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Lies, Poor Quality, Rude Corporation
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 11/18/2011 Here is the update to this MESS. I received a box of stuffing and an envelope containing what looks like a cover for the Chaise. Have not received a call about when a TECH Repair person will be here to FIX the problems. By the way the stuffing they use is VERY FLAMMABLE!!!

I am still not sure if this is their Final resolution and that I am to FIX it myself. The only resolution in my opinion is a FULL REFUND AND PICK UP THIS CRAPPY FURNITURE. Of course if I don't hear from them or my idea of a Resolution is not met I will be at the store the day after Thanksgiving with the box of FLUFF and Cover to show other consumers the quality of the material they use.

7/9/2011 purchased $2,476.06 "Leather Blend" 3 recliners, 1 Chaise. I have contacted the corporate office 4 times, called the store 4 times, had two tech service calls - one arrived instructed me to unzip the arm rest that was flattening supporting your arm on the wood of the arm rest frame. He would do nothing about my second complaint of "SCRATCHES" appearing from my dog. He commented the corporate office position was that pet damage is not covered under the warranty; the second Tech never showed up or called, and this is after receiving assurance from ** the store Manager that he would take care of me and make me happy.

However my position is that a couch made of this fabric was unacceptable and having owned prior other Leather blend and leather sofas this "SCRATCHING" was never an issue with my pets. After sending lots of emails with pictures Corporate called me today 11/11/11 willing to only replace the chaise and "Fix" the arm rest stuffing which is the only issued coverage on the warranty. My position is NO after reading the entire rip off stories of the poor quality of the material in their products with strong complaints with this particular model sofa set, I demanded a full refund.

Of course that is not their policy and I have to wait 4-6 weeks before I will receive a call to schedule an appointment for another repair tech (still not sure if they are replacing the chaise or recovering the Chaise, which they are doing as a courtesy this time but not any longer in the NO I did not agree and my comments to you were "do what you have to do").

With copies of my damaged furniture and a sign warning consumers, I sat in the PUBLIC Parking lot in the shopping center where Ashley furniture is located. I showed others and they agree this kind of damage is not
from PETS - it's from Faulty material. And considering the cost of the furniture the material is lacking in durability which people expect from a sofa. I don't know anyone who purchases furniture with the intention of placing BLANKETS ON THE CUSHIONS TO PROTECT FROM SCRATCHING.

By the way what do you say about the faulty cushions and stuffing used, which if you read the websites this is MAJOR COMPLAINT OF CONSUMERS WHO HAVE PURCHASED FROM ASHLEY FURNITURE. If a full refund is not given then I have other measure of publicizing the FAULTY Quality of Material Used in this sofa set. YOUR POSITION THAT IT WAS CAUSED BY PET DAMAGE, I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH!

I am today contact an attorney to collect not only the full purchase price of the furniture but also compensation for my time, and cost for protecting my rights as a consumer. I have informed ** the operations manager on Saturday 11/12/2011, that I will continue to sit in the parking lot with copies of the damage as well as printing business cards to pass around where ever I go to discredit Ashley furniture and their practices and faulty material used in their products.

If ** took the time to look at the web sites she will find other complaints regarding professionalism of the Corporate office of Ashley furniture, the quality of furniture, the no shows of tech repairs, delayed deliveries, etc etc etc.

My Recliner Is Busting on One Arm and the Body
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- When I purchased a recliner from a rent-to-own business, I took a further look because the material started busting. I complained to the store. They told me that because the item was more than a year old, I have no recourse, I further looked at the chair and discovered that the two arms are not the same. I bought this chair for relaxation, it's in my bedroom so I'm the only one who sits in it.

I know you have thousands of customers, and don't really care about one customer. As it stands, I would not suggest anyone to buy any of your furniture, I thought the Ashley brand was of quality, but now I know better, this piece of furniture cost me dearly and frankly I'm the laughing stock of my family, soon I'm afraid the chair won't last very long.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Went into a Ashley Furniture store to test a rocker recliner to see if it satisfied my comfort level. I picked the recliner but the one that delivered had a different firmness than the one I tested in the store and it hurt my back. The manager says there's nothing they can do I and I have to deal with it. What's the use of going into the store to test a piece of furniture if it's not going to be the same firmness as you tested in the store.

I suggested to the manager that he replace the floor model Furniture in the store so it compares to what the customer's going to get delivered to their home. He says they can't do that. To me that's nothing more than false advertising furniture firmness and comfort to the customers.

Defective Recliner at Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

MOREHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchase a sectional in Jan 2017, the $2000.00 purchase has been nothing but frustration, aggravation, and lack of resolution from day one and continues to this day. The sectional was delivered with parts missing that make it recline, the delivery person said he could take it back and another one would be delivered in a few days, but his recommendation was to leave it in place until the new one arrived so it wouldn't look bad with the unfinished end exposed. We agreed.

Then 2 days later we got a phone call from the service people saying they would not replace the recliner but they would mail the missing parts to our house and when they arrive we would have to call the service department to set up a time for them to put it on.

It's been 10 days with no parts and when you call the service people all they can tell you is the parts will be sent soon, well when is soon? Next week, next month, or next year, they can't say. At best the quality assurance is lacking at Ashley to even let something like that leave their factory floor, and if the customer service can't answer questions what good are they. The store says they have nothing to do with it, you have to call customer service. I don't think they stand behind their products, and your best bet would be to buy somewhere else.

Durablend "Leather" Recliner.
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Rating: 1/51

BRYANT, ARKANSAS -- In March of 2012, I paid around $540 for a recliner from Ashley's Furniture in Bryant. It's covered in Durablend, which like others have stated on this site, the salesperson assured me was better than leather, made more supple and tear resistant. It actually is made of 57% Polyurethane, 26% Poly Cotton, and 17% leather. It is awful; the top layer comes off as thin as tissue paper, so you can't even use a duct tape or mending product to cover the holes.

The company won't stand behind their product and the salesperson I dealt with lied about the chair. Also, since the footrest is spring released, I have to do what my wife calls a "donkey kick" to get it down and locked. I lean back in the seat, put as much force as I can in my legs, then press down until the rest are back in position. However, if I don't kick it backward once I am standing up, it will spring forward and hit me in the knees. Were it not for the exercise and entertainment of it all, I'd say it was about the worst purchase of any kind I've ever made!

Cheap junk funiture
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Rating: 2/51

SHERILLVILLE, INDIANA -- I bought 2 recliners less than three years ago. Both are peeling and are junk. DuraBlend products should be taken off the market.

Extended Warranty Is a RIP OFF - Do Not Waste Your Money
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I bought a premium reclining soft set with 5 year extended warranty from Ashley Furniture located in Phoenix Arizona about 2 years ago spending over $2500. The product worked good for a year and then problems started with leather peeling off in certain places. I reported it to the customer service, the customer service was rude to start with and then she told me that the regular wear and tear is not covered under extended warranty and left me hanging there. This is a total shocker for me when I spent over $400 for the extended warranty.

I do regular maintenance of the leather soft with leather conditioner and still it resulted in it. The leather is of low quality one and extended warranty sucks and not worth the money I spent. I would recommend all of you to avoid Ashley Furniture and Extended Warranty for sure.

Unbelievable Business Practices
By -

I liked the idea of buying furniture from Ashley because it is made here. What a joke!!! We purchased the set in September from Roomful Express. It took forever to get it because it was supposedly ordered for us. We received it in November 2010 and it was not working properly. Apparently Ashley does no quality check before it leaves the factory. Our chair had no power pack and the sofa one didn't work. We also failed to receive the warranty "bible" that is filled with legalese allegedly relieving Ashley Furniture from any and all warranty claims.

About 2 weeks ago, the sofa was reclined (with me in it) and it got stuck. I had to climb out of it, which frankly is no fun at 50. I called RE and asked to have it fixed because I had company coming in a few days. They told me they could not do anything for me for 2 weeks!!! I asked for a loaner and they acted like I was crazy. We are talking about a $1,500 set of furniture here. Today, they came to fix it. Of course, the guy had no parts and has to order them. It will take 3 WEEKS to get them.

So I have to wait 5 weeks to get my couch fixed. He supposedly gave us the number for AF, but it was actually their own customer service phone. I looked up Ashley online and called. The first person transferred me to a woman in Lord knows what department. I've never talked to someone so frustrating. She told me it was clearly stated in the warranty (which I didn't get) that AF is not responsible for their product once RE took possession of it and that they were trying to fix it. I asked her if 5 weeks was reasonable to her, but she refused to answer. She kept telling me that something WAS being done, so I gathered I was just supposed to accept this and shut up.

ASHLEY FURNITURE REFUSES TO STAND BEHIND ITS PRODUCTS. Giving someone else authority to warrant on your behalf is NOT customer service. Especially when the agent does such a frankly lousy job. To top it off, I asked to speak to a manager. She puts me on hold, gets back on and says "she's not available." No surprise there, which I told her. She asked if I wanted the manager's voicemail and I said yes. Of course, when she transferred me, I got disconnected.

This is supposed to be an American firm, not some third world country where they've never heard of customer service. I will never buy from AF again and I'm in the process of telling everyone I know. It's already on my FB page and I have several friends on Twitter who I've told as well.

Stay AWAY!!!
By -

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I bought this Monarch Valley Recliner Harness Colored and as I was going to show the salesman the chair I wanted (after I described it) he said He knew which one and to go ahead and sit at the counter and he would be there in a moment. I bought the furniture (a sofa too) with no problem. They didn't check to see if I had a job for sure even (I do but???).

Two days after the furniture came the recliner locked up and wouldn't recline. I called the store. The receipt I had said all sales final because I thought it was a sale. But that doesn't mean they can deliver a defective piece of equipment and not fix it. Even the paperwork I got said that floor models have a manufacturer's warranty.

They told me that since it was a floor model that the warranty was void. I didn't even know I bought a floor model!!! The salesman said that they had the furniture in the warehouse there. I would never buy a recliner that was a floor model. It doesn't even say floor model on the receipt but I got a hard time from the store employee who said that they are not responsible for fixing it. Well I also got told after I asked about the manufacturer's warranty that they did not have the number for the manufacturer that I would have to look it up online. I found out later that the store holds the warranty.

The warehouse not the store gave me the number to a place in Texas who gave me more run around. I called customer service in Wisconsin finally and got unsympathetic ears that floor models have no warranty. Again I have no paper saying I have a floor model. Page five of the warranty booklet apparently has this info but I never got this pamphlet.

Crooks with defective equipment. The store employee did offer to come out and fix it (a salesman). I thought if he tampers with it and I find a warranty it will be void for sure. Eventually with enough screaming and calling the same employee called me and said he would have a technician call in 4 days when they are available to come out and look at it as there is a year warranty. Well I will be glad to see them and will report back if I don't. Have doubts as to the quality of this furniture.

Out Of Warranty Repair
By -

Two of the four recliners on my sofa and loveseat have broken. I am out of warranty and am willing to pay to have them fixed. I went into the Henderson, NV store and after I said my furniture was 8 years old was told that I could still have them serviced. I needed to pay a $45 trip fee to see what was wrong and if they could fix them and I said fine. Today when I got the service call, the customer service line said they could not work on them because they were out of warranty. I told them I realize that and I am will to pay for the repairs.

She continued to say they cannot work on them because they were out of warranty. I told her I thought they were missing a profit center for repairing furniture and she said I was crazy that they would not make money if they had to replace the furniture. I asked her why they would need to replace the furniture if it was out of warranty and she changed brought the conversation back to they cannot repair the items due to them being out of warranty. I also said "I believe you don't fix furniture out of warranty because you want people to buy new furniture."

I told her that once your car goes out of warranty you take it back to the dealership and pay for repairs, you don't buy a new car. It was totally over her head. She didn't understand the concept of making money off repairs. I told her she needs to make sure the stores aren't taking the service fee ($45) upfront if they cannot do the work.

Now I have to go through the hassle of getting my $45 back. They also couldn't refer me to someone who could fix the furniture locally, once again making me believe they only want me to buy new furniture which I will never do with them again. Customer service is awful.

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