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Poor Customer Service
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- The beginning of May I noticed a charge on my credit card for Atlantic Broad Band. This company through research had been billing my account for about 6 months on an account we opened for our granddaughter going to college. We only authorized 1 charge, not continuous. Upon calling the company and speaking with customer-no-service, they refused to credit any funds and I had to end up putting the funds into dispute with Capital One, who did negate several months charges.

During my conversation with the company representative I had asked for a copy of the policy that they continue charging to an account even if only one month was authorized. This she said they did not have. Finally, with all money issues were cleared up with a very helpful Capital One, I spoke to Atlantic Broad Band a couple more times indicating that I would either like a quick email or letter from them that they would NEVER use my charge card again. This was promised to me, within a week, through a person that identified himself as a supervisor.

During this call to the supervisor, Steve, I was told he would notify the finance dept. who would handle this request. I was told I would receive a call that day or the latest day how it would be handled. No call. The letter or email was never received.

Another call was initiated 6/1 and I was told that the finance dept. will not accept customer calls. I will never get this note. I have told them that in that case I would have no alternative to post a warning to potential customers on the Internet, and if they ever used my card again I would take legal action. In addition to this note, I have also filed a complaint with the FCC.

Atlantic Broadband Provides Reliable Service
By -

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Just thought I'd mention that I have been an Atlantic broadband subscriber in SC for almost three years now and apart from one error made by a local clerk who misdirected a payment, I have been very satisfied with my TV and Internet service and the service provided by the employees. The connectivity has been 99.99% reliable and easy to use. And after a lightning storm took out my service, a technician was on-site the next day to put me back in service at N/C.

These days with so many service providers requiring we be locked into long-term contracts, it's refreshing that this business deals in a free market kind of way. They believe that we can vote with our cash. They know they have to be good or customers will go elsewhere.

I am not happy about recent rises in fees, but this is inevitable over time. Also, part of this is due to the broadcast stations charging the cable companies to receive their programming that any of us can get for free. BTW, I had DSL from AT&T/Bell South and I spent more time fixing it than enjoying it. And Dish Network had fools as tech support. Another big waste of time. I appreciate dealing with a company that has a local bricks and mortar office and one that is accountable to their subscribers in a face to face way.

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