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55 Inch TCL 4k Smart Died
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Rating: 1/51

ON LINE -- I talked to 4 different Asurion representatives (each of them was very nice) and each assured me that, I would receive a buyout for the amount of the warranty. Then I got a call saying they were going to send me a replacement TV, the bottom of the line Westinghouse from Best Buy, nothing I could do about it. The process has been going on for 12 days and they tell me it will take another 10+ days to get the subpar TV.

Beware When Insuring Cell Phone
By -

Beware of Assurion - I think all cell companies use them for cell insurance. My stepdaughter had a phone replaced with this insurance company after she dropped her phone in Alfredo sauce at work. The claim cost $40, more than what the phone even cost. She received a new phone that was defective. We called about it after it stopped working about a week two at the most after receiving it. They had no problem saying they were going to replace it but what we got was just a battery.

So I called and they wanted some information from the inside back of the phone where the battery is located. As I was taking the back off to remove the battery, the phone separated into pieces and the representative had the nerve to tell me that there was nothing they could do for me because I HAD JUST PHYSICALLY DESTRUCTED THE PHONE. What a joke. All I was trying to do is take the back off to remove the battery and it came apart, why is that my fault? So I snapped the pieces back together, sent the phone back because now they had to inspect the phone to asses the damage I had done (haha).

I packed the phone like I was sending the hope diamond to the pope and when they received it, I was told that it was in pieces. Imagine that, as if I didn't know that was going to happen. So now we have to file a whole new claim and pay another $40 fee to get a $10 phone. Not to mention the monthly fee that is charged so now how much money have they collected? This company has done nothing but collect money, and sends out defective refurbished equipment to replace what is being claimed.

Just a circle of broken merchandise being sent around from one person to the next. It is worth taking the risk without the insurance, especially the way this company puts the blame on everyone else but themselves. BEWARE!!!!

Awful Customer Service
By -

Let me start out first by saying that when calling assurion and Verizon, the people I spoke with were very nice and pleasant. With that being said, I've never been more frustrated. Let me give you a little bit of background. Since 2000, I've been your customer. The phone has been in my name since 2004. All of my friends, family, and coworkers at the Merrill Lynch corporate campus are your customers.

I've had issues with my phone, for the past eleven months. I assure you that I do not abuse, drop or get my phone wet. The screen has been freezing and the phone has been floppy (there is no resistance when I open the phone, and I have to hold the top up when I speak). Upon opening my phone today, the top half of my phone just disconnected from the bottom. At the Verizon store, they said that this problem is common with my LG phone.

So we've established that my phone just had physical and mechanical problems from the start. I go in the Verizon store, the friendly attendant called the hotline for me to see if I can get my upgrade early. They said that I would be eligible to get my upgrade early, however I do have insurance. If I didn't have the insurance (that I've been paying $6 a month for 8 years), they would have allowed me to sign a new agreement and upgrade the account. For some reason, you people punish people for carrying the insurance. Now I have to pay a $50 deductible, and I will not be able to contact my customers until Friday.

This is awful business. The phone was never right in the first place and now I'm paying for it. Be assured that I am telling all of my family members, friends and coworkers about my experience. I am going to urge everyone to switch companies. Assurion was absolutely no help, including the supervisor I spoke with. Be assured that I am going to try to get as many people to switch companies as I possibly can. Thank you, A future cingular customer.

By -

I think that this insurance company is messed up. They tell me that my phone has water damage without even seeing it. My phone goes nowhere near water. From the minute I got this insurance phone it never worked as well as my first phone. I couldn't even charge it with the wall charger. I had to go out and buy a car charger.

Then, I couldn't even make a phone call without it going into digital service mode. Nice re-manufactured phone. On top of that, when I do plug it into the wall charger, it goes into car kit mode. I don't even own a car kit or bluetooth, so how are you going to blame that on me? I think that it's your testers just looking to get paid without doing their jobs like they are supposed to.

I pay money every month for their services and they treat me like crap. This is not fair to the consumer and as an insurance company of this magnitude they should care about the consumer, but they don't. They are some of the rudest customer service reps that I personally have ever talked to.

12 month warranty on product all a lie
By -

TENNESSEE -- Our juicy couture sidekick is only 6 months old. One of the letters on the keypad popped off, they say the keypad is not covered by the warranty; recently the phone would not work, only works in speaker mode. Called to get that fixed. They said "send it. We will replace it, or we also have a repair and return policy on your product."

Well they received the sidekick and called and said that because the letter on the keypad fell off it voided the warranty. If the keypad is not in the warranty why won't they fix the problem with the phone itself? It's all a lie. They say the keypad is not covered. Well then fix the other issue with the phone. That should be fixed. I want the phone fixed. I am not asking for a new phone. What does that repair and return policy for anyway. They are a bunch of liars and thieves at that company... Look out. These companies are full of bull. "Warranty", what the hell do they give us a warranty for???

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