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No Communication on Delayed Order
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Rating: 1/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a La-Z-Boy sofa and chair Oct 14th 2017. Sales representative FRANK followed us around for 3 hrs until we found something we liked. Special ordered with fabric we liked, told us 4-6 weeks, but he said, "They tell you that but it's more like 3-5 weeks". After leaving the store I noticed our paperwork said 6-8 weeks NO BIG DEAL, still going to get before Xmas. I'm hosting a large get together and expected to receive furniture before this date.

Called last week, just before the 8th week was up trying to get a heads up if and when it's going to get delivered. The sales lady acted as though I was bothering her because it was before the full 8 weeks. (Mind you we were told from FRANK sales representative 4 to 6 weeks or more like 3-5). She transferred me to FRANK who denied telling us this time frame. (I have no reason to lie) FRANK said that the 6-8 weeks is an estimated time, I get that but had someone told me it was going to be later than 8 weeks I would have ordered something different. He said both items are showing late Dec. So I said I'll call back at 8 weeks.

Called back at 8 weeks and spoke to another sales lady who told me late Dec, with no other answers for me. I need a better answer as to when this is going to be to me. She transferred me to a nice manager and he looked at order. Said chair shows late Dec. and the sofa shows early Jan. WHAT!!! First time I heard this. Told him I need to know why there is a delay. This is unacceptable to have no communication to me informing me it's going to be past the 8 week point. He is going to check on it and get back to me.

Later in the evening FRANK our sales person calls me, not the manager that was suppose to be looking into this. He tells me that he is waiting on hearing back from supplier. He tells me that the delay was because they were out of the fabric I chose. Again no communication from Art Van letting me know that the fabric was out and that it would be a delay. I would have chose a new fabric, I didn't order furniture to wait months for. I should have received a phone call informing me as soon as the order was sent over to the manufacture and they noticed they were going to be out of the fabric. I would have chose a different fabric that was in stock that I liked.

So I mentioned to FRANK that I might have to cancel this order if it's not going to be in before Christmas. He tells me that you can't cancel special orders, or if you do you will be charged a 25% restocking Fee. This is a load or crap, excuse my language. This is not my fault that the fabric was out of stock, and that there was no communication letting me know that is was going to take 12-13 weeks to get the sofa in on time. This is unacceptable!!!

I have purchased furniture from Art Van for 20 plus years. If this is how a special order is handled I will never purchase from you again. I will advise all of my friends and family to steer clear of your store and your lying sales people who just want to make a sale. Then when there is an issue with not getting product in a timely manner they just throw their hands up in the air and tell me it's not their fault the fabric is out of stock. NOT THEIR FAULT. HMM.

You're right it's not your fault however it is your fault that no one COMMUNICATED with your customer of 20 plus years and now you want to charge me a 25% restocking fee??? Give me a break. You should be giving me a 25% refund for my time I have wasted on the phone with your unqualified sales associates and the delay on the furniture.

I'm still waiting on answers today from a MANAGER. I DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH FRANK as he has no idea what he is doing and just stumbles and stutters over his words, because he knows he told us 4-6 weeks or "they tell you that but it's more like 3-5". WAITING...

There Is No Customer Service For Online Orders. Not Even From Corporate!
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Rating: 1/51

ANN ARBOR AND WARREN, MICHIGAN -- Not warranty related and I know your post is old HOWEVER, I now hate Art Van furniture. I purchased a bedroom set and a Bunkbed set. I asked the salesperson if I picked the Bunkbed set up, would they load it and tie it down for me. Oh sure, he said, they will take care of it for you. I get there on my scheduled day and there's a huge sign at the dock. They can help you load but they will not secure it for you and they will not provide any materials (in case you were lied to about them securing it) for you to secure it yourself. Fine whatever.

I wait my turn in line, and wait, and wait, and wait...I get out to see what's taking so long considering I was the first customer at the dock and I am told that my salesperson did not notify anyone in the warehouse that I would be picking up my set and so it was not ready. UGGGHHHH.

I cancelled the entire order. Then got over it and ordered everything all over again online. They don't invoice you right away, nor do they give you the sale price right away. Well, by the time they invoiced me, the sale was over and they would not honor the sale price. Omg, the hate is building. After about a month of waiting on a call about my delivery date, I called. I was told everything was in stock now and they would deliver it the following week. The guys came out, very nice btw, and delivered everything BUT THE BUNKBEDS!!! Mind you, I have already tossed out the old beds in preparation for the new beds.

I called customer service, get bounced around, voicemail multiple times, hang up. Called the home office in Warren, still voicemails and reps saying it's not their department... Anyway, I finally got someone and...They no longer carry the bunk beds and have dropped them from their inventory. But I guess no one felt the need to tell me this, or credit my charge card back. After raising holy heck (politely) at the local store in Ann Arbor, I was able to get a nicer set at the original price I was paying for the other set. But man, I had to fight to get customer service. It's like, once they have your order and money, they don't give a **!

They Don't Stand Behind Their Products
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Rating: 1/51

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN -- We bought a couch from Art Van in March of 2012. Shortly thereafter, 2" gaps developed between the cushions. They sent technicians out twice with no improvement. But they won't return the couch! The worst retailer I have ever dealt with! Don't buy from Art Van!

"Compare at pricing"
By -

NUMEROUS OUTLETS, MICHIGAN -- This furniture store runs perpetual advertising that features % off sales for furniture and home furnishing accessories including mattresses. The percent off discounts are fraudulent in that they are discounts off fictitious original prices which Art Van call "compare at prices". These prices have no validity by Art Van's own admission that they do not necessarily reflect any real price ever charged by anyone for the items.

Art Van inflates profits by selling "add-ons" such as extended warranties and cleaning/refurbishing products or protections. These items also do not have contents labels, which is illegal as they may cause illness or death if ingested.

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