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A Pleasant Surprise
By -

This is not your normal bashing review, just my honest findings of a good experience from both the dealer and the manufacturer. When my wife and I first looked at the local outlets for patio doors in August 2010 we discovered a honest, helpful gentleman at The Home Depot in Johnson City NY. He spent about an hour of his time going over different products that were available and demonstrating the features on them.

We thanked him for his time and went home to sleep on it. After a couple days of deliberation we decided to go with his door so I went back and placed the order. The door we chose is manufactured by the Woodgrain Millwork Company, also known as Atrium Patio Doors.

It took about 2 weeks for the door to arrive on a big Home Depot truck exactly as we ordered it. The driver off-loaded the door to my specific location with a big smile and a "Happy to be of service". I really was not prepared for this from a large company like the Home Depot.

The following weekend I opened the packaging to really give it a good look prior to installation and could not believe the overall quality of the door. It is a 6-foot unit, swinging door in the center with a small door on each side for ventilation, solid wood inside/metal outside. The beefy hardware is top shelf with all hinges adjustable vertically & horizontally with just the twist of a screw. The lockset was also premium feel, finish & heft.

The door was completely assembled other than the brick-mold trim, handle & deadbolt. The brick-mold is color keyed thick aluminum as is the entire outer portion of the door (other than glass) that fits snugly into an ingenious sealing system to prevent any moisture issues further down the road. The install went well and the door is beautiful, solid and working well.

Once finished I noticed a small spot on the exterior paint that came from a loose screen during the long transport so I called the manufacturer and received a very pleasant helpful gent offering to send me touch up paint in whatever form I wanted along with some extra pieces (that I lost in the grass) to finish the appearance. This was really a pleasant surprise that I wanted to share with all. Hope you find my review helpful.

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