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Scam, 100% Ripp Off
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My mom and I paid $1,497.00 only to find out that we were ripped off. The main goal of this seminars to convince us to purchase a bus tour for $39,000. They wanted us to max out our credit cards, get loans, and borrow money from friends and family to get this money. They are nuts. These people are willing to take your last penny, for this scam project that they are doing, with no problem. They even have one guy working with them that claims he's a pastor. When I told him we would not buy the bus tour he got mad. These people on Armando's payroll will stop at nothing to take peoples money. Please don't let them get your money.

"Bait and Switch" Workshop Scam
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- On April 27, 2010, I charged $800.00, discounted from $1,497.00 retail, on my HSBC MasterCard to pay in full for a “3-Day Workshop Package” (May 7-9, 2010 – transaction #**) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After paying, I was given a “Master Home Study Course” as well as a workshop certificate and two so called money back guarantees.

From May 11, 2010, until filing for a charge back on June 02, 2010, I tried to resolve this issue in good faith with AMS. However, all I encountered, from countless phone calls and e-mails, was the runaround and finger pointing. Even when I proved the home study course was nothing more than repackaged, free information online, that even contradicted sessions taught at the workshop, AMS replied that their prices for goods and services were justified by Montelongo's TV show, “Flip This House,” on A&E.

I disputed the charge for “legal services” not received based on what was promised at the seminar versus what was delivered at the workshop. Bottom line, the workshop was used to up sell each paid attendee to either the Gold Elite ($21,495.00) or Platinum Elite ($25,495.00) AMS memberships costing thousands more instead of fulfilling the original contract. That is, plain and simple, “bait and switch” which is not only unethical but illegal!

To date, no response from AMS, as promised by e-mail no later than June 1, 2010, has been received. I've disputed the charge with MasterCard as well as filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Oklahoma Attorney General, Texas Attorney General, California Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report, Complaints Board, ConsumerAffairs, and My3Cents. Also, others at the workshop are demanding a refund also.

Buyer Beware
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- The problem started on 6/28/2014 when my partner and I enrolled in the Market Domination Program and paid $10,000.00 dollars on 6/30/2014. We got bad news about her son's medical issue and he was unable to be left alone the problem is and will be on-going until who knows.

We had until 7/2/2014 to cancel. There was no fax number on the contract just an address so we called and asked what we must do. Was told to make a copy and send the copy along with one pink form to the address on the contract. So we did, waited a few weeks and called back to see if they had got the cancellation form - they said no, so we waited a few more weeks and called back, nothing. We waited and months went by and nothing.

Finally on 2/16/2015 they gave us the fax number to send the forms so we did, and waited a few days and called them. They said "We're looking over it over." We waited a few days and called back only got the answering machine, left many messages over the days, weeks and months.

It's now 2/25/2015 and they're still giving us the runaround. So far we spent around 42,000.00 dollars on their programs and we're very unhappy with the service. All they had to do was refund the $10,000.00 back during the 7/2014 and everything would have been just fine. But all you get with this company is the runaround.

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