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Horrible Phone Company - Horrible Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

YAZOO CITY, MISSISSIPPI -- I've lived in thirteen different states and four countries and deal with a number of phone companies. Believe me when I say that AT&T is the worst! There is nothing good for me to say about AT&T Corp. in general or specifically with their telephone service or Internet service.

We've been a customer this time since July 2011 and from the outset it has been a nightmare. Worse yet, when you call no one can help you. Customer Service Reps are limited in their ability and their authority and supervisors are never available. They tell you a supervisor will get back to you but they never do. When they give you a phone number to call for assistance, mysteriously the phone number doesn't work. Online service is no better. We know as we've tried both.

Our problems with AT&T are ongoing. We live in Mississippi and whenever it rains, there is an awful buzzing on our telephone line in on both incoming and outgoing calls that gets so loud we can't hear anything but the buzzing. Though, we have reported over at least a half a dozen times, and repairmen come out to look at it, and know what the problem is, it has yet to be repaired.

Our newest problem is with billing. This past summer we called Customer Service to see why our monthly bill for phone and Internet keeps going up. We were given a new and reduced monthly package rate for both phone and internet to take effect October 2013 and run for twelve months. Funny though, how each month we receive a bill that doesn't reflect the new rate. Every month we have to call AT&T to get our bill reduced and no one can tell us why the new rate didn't take effect. We are subject to long hold times and have yet to get this resolved. Each time we called we hoped it was the last call, but it wasn't. Our last bill of January 2014 still didn't reflect the new rate.

In an act of desperation, we filed complaints with the State Utility Commission, the FCC, the TX AT&T Corp. Office and our federal government reps. Today, a contact in the Escalation Depart called us. Imagine, in order to get attention to our ongoing complaints we had to file a formal complaint. Nice, huh?

A word of advice: if you can go with another phone and internet provider other than with AT&T, go with the other option. We used AT&T for years in CA and Co for long distance service without issue. However, as a local telephone and internet provider, they have a lot to learn about providing proper service and customer service. Our internet goes in and out and is not as fast and reliable as the service we had for four years with Qwest in MN. We once had Yahoo before AT&T acquired them and they were so much better.

Inefficient and infuriating!
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I had been having connectivity issues with Comcast and decided to give AT&T a shot. What a mistake. I ordered service and eagerly awaited a new revolution of service and Internet. When I got the DSL modem, I hooked it up and did all that was instructed but it didn't work. The sticker said that it sometimes took 24 hours for the service to work so I waited. One day later - nothing.

After spending about 30 minutes on hold before getting a tech rep, we walked through everything I had already done and at the end, was informed to wait for 24 hours and everything "should work". Again, one day later - nothing.

I called again and after waiting 45 minutes on hold, I hung up because seriously - I had better things to do. At this point, I'm so thankful that I never cancelled Comcast even though the service was spotty. The following free evening I had, I called against and waited another 30 minutes on hold. Again the tech tried to walk me through everything that had already been done but when I said that it had already been done, he got really snotty with me. His next suggestion was a "tech visit" but it had a fee. At this point, I was pretty fed up and just hung up.

I packed the modem up, shipped it back and then called customer support to cancel. Again, it was about 30 minutes on hold before getting through but the guy who helped me cancel was actually the nicest representative I'd encountered. He set it up so that I shouldn't ever get billed and said it might take a couple billing cycles to reflect the credits but I was free and clear. Little did I know that wasn't the truth.

When I received the bills, I ignored them but checked to see if any credits were made. Finally about six weeks after shipping the modem back, the credit was made for the modem but the service was never credited. Today, I received a "final notice before collection" bill and so I called. What a nightmare!!

After 20 minutes on hold, I got to billing. After explaining the situation, the billing representative said she couldn't do anything about it and needed to transfer me to tech support. After 10 more minutes on hold, the tech representative looked over everything and said she couldn't do anything, only billing could and transferred me. Only this time I was transferred to the cancellation department (on hold for about 10 more minutes) - which obviously couldn't do anything because I had already cancelled my service. Then after another 20 minutes on hold, I was given to accounts receivable to which I was expected to pay the bill. Seriously???

At this point, I lost it. I had tried to be civil and explain it but I totally lost my temper. And I don't have a temper. I guess it helped though because I was given to "management" and after ten more minutes, finally got to speak to someone. I told her everything and then finally, she transferred me to a billing representative who simply credited my account and made my balance zero.

While I feel bad about giving the AR representative an earful about being the most inept and inefficient customer service in the world, I hate to say that it was true. I spent a total of one hour and 32 minutes on the phone, the majority of which was spent being on hold and in departments that couldn't help. Not only does that make people NOT want to use AT&T products but what a wasteful way to run a business? Maybe this is why the hold time is so long!

Regardless, I'll never use an AT&T product, even if it's free. I wanted an iPhone but screw that - I'll stick with my Blackberry. If ever I gave any advice to listen to - do yourself a favor and stay far far far away from AT&T. I'm sure if everything works fine you'll be okay but God forbid if anything works badly.

The Worst EVER Service
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My name is ** and on 8-4-10 I visited their online site to order a packaged bundle service. I was getting all three services, phone, DSL, and DirecTV. I thought the company would be less expensive than Cox Communications, the company I was currently dealing with. However what I thought would be an easy and simple process soon turned into the worst consumer service nightmare I've ever experienced in my life! On 8-11-10 AT&T telephone technicians came out to change my line from Cox to AT&T. Before they arrived I called AT&T to see what time they would be coming because no one told me the hour of their arrival, just the date.

While I was on the phone trying to get this information, I discovered that my order for the DSL hadn't been received. I found that to be strange considering when I placed the order online it confirmed that my order had gone through for all 3 services. The representative on the line included the service and told me that I would receive the DSL hardware on Friday, 8-13-10. While I was on the phone with her, the phone technicians arrived. For the most part they did what they were supposed to do, however I was under the impression that they would take care of hooking up the phone service as well as the DirecTV.

The telephone technicians informed me that they had nothing to do with DirecTV, they were strictly phone guys and they could not tell me anything about when the technicians for DirecTV would be out. Wow. I had taken that day off of work for the sole purpose of having ALL my services connected on that day because that was the impression I was given by AT&T. So I called AT&T again to inquire about when the DirecTV technicians would be out to install my service. Wouldn't you know it; AT&T had NO record of me ordering DirecTV. Isn't that something? I found it to be beyond something.

Consequently I had to order the DirecTV service on 8-11-10, something I THOUGHT I had done on 8-4-10. After setting up the DirecTV installation date and time, I thought all was well. A few setbacks but as long as I was getting what I had ordered I was fine. However I was perturbed that I would have to take off another day for the technicians to install the DirecTV service. The telephone technicians went back and forth with a few phone jacks in my home and concluded that the jack in the kitchen worked and the jack in my loft worked. The ones that were in the bedrooms and the living room did not.

That was fine because I was told by the Cox Communications technician when I'd first moved in that the only jack that worked was the one in the loft. HE suggested that I get a satellite type phone. I would plug the main/base phone into the jack in the loft and spread the other handsets throughout the house. That was a swell idea to me and I had been using that for the past three years without ONE problem with phone service. NEVER had a problem with the main phone being in the loft and using satellite handsets -- that is until AT&T came and messed it up!

The technicians managed to get the kitchen jack to work (we were under the assumption that it didn't work) and they CLAIMED the jack in the loft work, something I already knew. They left. Later that evening though, I found that my phone was not ringing properly. Then the next day, 8-12-10, my mother called me and asked me to call the house because she was having problems with it not ringing. The only way she knew someone was calling was by the phone lighting up and the caller id appearing on the handset. I called the house and I got one ring and then some static and then a busy signal.

I called several times and I continued to get the same thing. When I finally managed to get her back on the phone she told me how the phone didn't ring at all! As I'm sure you can imagine at this point I was not pleased, especially in light of the fact that they claimed to not have my DSL or DirecTV order. I was at work at this time and I had to take time out of my day to deal with this problem. I called AT&T to address this problem as well as address the fact that they never had record of my DSL order or DirecTV order. I had to call twice because I couldn't get the satisfaction I needed from the first call.

Because I was very close to cancelling EVERYTHING, I was transferred to a supervisor. The supervisor listened to my problem and I will say, out of all the people that I had spoken to by that time and afterwards at ATT, she was the only one who seemed to be concerned about my issue... SEEMED! I relayed my situation to her and she got on the phone with the repair department while she kept me on hold. However she would come back every few minutes to assure me that she was trying to take care of the problem.

By the end of the call 40 minutes had passed. She did managed to have a technician to come out on 8-12-10 to look at my phone line and she made sure that my DirecTV order was correct and in order as well as the DSL. She made sure all of the stated prices that I'd received when I ordered it online were correct as well. I cannot remember her name, it may have been Ms. **, but she did give me her email address in case I ever had any problems. She told me to contact her if I ever had any issues. Her email address is **. With that I was somewhat satisfied that things would finally be working correctly with no problems. WRONG!

Because I have to go to work every day to pay for these services, I was not home when the technician came out on 8-12-10. My elderly mother was home and since she was aware of the problem, she allowed the technician to come and do what he was SUPPOSED to do. When I returned home and asked her about what happened, imagine my utmost contempt when she told me the technician told her that the jack/line in the loft did not work and that I would have to get it repaired and it would cost me $90!!!

I was beside myself with anger because I was completely BAFFLED as to how a line that worked PERFECTLY on 8-10-10 and the early morning of 8-11-10 goes to NOT WORKING on 8-12-10 AFTER 3 AT&T technicians came out to work on it??? And I'M supposed to pay for it??? Livid is too mild a word to describe how I was feeling at that moment. Naturally I proceeded to call their fabulous customer service line to get someone to explain this madness to me. I proceeded to tell the representative the whole problem from the beginning to the end and she told me that she was going to make sure it gets to a supervisor and that the supervisor would call me back.

That was on 8-12-10. As of TODAY, 8-27-10, I'm still waiting on that call!!!(8-27-10 is the day that I actually wrote this letter to be sent to AT&T). She tells me a supervisor will call me back. Friday comes, no call. By the time 2 pm on 8-13-10 arrived, I felt that it was ridiculous that I wasn't getting anything from AT&T but a headache. I then called AT&T AGAIN to complain about this supervisor never calling me and again, reiterating my problem in complete detail.

The representative told me that the supervisors are out in the field and that there was NO way she could tell me when he'd call me back. The best she could tell me was that he had until 6 pm on 8-17-10 to call me. That was incomprehensible to me. I found it rather strange that every time I wanted to speak to someone in charge, I had to wait for THEM to call me back. It seems this is done at THEIR convenience and not the customers, the ones who are PAYING for these services.

Since I could not get any satisfaction with that particular rep, I decided I would cancel all services but then I recalled the lady I spoke to on 8-12-10 who so politely gave me her email address so that I could contact her should I have any problems. I emailed her. It is attached to this letter. I explained in the email, in detail, everything that had happened in those last 3 days and I also expressed my complete dissatisfaction with AT&T. I included my home and cell phone number if she needed to contact me. This is where the "SEEMED" comes in.

As of today, 8-27-10, I have YET to receive ANY kind of acknowledgement of my email!!! How naive I was to believe this was someone who really wanted to make sure I was a satisfied customer. How silly of me. By this point I was TOTALLY THROUGH with AT&T. I waited through the weekend up into the next week waiting for SOMEONE to get in touch with me about my so called broken line. NO ONE CONTACTED ME ABOUT ANYTHING! The DirecTV technician came out on 8-17-10 and did a wonderful job in hooking up my service.

I could not believe the stark contrast in customer service I received from these two companies that are supposed to be working together. It was amazing. He was a great help to me. Unfortunately, before he began to hook the cable lines to the receiver and connect my television, he informed me that when he made this connection I would lose my internet service. It had something to do with the way the cable lines were run.

I could not believe it. Here I had a complete DSL system waiting to go, ready to be used but no working phone line to connect it to. The only working line was in my kitchen. What a GREAT place to hook up my computer. GREAT place. Just where I would want a desktop, sitting next to my microwave oven!!! I was so beyond angry. I got on the phone immediately AGAIN with AT&T to find out when this phantom supervisor was going to contact me.

AGAIN I had to go into detail with yet ANOTHER representative about my problem, who by the way wasn't too polite. I did not like his tone with me at all. He talked to me as though I was the one who was causing the trouble. I asked him several times about talking to someone in charge and he more or less brushed me off. He told me the same ridiculous story I'd been hearing since 8-12-10. At this point it was 8-17-10 and my phone line was STILL in disrepair with NO ONE on AT&T's end trying to find a solution or making an attempt to fix the problem. He told me, like I'd heard twice before already, that the supervisor would call me.

Oh My GOD! Here we go again. However this was with a twist. The "Supervisor" would call me by 6 pm that evening. Really? I hung up with him telling me that hogwash. I then attempted to call another number that I thought would connect me to some office or department other than the ones I kept getting because starting on 8-12 until 8-17 I kept getting the same lies from the representatives. I say lies because like I have stated before, I never received a call from a supervisor EVER! I found a number that seemed to be different and I was hoping it would connect me to a department that could REALLY help me.

Again my naiveté got the best of me. I got yet ANOTHER representative telling me the same garbage I had been hearing the last week! "A supervisor will contact you by 6 pm this evening." I was irate! I was so irate, I was near tears with frustration with how I could get absolutely NO ONE TO MAKE ANY EFFORT IN GETTING MY PROBLEM FIXED!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! NO ONE!!! On 8-17-10 at 6 pm, no phone in my house rang. No cell phone in my house rang. 6:30 pm -- still no calls. NOTHING FROM THIS PHANTOM SUPERVISOR!!! Like I've stated earlier, today is 8-27-10 and I am still waiting on that supposed supervisor to call me.

By Tuesday evening I made up my mind to cancel all services with ATT. I kept the DirecTV ONLY because they are a separate entity from AT&T and I can deal with them directly and because the DirecTV technician's customer service skills was superb! I never opened the DSL package and it was delivered to UPS on 8-20-10 to be returned to sender. On 8-23-10 I cancelled ALL services I was remotely connected to through AT&T. I cannot believe the total inconsideration this company has shown me. I cannot believe the STRESS that I had to endure trying to get AT&T to do THEIR job!!!

I cannot believe that AT&T would come into my house and ruin a phone line that had been working PERFECTLY WELL the last three years with COX COMMUNICATIONS and then have the nerve to say I have to pay for it to be repaired! I cannot believe with all the calls I made and all the representatives I spoke to (and not in my nice voice because I was HIGHLY UPSET) NO ONE TRIED TO REMEDY THIS PROBLEM!!! NO ONE! I can't get over that!!! I was TOTALLY DISREGARDED!!! By 8-17-10, AT&T had to be quite aware of my issue and that I was far from happy about it. But no moves were made to rectify it.

Oh, I'm sorry - some moves were made eventually - on 8-20-10. WOW! A call I was supposed to receive, or rather expecting to receive on 8-12-10 from a "supervisor" never materializes but somehow a technician shows up at 5 pm on 8-20-10 wanting to know about my phone line problem. Really? Really. He was sent away without entering the home because by that time I was done with AT&T. DONE!!! I don't want anything from them EVER again!!! I don't want a phone book, I don't want junk mail, I don't even want to see their commercials on the television!

Cox Communications can charge me $500 a month for services and I will gladly take that over anything AT&T can EVER offer me!!! BEYOND awful service! BEYOND!!! I am getting angry about it again. I was so stressed out behind this. I was experiencing headaches on end. NO ONE should have to go through what I have been through with ANY service company!!! I don't know what kind of operation AT&T claims to be. It is quite obvious customer service falls very low on their list of priorities. Their customers mean absolutely NOTHING to them, as I have found out the hard way.

They truly give a squat about the people who are paying out the nose for these services. New customers switching from their MAIN adversary in this region, AT&T could give two dead flies for. We mean absolutely nothing to you but a dollar but then again, no. Not my dollar.

Very poor service from AT&T
By -

AT&T. August 11, 2010. This letter is to express my frustration and disgust with AT&T and the service that I was provided while trying to set up my business phone line, fax and DSL service. I have been a residential customer of AT&T for the past 22 years with 16 years at my current address and phone number. I have a home phone line. I had a home fax line. I am also a wireless customer with AT&T. On the home fax line I had my DSL service, for about 3 years, with very few problems.

On July 9, 2010 I placed an order for two new business phone lines. A tech was dispatched to my home to set up my two new lines on July 12. He did his job, but, another tech was sent out on July 21 to add lines to the inside of my house and get my service up and running. While he was here, he asked if I would be keeping my home fax. I said that I would not need that line, but, my DSL ran on that line. He had me cancel the phone number and my DSL service (he used the existing line for the new fax line) and told me that when he had completed his job I needed to call AT&T and have my DSL service moved to the new fax line (that he had just installed.)

I set up an appointment to have my new DSL connected on July 23, 2010. The tech said that there was a problem but that his boss (** Houston 312-307-7572) would make sure that my service was up and running by 8 pm. It was not. I spoke to ** on the phone and was told that my DSL service would be up and running by the time I woke up Saturday morning. It was not. I left on vacation for a week and came home to no internet service. On August 4th a tech was to be dispatched to "fix the problem" and get my line up and running. On August 4th, I called AT&T to check on the status of my order and to see where the tech was.

I was told that I had received a phone message that there was a problem with getting the DSL service that I had ordered. (The message was left with ** - that is not my phone number - I did not receive the message. How ironic that AT&T, my phone service provider, can't get the number correct). AT&T said that they would send a tech out on August 5th. The tech came out. He noted that I did have DSL on my line, but, that it was running terribly slow. He checked my order and said that the order was for the lowest package that you offered. I know that I ordered the fastest DSL package that AT&T offered as it was important to my business.

While the tech was working on my line, I called AT&T and upgraded to the "ELITE" package (I was told that the "ELITE" DSL would be up and running by close of business on August 9th.) After more than 3 hours of working the tech came back to my house and said that AT&T could not provide me with the DSL that I had ordered. He said that he was told by his boss (**) that they are upgrading the DSL lines and that they are not setting up any new service in the area! Even though I had been an AT&T DSL customer in the past, they would not restore my service to the level that I once enjoyed.

Apparently, when I cancelled the DSL service on my home fax line I lost the ability to have a usable and dependable AT&T DSL line in my home. Although I had a usable and dependable DSL line for the past 3 or so years, provided by AT&T, cancelling my phone line left me out in the cold. NO ONE at AT&T informed me that I was grandfathered in and that had I not cancelled my line, I would still have my AT&T DSL service. Basically, AT&T has refused to service my family and business.

On August 6th, after many phone calls to AT&T, I was told that I could get AT&T DSL on my home phone line as the customer service representative felt the problem was with the fact that it was a business line - YEAH! I ordered the "ELITE" package. The customer service representative set everything up (and even said that she would provide me with an AT&T Visa Gift Card for all of my trouble.) She tried to expedite the installation, but couldn't. I had an appointment for a tech to come out on August 9th.

By mid-afternoon on August 9th, I was having that familiar feeling - no tech had called - might there be a problem? I called AT&T. THE SERVICE WAS CANCELLED! Why, I asked? AT&T could not provide me with the "ELITE" package, might I like the "PRO" package? I would need to place another new order and wait another 3 days to have it installed. An order was placed.

Again, this order was cancelled. I called AT&T. I was told that the orders were written up incorrectly and that I would have to call back and have a new order written. When I called back, I was to tell the representative that I needed to have them place my order NOT with the central office but with the remote terminal. I did this! The tech is set to come out on August 13, 2010. Because I have been stuck at home for days, waiting for the AT&T tech, I have done some investigating and formed some opinions.

First, although I do have an order to have a tech visit my home to provide me with DSL, I believe that the service will, again, not be usable and dependable. The DSL that is running on my fax line is supposed to be running at a rate of 3.0 to 6.1 Mbps but is instead running at a rate of 0.20 Mbps. Will it be any different when the DSL is installed on my home phone line? No one at AT&T can answer this question for me. I feel that I now have enough knowledge to answer the question - NO! Clearly, this is not acceptable.

Secondly, my family and my business have suffered greatly because I have not had usable and dependable DSL service for over a month, even though I have been promised by EVERY ATT&T customer service representative that AT&T knows that I have a choice in the product that I purchase and that they will solve my problem and provide me with excellent service. That is, of course, unless they won't.

Thirdly, AT&T employs very nice, polite people to man their phones. Unfortunately, they only "take orders," once the "order leaves their desk" they have "no control over what happens to it or if it actually gets processed" and they are "very sorry for my troubles" and that I should be aware that "orders can be cancelled at any time." They are also, always willing to transfer me to someone who can better help me (but, they never stay on the line, leaving me to explain my story to 5 different people) and I have yet to really be helped. I still have no usable DSL service.

Lastly, thank you AT&T for the invaluable knowledge that I have gained into my computer, DSL service and the internet. I have used my newfound skills to come to the conclusion that I need to go elsewhere and seek out new internet service as AT&T refuses to provide my family and business this service.

Thieving liars!
By -

I signed up for a DSL line through AT&T because they told me they had this great special for $20 a month. I did not want to pay more than that so I signed up and I sent in for a $100 mail in rebate for my router. After the first month, I did not receive a bill. I waited until the next month, and still no bill so I went to the office nearby to make sure they had the right address, but they couldn't change or access my account without my account number which would only be on a bill... which I did not get, then after being hung up on and on the phone for over an hour they said they had my billing address changed to the right one.

Worst part was the fact that my bill was $150, not the $20/mo rate they promised me... saying it would kick in after the first three months. Next month came around, and NO BILL! So I called again to change the address, they still had the wrong address so they changed it again, then tried to sell me some extra stuff, no thank you.

After all this I received a bill yesterday of $171!!! Does that sound like $20/mo? NO they rape their customers for their money and lie in order to have customers. Oh yeah, and that $100 rebate for the router I was supposed to have gotten, never came, I'm sure they decided to keep that too.

Impossible to Locate Online Bill Payment, Forcing Consumers to Pay Via 800 Number & Pay $5 Service Fee
By -

THE PLOT: From what I can tell, AT&T has a little scam going where they make it impossible to pay your DSL bill online, forcing customers to pay via 800 number where they're forced to pay $5 for "the pleasure" of paying with a live CSR. I've searched EVERYWHERE on the AT&T DSL "Account Management" Website, and while I have an account management page where I can "manage my DSL account," I cannot for the life of me figure out where to pay my bill online. I have searched EVERYWHERE.

I'm fairly tech savvy, I'm the king of google searching, and in instances where it appeared that I had located a web page where I "could potentially" pay online, the account login process would be riddled with errors that were impossible to correct without calling an 800 customer service number. So I called the 800 number to inquire about paying my bill. The following actually occurred today, but it's also typical of what occurs whenever I call AT&T:

I get the first CSR. I ask to pay half of my bill today and then half at a later time (I'm in college, stretching my financial aid). The first customer service person read me this overly broad, useless script and then tells me "that she'd have to transfer me to another agent." I get transferred to another CSR who tells me I can pay $50 today, and then $22 over the next two payments (I owed something in the $90 range). BUT THEN CSR #2 tells me "that she has to transfer me to yet another extension."

I get transferred to CSR #3 who starts to read me YET ANOTHER useless script... and then she tells me "that I have to pay $69 today or risk having my service interrupted..." Feeling hustled, I just give up and pay the full amount. $69 vs. $96. It's not worth the hassle to spread out the payments. AND THEN OF ALL THINGS, I ask about whether or not I'm being charged a fee for paying over the phone, AND SURE ENOUGH. I'm being charged FIVE DOLLARS for the hassle of paying with a live CSR.

FIVE DOLLARS for listening to insulting, useless scripts... FIVE DOLLARS for being transferred THREE TIMES. FIVE DOLLARS for being hustled like I'm in a pawn shop. MIND YOU, I tried like crazy to pay online with no luck. BOTTOM LINE: From what I can tell, AT&T has a little scam going where they make it impossible OR VERY DIFFICULT to pay your bill online, forcing customers to pay via 800 number where they're forced to pay $5 for "the pleasure" of paying with a live CSR.

Would AT&T have told me of the $5 fee had I not specifically asked about it??? Maybe someone else can fill us in on whether or not you have to actually ask or risk finding out when you check your bill at a later time.

U-Verse and DSL Service
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH CAROLINA -- I recently moved (less than one mile) from my former address. Before moving, I had AT&T home phone with DSL service. I called to transfer my services - the representative told me that I am now eligible for U-verse. Okay, great! They scheduled my install date (2 weeks later). The technician comes out and tells me that I live "too far" from the main box to connect to U-Verse. He said an engineer would come out to take a look and a new tech would be out in another 2 weeks!

Finally... 2 weeks later the Tech arrived to install my DSL service... or so I thought! He tells me, "I'm sorry but you are not eligible for U-Verse." I tell him, "yes I realize that and all I want is DSL." He said, "well I am from the U-Verse team and apparently they did not transfer over the ticket." He gave me a number to call and set up a transfer of my DSL service. So I call only to find out there are no more open lines/ports and I can't get DSL service! AT&T had already shut off my previous DSL service from my old address so I wouldn't keep getting charged and because they said I am eligible for U-Verse.

The engineer and tech says I am not eligible for U-Verse because I live to far from the main box, but when I call AT&T Customer Care, that's all I'm eligible for. So now I am stuck in between with no internet service and AT&T won't do anything about it except say I'm sorry, I wish I could give you DSL but I can't. When I ask why they still show me as being eligible for U-Verse even though I live too far away, she says, "I'm sorry, that sometimes happens to show that you're eligible when in fact you live further away for services."

So basically new customers to the area, are out of luck unless you live within a certain mile radius. Had I known this from the beginning, I would have never agreed for them to shut off my DSL services from the old address, now I'm out of luck and AT&T doesn't seem to care. I have been bounced around from call to call and taken off early from work to have two tech's come out and basically say "I'm sorry, I can't help you!"

When I call and ask for a Supervisor, I get the same standard response "They are not available at the moment" or they put me on hold for 30 minutes! I expected more from AT&T, but apparently I was wrong! I have 3 wireless phones with AT&T, and I think it's time to look into other providers!

Bellsouth "WAS" on until AT&T came alone...
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I was a 14+ year user of Bellsouth. Net DSL & Phone services. Several years ago I went self-employed. I decided to go the Yellow Pages route and did that. Like the subject heading says... Bellsouth was OK... sort of until AT&T came alone and then the SKY FELL! If your bill is late with them, there is no e-mail, no complementary call... or anything. I called of course and told them I wouldn't tolerate this crap. Oh, I suppose I did use some RATHER nice Expletives. The Techie finally settled down and we got friendly. He told me on the phone that Bellsouth is no longer and that AT&T is the driving force and things have changed.

During July 2007 I did get an e-mail from them concerning a past due billing. I paid it in full. I had another balance that was NOT past due and three weeks later they turned off the DSL. BIG MISTAKE! They even bragged out that! I told them that's OK. I canceled the contract, went with another company, immediately. Since then they have tried to collect from me $900.00+ which I will not pay and have not to date. They have put three collection agencies on me. S0 What? They also have offered us $500.00 Visa Gift Cards to come back so many times I can't remember all the while being in "Collection" with them.

When one of the collection agencies were told this, they dropped my AT&T account immediately. AT&T called me up to five time a week. I cussed then, I was nice to them and indifferent. Nothing worked! I finally went to the NO CALL. Com address and placed a complaint there... and guess what? The calls stopped... all of them. All of this has happened during the last 28 months. I failed to mention that I am a computer repair facility. Clients have has NIGHTMARES with AT&T and I have tried to untangle their mess. I got hung up on, elevator music + 30 minutes... disconnected... RAG HEADS... you name it! Food for thought. God Bless!

Horrible service
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For the past week I have suffered through the most absolutely terrible service (both business and personal) from AT&T that one could imagine! First, a few weeks ago I got a call from someone who represented themselves as AT&T offering me a "FREE" upgrade for my DSL, as a "Thank you" for years of continued service. I questioned the word "FREE" several times, and was assured that it was a free gift. I accepted, only to find out later that it was a sub-contractor who lied, and I spent hours trying to undo the mess. Several days later, my business phone went out.

It took SEVEN calls (pushing prompts-getting transferred-taking abuse-listening to elevator music etc., before I extracted promise to fix it the next day. Since I have (and pay for) call transfer to switch my business phone to my cell phone, I asked them to do it for me because my phone was out and I didn't know how to do remotely. They said I would need a password. I looked on my bill and found a password and gave it to them. They said it was no good and I would have to give them one they issued in 2003 I didn't have it, so they refused to transfer my call so I would at least be able to do business until they fixed my phones.

It took me threatening to switch to Comcast to finally get the bozos to transfer my calls. Another HOUR of my time wasted! Today, I paid my home phone bill online, and they had a problem with their website that could have caused me to pay twice. Once again, 1/2 hour of prompts, repeating my information, being transferred and repeating the info, more music, THEN... OOOPPS... DISCONNECTED AFTER OVER A HALF HOUR OF STRESS AND WASTED TIME!

I went back to their website where it is virtually impossible to find a number to call them (the only number I had was for a business phone). THESE PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHAT DECENT SERVICE IS, AND WHAT IS WORST, THEY DON'T CARE!!!

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So I like to play online games ie WoW. I live in a trailer and the park I am in offer phone and DSL service. Well I have an air card through another provider and I wanted a faster connection for gaming. So I contacted the parks office and they told me I need to set up an account with AT&T and let the park know when my service is supposed to start. So I did and the setup went very well. AT&T runs the line to the park then the park hooks up my space inside of the park. Well two days went by after my service start date. I went to the park office and asked what gives. They told me AT&T needs to give me the binding post number so they can hook my line up.

So 5 hours on the phone with AT&T's customer service being told the BP# is private and none of my business, I finally got someone to tell me. I told the park and they went to hook my line up and AT&T told me the wrong number! So another 3 hours on the phone they said we will send a tech out there to fix it. The tech showed up about a week later and said it was never hooked up to the park so he got it all hooked up to the park and in the park in 15 min! What has taken 2 weeks to do he did in 15 mins. He then told me I am too far away from the box and that the speed is too high and that I will be kicked off a lot. So he put in a request to lower the speed.

Two days later still nothing! So another 2 hours on the phone I get another service tech out. He tells me the same thing. I call AT&T back and after being on hold for 45min they say OK we lowered the speed but it won't take effect for about a week! So yesterday was the week and it's still not working. I am canceling the account and will play through my air card. They are THE WORST COMPANY for communications! I hope they get put out of business! The FCC needs to fix them. DO NOT GET THEIR SERVICE!!

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