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Paid Twice - Can't Get A Refund
By -

NILES, ILLINOIS -- Arrow Financial Services collected a debt from me and unfortunately I paid them twice. The error was mine but they have been unresponsive to my requests to rectify the situation. In March 2008 I paid $919.97 through an attorney - the payment went to Arrow Financial and it cleared my bank on March 11, 2008. Thinking the first payment I made was for a different account I later paid Arrow Financial directly via a check and that check cleared my account on May 19, 2008.

I have been attempting to contact them since early in June. Four inquiries via their website, a letter complete with a copy of the check, and 3 phone calls have produced no results. I have the customer service supervisor's name - he has apparently had my information and refuses to call me back. He has the arrogance to place a message on his voice that indicates he will return calls at HIS convenience.

Perhaps he feels entitled to have a low opinion of someone who has had the misfortune to find herself in a situation that ends up with bills turned over to collections. I hope it never happens to him because he will deserve exactly the consideration that he has given me! Regardless of his opinion I expect him to be professional and take care of business.

Trying to get a receipt of payment
By -

I called this company and paid a settlement payment on a credit cards debts. I gave them 6 weeks then I called to get a receipt of payment stating account closed and have my credit report updated. I got 1 letter I waited for another week then I spent many hours on the phone never to get the same person I talked to the first time just to get bounced around from one to another. The best part was I was on the credit cards with my son. I am the one who called and set up paying the settlement payment. Well I called them to tell them I had not received the other letters and they told me they could not talk to me. Somewhere they had lost my name on the account.

I got my son there to tell them it was alright to talk to me then it began round 2. The next bright one told me the accounts are not closed cause I still owed. Well I got it resolved but it took 3 days and many phone calls and they finally said they are going to send me my receipts on payment. They are so unorganized. They do not communicate with each other it is very frustrating and upsetting. Even though I got it resolved I should not had to call. Seems like a million times one extension and get every Tom, Joe and Barbie. Be nice to get the person whose extension it is instead of jumping through hoops and explaining and arguing just to get things taken care of.

Harassment from Arrow Financial
By -

NILES, ILLINOIS -- I have been receiving phone call after phone call from the idiots at this company because they are attempting to contact someone who apparently had my phone number before me. I keep trying to explain to the RUDE and ABUSIVE representatives from Arrow Financial that this person is no longer at my phone number. They refuse to believe me, scream at me, hang up on me and then call back. It's unbelievable. I can't imagine any reputable company conducting business in this reprehensible manner. As they appear to be publicly traded, I suggest that any conscientious investor avoid them like the plague. They will certainly not ever appear anywhere in MY portfolio!

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