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Car Purchase @ Dealership Went Bad
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- In December of 2003 I went to Tampa Florida for business. While in Tampa I went into JW Courtesy Autogroup located at 4600 N Dale Mabry, Tampa FL 33614. While in the dealership I took real interest in the Pontiac Grand AM. I was first shown the SE Edition and because they were standard and did not have any power door locks, I was then advised that I would be able to get the next edition up for $19,880.00. I advised the dealership up front that I had pre-approval for a car loan through Capital One Auto Finance (previously known as PeopleFirst) L
Mini application and they would see what they could do.

Since my co-worker was with me, he was hungry and he wanted to go get some food, we left. A few minutes later my phone rang and was asked for my social security number. Without hesitation I told them it. Approximately 20 minutes later I received another phone call from my sales representative ** informing me that the car was mine, to come pick it up. I acted very shocked and surprised that the dealership agreed to accept $17,000.00 and pay off my previous car. Anyway I was then also told that I had Anti-Lock Breaks (ABS) and because I was so excited, they made me sign a couple of papers.

They also asked me to put two financial bank references just so they could have them on file which I did. ** advised me to 'just make up some addresses that they won't need to verify it.' They then had me fill out the contract. I then left the dealership and was told to return the next day for my car alarm and key sensors.

Saturday December 6, 2003 at 8:45 am I returned to the dealership and informed ** that I no longer was interested in the vehicle since they LIED TO ME, switched my financial company on me and jacked up my APR Rate. He told me not to worry about it, to come back at 4:00 and they would return my vehicle to me. 4:00 pm came and they would not let me have my vehicle back so I got angry and telephoned the police. The Tampa
Police department arrived a short time later. I then spoke with someone else who says they would lower my
payments to $355.00 a month and that was the only thing they could do.

I was also advised that I signed 'the contract' and once you leave the dealership, you cannot return the vehicle because you own it. Sunday December 7, 2003 I was driving back from work in Tampa and had a flat tire so roadside assistance was called. Monday December 8 2003 I returned to the dealership for some adjustments on my vehicle including the installation of the alarm which is not working correctly now. I was also advised that if I paid them $553.00, I could use my 'own financing' and they would take care of everything else.

It is now APRIL and I am Receiving hundreds of denial letters from companies saying that I applied for a loan through them when in fact the dealership sent it to several hundred locations without my knowledge and/or consent. As stated above, the dealership just wanted me to fill out the information for their records only. My social
security number was written in the application by them. I have been trying to get these credit inquiries removed from my credit reports but keep getting letters saying the dealership has to request the removal of these items and I cannot.

I am very upset with my car buying experience especially since they did not give me the extended warranty I wanted that would cover my vehicle for 100,000 miles. I wound up being advised that the vehicle I purchased that they claimed had ABS (Anti Break Lock System) and would be told when the car pressure becomes low when in fact this model does not have these features through another dealership here in Jacksonville Florida.

Another big issue remains that the dealership keeps calling me asking me to fill out the survey and bring it to them for a FREE CAR WASH, OIL CHANGE OR CLEANING and has threatened legal actions if I was to inform anyone about what has happened with me. I honestly believe that this car buying experience was horrible and I got scammed and that's why I believe NO person should Trust Courtesy Auto Group.

I am informing your office about this because it's very important that other people do not get scammed and the dealership that did this to me had no right sending a credit application to hundreds of places, telling me lies and doing what they did. I believe that Courtesy should give me the extended warranty free and also the radio changed out. I WOULD ALSO like the company to inform the companies they sent my personal information that they sent it in error and to remove it from my CREDIT REPORT. I encourage anyone who has had problems with Courtesy to contact me via my new website: **

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