ariston washing machines.

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