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AT&T Flooded Our Home
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- We don't use AT&T's services, but our apartment complex (Silvana Oaks in North Charleston, SC) gave them permission to enter every building to set each unit up for fiber internet capability. Yesterday, around 10 AM, an AT&T crew came into our apartment to do their work. They went into the laundry room and started drilling a hole in the ceiling, in order to run the cable. Thankfully, I work from home (I really don't want to think about how different this story might have been otherwise) and was witness to everything from the second they walked in the door. I heard every man on that team repeatedly say that they had no idea what they were drilling into or where this hole was leading. They kept drilling anyway. Around 11:30 AM, I heard a loud noise from the laundry room (like the drill had hit something), followed by the most disheartening sound I've heard coming from inside my own apartment: pouring, rushing water. The man who was in the laundry room at the time started yelling for someone to "turn it off, turn it off!" He then exited the laundry room and closed the door behind him. When I asked what was happening, he told me "nothing." Because I am not a complete idiot and could clearly hear rushing water, I followed him back into the laundry room to see a waterfall pouring out of my ceiling, covering my washer and everything being stored in my laundry room. When I, of course, started freaking out, the crew member had the nerve to snap at me, telling me that I needed to calm down and that they'd fix it. He then stuck a trash can under the waterfall... I grabbed our dog and rushed out of the apartment, running to the front office to alert the property manager. When I left the apartment, water was pouring out of the laundry room. By the time I returned, it had spread into the entryway, front closet, dining room, kitchen, and living room.

Now, of course, the pure incompetency of this crew is upsetting. But that's not the most important part of this story, or the part that I'm most concerned with broadcasting. When my fiancé rushed home from work and I returned to the apartment to find it completely flooded, my fiancé (the only one who managed to stay calm in this situation) asked the entire crew for their names and wanted to know who was in there when this happened. Not only did every member of this crew refuse to give us their names, but they all claimed that no one was doing the drilling and no one was in the room when the flooding happened. Not a single one ever apologized, and one had the audacity to suggest that it wasn't a big deal because they had done 8 other apartment buildings before this with no issue. He said "we can't see through walls, ma'am, so we don't know where we're drilling."

We are now out of our home for a week or more. AT&T is refusing to pay for our hotel, and they want our insurance or the apartment's insurance to take the fall for this. A huge amount of our belongings are ruined. And every single one of those incompetent, unqualified morons who waltzed into our home uninvited and uprooted our lives went back to their homes last night, with no repercussions. Every person we've spoken to from AT&T has ranged somewhere from unapologetic/unhelpful to openly hostile. I'm furious and exhausted and overwhelmed with the enormity of the situation. And all I can do, at this point, is try to sort through our ruined belongings and use the internet/social media for its best possible purpose: to spread information. I think everyone deserves to know what kind of company AT&T is. I think everyone needs to know what can happen if you allow AT&T through your doors, and exactly how unethically they will handle the situation, if the worst should occur.

True story..
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Rating: 1/51

Dearest AT&T,

Ok.. So, back when I was in second grade, I woke up and my mom was trying to get me ready for school. I used to not be a morning person, so my mom would assist in picking out my clothes. On this one particular morning, my mom told me to go ahead and pick out my own shoes for the day. I picked out these pink sandals that had little sparkles that made my nail polish sparkle. You see, my mom used to paint my finger nail/toe nails every week. I arrived at school and everything was great. It rained that morning so recess was in question. Luckily, it stopped raining in perfect time that us kids still got to go out and enjoy the playground. My school had the best playground of all time. It was all wooden and had lots of different sections that allowed you to climb very high. I, personally, enjoyed pushing the limits and climbing up as high as the playground and my teachers would allow. I had made it all the way to the very top of the playground that had two different options once you've made it to the highest surface point. There was a slide or a wooden bar climb-down. I choose the wooden climb-down. You see, since it had rained that day, it compromised my ability to hold on to the wooden handles as I lowered myself down to the wood chipped ground. I slid down the entire wooden climb-down. However, if you remember AT&T, I had my pink sparkly sandals on that day. Since my freshly painted toes were exposed, I slid my big toe all the way down the wood. I ended up with a giant wood chunk stuck completely under my toe nail to the cuticle. If you've never had this happen to you, let me tell you.. it was extremely painful. I immediately began bleeding (and screaming). My teacher took me to the nurse who called my mother. My mother took me to the emergency room where the doctors took turns trying to grab the wood chunk out from under my toe nails with tweezers. I would like to take this time to mention that I did not have any numbing assistance from the doctors. Four nurses had to hold me down as the doctor dug under my toe nails for approximately an hour. Long story short AT&T, I would rather have this day happen to me once a week for the rest of my life than ever have to speak with an AT&T customer service representative again. I would rather have a doctor put 1/4th of a tweezer under my toe than have one more unhelpful, confusing, unproductive, 10 hour conversation with AT&T again. The chances of winning the MegaMillions is one (1) in 258,890,850. The odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000. I would still take both of those odds over calling AT&T every day for a year period and having them break the consistency of being the most unhelpful individuals I've ever met. The dinosaurs became extinct nearly 80 million years ago, and I still believe that humans have a better chance of being eaten by a dinosaur than calling AT&T and getting anything productive completed. I would rather stub my toe on every coffee table I encountered for the rest of my life than have to ever call AT&T again. I would rather eat gas station sushi that has been sitting in my trunk since last summer than ever be transferred 50x times in one call to AT&T again. I am highly allergic to cats, I would rather dump every item of clothing I own on the floor and allow cats to roll around/sleep in the pile before I have to repeat myself to an AT&T representative again. I'm not mad, I'm just mad and disappointed….

Julia Walthers

Bubble Account & Upgrade Tragedy
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Rating: 1/51

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- On Thursday September 14th I and my wife got online to pay off the balance of my cellular phone as instructed by a Store associate (** on 4750 Valley View Blvd. Suite#10.) less than a week earlier, to be eligible for the new note 8. So I paid off the balance and proceeded today on September 15th to go to the store to upgrade to the Samsung Note 8.

Upon my arrival I waited 30 minutes to get the sales associate ** to tell me that my account had a balance and I had to pay it off. Since I have DirecTV and AT&T bundled ** went on to tell me that the DirecTV side of the bill had a balance and needed to be paid. It took about 30 more minutes because they were having systemic issues to be able to get my account up. Upon calling into customer service he verified that I had a balance of $182.44. The DirecTV portion is only $50 a month so that didn't make sense that it would be that high and he told me that I needed to pay that in order to upgrade.

So he called in he asked me if I had my account number. I said, "No I don't have it on hand." and he got the information on the receipt that I will provide. So we went to the kiosk to pay the bill and he put in all the information and then told me to swipe my card so not only at this point that I pay off the phone balance I also paid the rest of the bill and at that time they had the payment it was pending and he said that I still could not upgrade. So I felt something was odd.

So I called into customer service. I was hung up on when I got to a representative that told me that I had a balance that was pending but it wasn't on my joint account it was on the DirecTV account alone. So when I called back I escalated to another representative to get me a supervisor. The supervisor let me know that the payment wasn't posted to the right account it was posted to only the DirecTV side of the bill. And then I would have to wait 3 - 4 business days for a payment transfer that she saw the last representative put in to take effect. And told me that I was running out of options the only thing that I really could do was pay the $182.44.

The supervisor put me on hold, reversed my payment that I made earlier and told me now that they don't have my payment. There is no transfer that will take place so I still owe that amount in order to upgrade. I expressed to her that this is at no fault of my own that I can't upgrade because I just paid what I was told to pay to be able to have a clear balance and upgrade the phone.

So I went back into the store and they told me on their system it doesn't show that I have a balance but I cannot upgrade. I asked for the representative ** to call his store manager ** and ** told me that they cautioned customers on bundling their accounts because there are so many different issues and it's a nightmare to bundle your account.

So now because of system issues between AT&T in store and AT&T customer service call center I am out of $182.44 that I don't know where it is and I don't have the upgrade that I was told that I can get with the different incentives and I'm told that I have to pay the same amount to a different portion of an account in order for it to possibly show that I'm eligible for an upgrade. This is horrible for a company of AT&T to operate in this manner for its customers. I was told by the supervisor, "We can't do anything. It's not that big of a deal if we could help you. We would but we can't." These are not the words that they would appreciate if they were a customer at all.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a couple of cell phones, a tablet and landline service from AT&T for a business I started in May '15. From the beginning I requested combined billing, it took AT&T 7 months, Dec 28th '15, to get the process started and another 4 months to complete. I received my first combined bill 04/16/16, a full year after requesting combined billing. During that time, I could not use the myatt app due to different account types (landline/cell phone) so I was told to use the online website Well after numerous hours on the phone with tech support I was told I would not be able to log in there either until the combined billing was set up.

So I was not receiving a paper bill, could not view it online, my only option was to call in and speak to a representative to pay my bill. Well evidently my Jan. and Feb '16 payments were never applied to my account and so I received a disconnect notice in March. I called in March 15th, 17th, and 18th trying to figure out what the mixup was, I had called in every month and made full payment based on what the representative said I owed. But to prevent my service from being disconnected on 03/18/16 I made a payment of $201.82.

Meanwhile the representative said they would look into the missing payments, but that my account was current until the next billing cycle 04/16/16. Instead, 2 weeks later I get another disconnect notice. I call in again on 04/04/16 make a payment of $165.49. Once again the representative assures me that my account is current, $0 balance until my next billing cycle 04/16/16.

Once again I get another disconnect notice so I call in and on 04/19/16 make another payment of $283.84 and the representative assures me my account is current until the next billing cycle 05/16/16, and to ignore it if I get another disconnect notice and that I should just wait for my next bill which will be sent out 05/16/16. So that's what I did and the service was disconnected on 05/02/16. I called in and made another payment of $208.11 and the phone service was restored. My 05/16/16 bill comes with over $560 in credits and adjustments, which were not credits, actually Jan. and Feb. payments they failed to apply to my account.

Now I get my June bill and there is a $48.17 charge for a reconnect fee. The service would have never been disconnected if AT&T had applied the payments to my account, what kind of company holds their customers responsible for their mistakes?

I have been an AT&T customer for almost 10 years and up until this last year didn't have any problems. But this last year the customer service is worse than abysmal. I have spent so many hours on the phone with AT&T doing everything possible to keep this account current, my business depends on it, only to have AT&T reps continually screw it up. AT&T fails at simple things, 7 months to start the combined billing process and 4 months to actually complete. I had a tablet that I sold in Sep. '15 and asked for the service to be canceled, that didn't happen until March of '16.

I wasn't getting a paper bill, could not log in online to view my bill, so my only option was to pay what the representative said I owe. I made 3 payments in 30 days, based on what the reps said, each time I was assured my account was current and each time I received a disconnect notice in 1-2 weeks following the payment. Terrible customer service! If you are looking for a phone service provider for your business, stay away from AT&T. The amount of time I have spent on the phone dealing with their incompetence and loss of phone service, due to their incompetence, has resulted in a loss of business that I may never recoup.

Awful Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

So last year I went in to buy a new Samsung Galaxy and yay for me there was a promotion going on and I would receive a new tablet. I just had to add it to my line for 10 dollars a month!! Of course they didn't have any in stock and would call in two weeks when it got there. Long story short it never got there. I called and went in to speak with someone in management that might be able to help me but no matter if I called or went in the manager was already gone for the day!!! This went on for months until I finally got mad enough to go and switch over to T-Mobile!

Oh yeah and don't let me forget to mention that I was an AT&T customer for over 20 years. I took over my grandfather's account when he passed. So I go ahead and switch over. I ported both of my numbers over and completely forgot that I had my old iPad on the line when I was getting charged 10 dollars a month for. I realized this tonight when I opened a bill that I didn't understand why I had because I thought the account was cancelled. The bill was for 103.00 dollar!!! They had taken my 7gb plan I obviously purchased for my phones and attached it to my iPad plan.

I had already gotten charged this for two months before I realized this tonight and called the customer service number to see if it could possibly be waived. Oh was I in for a one hour phone of the AT&T customer service employees playing the "keep the customer on hold" game. I talked to 4 different people! Each were working in the cancellation department which I guess they just try to find the biggest jerks to be rude to all people that want to cancel or have cancelled.

At one point I said to a gentleman "What type of customer service do you provide to customers when they call in and tell you they have had a bad experience with the company?" His response "When you say 'provide customer service' that's me giving or providing you with something and I'm not understanding what you're asking for." And later during the conversation I was speaking with a lady about making a formal complaint and I was explaining my situation and at one point she says "So you left a line on the plan an iPad and now you are asking us to waive the charge? Well ma'am at some time we have to take responsibility for our actions".

Seriously the worst customer service I have ever encountered! I can honestly say "AT&T you're doing it wrong!!!" At some point I may get to a point where I want to cancel with T-Mobile but I can say that I will NEVER go back to AT&T due to this awful experience that I have had to deal with. I've seen more than a few bad reviews for AT&T and how awful their customer service is and I hope that the right person sees these and helps this business out. Please find some employees with better customer service skills!

Very DISHONEST company
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- I have been an AT&T customer for over 4 years. When I switched to AT&T the sales person used very high pressure sales tactics to sell my husband and I on a road service package. She told us stories of how the road side service came in handy for her. Afterwards my husband was sold. He was thinking of me and our children. I wasn't quite so convinced. We ended up accepting the roadside package and shortly after my husband ended up needing a jump start. Having the roadside plan worked great for him so we kept it.

Fast forward 4 + years and we found ourselves in a situation where we needed another jump start. We called #Help and explained that we needed a jump start. The battery was dead and we were in a car with our baby in the freezing cold with 2 phones that were about to also go dead. At first we were told that no tow companies were coming up in our area. We live in a very large township. We were near a mall in a large shopping center with several tow company's close by. The service agent asked us for the name of a towing company seems to how she wasn't finding any.

Next we were told that we would have to pay for the jump start because we had already used the service once and had reached the cap!!! I have been paying AT&T every month for over 4 years for road service. 4 YEARS! The charges are per phone! I have never used the roadside and my husband used it one time over 4 years ago! AT&T failed us. They were leaving us in a car in the freezing cold, unable to use the heat and with a baby in the car.

Luckily AAA came to our rescue and in approximately 10 minutes! They will gain a new customer as a result of their prompt and professional customer service. I contacted AT&T to tell them how dissatisfied I am with their service. The customer service representative was very nice but he was unable to authorize a credit. I asked for a supervisor but the supervisor did not get on the phone. Instead he offered, through the agent, a 90-day credit, or $9.00. Not acceptable!

After 45+ minutes on the phone with them, their supervisor, Eli finally got on the phone but then only offered me a $3.00 credit! Yes, $3.00! He was offering a 1-month credit for the service they charged me for despite not providing the services. When he offered 30 days I responded by saying that $6 was not acceptable to which he replied, "It's actually $3!" I've paid for this service on 2 phones, not 1 and again... for over 4 years. He thought I should be happy with a $3 refund. He then told me to call a third party, the company they contract out to, and dispute the charges with them. I do not send a payment to this third party, my payment is to AT&T.

I do not see how Eli believes this should be my problem. After 45 minutes of getting nowhere I asked to speak with his manager. I was told that a manager would call me in 48-72 hours. When I asked for his manager's name a first name only was given and Eli refused to give me a last name. AT&T lost a customer tonight. I am in total shock at how terribly Eli handled this situation.

Multiple phones sent and additional line set up without my knowledge or consent
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Rating: 1/51

OLATHE, KANSAS -- After 6+ hours with AT&T over 2 days, I have cell service again. Over chat, in person, and over the phone it had been my experience that AT&T agents are friendly and readily offer to assist, however are not given communication regarding any case their customers, or even ways to directly contact someone who can help. I requested several times, and was denied, a contact email to fully explain my situation so that the correct individual could get ahold of me. 2 days off in a row (which rarely happens in retail) have been consumed with explaining why I refuse to be held liable for a phone that I did not order, but they claimed to have not received back in the mail. This is after a 2 month battle to have an additional line, as well as the above situation removed from my bill.

I have been a customer with AT&T for over 10 years, and have told everyone how helpful they are, and that I've never had any of the problems that I hear of others having with other providers.

Regretfully, I inform you I was wrong. In the past 4 months, a new account was started that I had no access to (instead of transferring service), and it took 4 individuals 3 hours to figure out why, a line was added, 3 total phones sent (only one of which I attempted top order), and I have paid sales tax on all.

AT&T cannot communicate with themselves let alone their consumers. A scripted conversation that loops around to get to the root of an issue that is "documented in the notes" is no way to handle a situation. 2 separate cases have been opened, yet when I lead with offering that information, I am still brought back to the basic questions that have been answered countless times.

The worst experience I have ever had with a company!
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, MINNESOTA -- In 38 years of adulthood I have never, ever dealt with a company that is so inept, apathetic, disorganized and dishonest. After 15 years with Verizon we made the incredibly foolish decision to move our wireless and internet to AT&T. It has been a complete nightmare from day one. I can't possibly go into every issue we have had over the last 7 months. From the account not being set up correctly in the beginning, to device issues, to log-in problems on their end, to jacking us around for weeks when we were trying to merge our AT&T bill with our DirecTV bill, to billing, there is just no end to the issues and frustrations that we have had with this company. We still have to call every single month to get our bill fixed. I should have heeded the reviews and information out there that screams STAY AWAY FROM AT&T, but I didn't. There are class action law suits over their lack of service and over billing, even CBS did a special on all of the problems people are having. Consumer Reports has warned us for years to avoid AT&T all costs due to the horrible level of service. I have just never seen anything like it. I've spoken to a multitude of representatives, supervisors, managers, and departments. I have approximately 25 hours on the phone trying to resolve our issues. Even after we were escalated to the office of the President of the company, it never improved. The store managers, Jason and Mitch at the Maple Grove location basically told me I could go jump in a lake, and that they had no intention to even attempt to address our frustrations. They told me to do whatever I wanted but they were not interested in helping us. I could go on and on. I am in the process of filing complaints with the FCC, the FTC, the BBB, the Attorney General, and Consumer Protection. I am also speaking to my attorney. This is not about money, this is about principle now. I am done with this company. If you are considering a move to this incredibly inept company, save yourself a LOT of heartache, frustration, anger and time and go somewhere else, anywhere but AT&T!!

At&t will mislead you to make a sell.
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND MAINE -- My wife and I signed up for AT&T with their switch progam I was assured it would be a "easy" switch from t-moblie to AT&T I would just need to submit my final bill for reimbursement.
They asked me and my wife if we wanted to keep our old number or get new ones. My wife kept hers I picked a new one. Now after submitting my bill AT&T denied me and my wifes reimbursement because I picked a new number. I was on the phone for hours with customer service and they said they could do nothing and I would have to call the store.
The guy at this store said all he could do is give me 100 bucks, and that I should call the other company that is responsible for the switch program. "Why I should I have to call another company when I signed up with AT&T is ridiculous to me".
I called AT&T customer service back and after a few more hours on the phone finally got them to accept my wifes portion of the bill mine is still "pending" I have to call back in about a week to see if they will honor it.
So first impressions as a AT&T customer is the customer service so far is hot garbage. I was sitting at the table with these folks being sold and NO ONE told me that getting a new number was going to be a problem. If I had known it was going to cost me hours on the phone getting shuffled around transferred to automated message machines and potentially costing me hundreds of dollars I would have just kept my old number.
So if you are going to a AT&T store be very aware you may not be getting the whole story. These people are there to sell you, and will not go out of their way to warn you away from potential problems, and if you fall into a problem they defiantly are not going to do the call work for you to get it worked out, and you will probably spend hours on the phone playing the lottery that is at&ts customer phone support.

Update called back today and they would not honor my reimbursement after hours on the phone I got a supervisor that would send me a free tablet hopfully I can sell it to make up the difference in the money they stole from me. 0/10 I will be leaving AT&T as soon as financialy possible.

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Rating: 2/51



Project Hemisphere, a secretive program developed by AT&T, searches trillions of call records in order to analyze cell phone data, spying on the activity of private individuals in order to identify who they are speaking with and why, as well as GPS tracking on the location of each individual connected to the call, and it transmits this information to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

In 2013, Project Hemisphere was shown in a Powerpoint presentation produced by the Drug Enforcement Administration. The New York Times reported this as a partnership between AT&T and the DOJ, primarily deployed for drug-enforcement task-forces. All information collected in this program is accessible to the federal agencies authorized by the DOJ.

AT&T specifically developed and marketed this product for use by the DOJ, who would promise hundreds of millions in funds on behalf of taxpayers, using the taxpayers' own money to spy on their every move. This is an invasion of privacy without a warrant. This is a federal spy program by proxy, working through corporations.

AT&T promises law enforcement that it will not disclose Project Hemisphere's involvement in active investigations that are made public. AT&T is is attempting to lower liability for their customer and limit scrutiny to information transmitted to federal agencies through their network.

While it should not be surprising that your cell phone company is working with bureaucrats to collect incriminating evidence on you, there is a staggering number of people who still carelessly use their cell phone as if the information being transmitted through the device will be kept private.

News flash! It's never been private. They have always wanted to use your information as a product to sell to the highest bidder. Your data is their product, and you are paying them to take it from you.

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