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Disgusting Sales Practices
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ANOKA, MINNESOTA -- Do not use this company, Aspen Exteriors. I wish I would have NEVER made that first phone call. I did not know anything about this company or its people before I called. If I had known now what I wish I knew then, I would have NEVER EVER called them. These people at ASPEN EXTERIORS are THE most dishonest people I have ever met in my entire life! The sales person DID NOT do my number one priority, that I told him numerous times, to do. He SCAMMED me into believing him that he did, "sign here," he said.

Well, he knew he had no intention of doing what I asked. He even said to me "I didn't think it was that important." He was such a jerk to me, lying the whole time, and not even caring that he did, so what? They were not even going to admit any wrongdoing. All this company cares about is getting your hard earned money without earning it themselves.

Three people from this company, the owner, the secretary, and the salesperson, all left me messages on my voicemail saying that if I did not pay them the 20 percent of the total cost of repairs "they will freeze my bank account, put a lien on my house, garnish my wages, and last but not least... foreclose on my house!" Are these people really the kind of people you want working on your home? Run away from them as fast as you can! I wish I had! Your money would be better spent flushing it down the toilet rather than giving it to these clowns at Aspen Exteriors!

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Aspen Exteriors
14245 St. Francis Blvd.
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1-866-68-ASPEN (ph)
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