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Non-Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On 12/5/2016 I called AT&T to cancel DirecTV. They had oversold me on free TV U-VERSE or INFINITY, I don't recall the name now, in up to 4 rooms...So I bought 2 more cheap TVs for my extra bedrooms. (I am a very senior citizen and live alone. I seldom watch TV and do not subscribe to any movie channels...occasionally I have a guest that may use the extra room and may enjoy the FREE TV). The bill increased excessively. I was aware of and prepared to pay the $200 early exit fee. The associate offered me a Trek 1G 8" Tablet for 99 cents and $10 a month.

He also reduced my DirecTV to very basic program at an affordable price. In addition, attached was a mobile phone (which I already have). The deal was I would pay 99cents and a 43.50 setup (?) and $10 a month for 24 months at which time I would own the tablet. He assured me there would be no extra charges if I never used the mobile phone. For being a good AT&T customer I would receive a $200 prepaid VISA card in the mail. It never arrived. They refuse to paper bill me. Suspension threats w/ late charges arrive every 90 days. Deny they ever had a $200 Visa card promotion.

Overbilling & Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON -- We subscribed to AT&T's Gold Passport plan in May and June 2016. They continued to bill us for the plan, month after month, despite the fact that we called every month and they reversed the charges. My wife called the first few months. This month was my turn. I spent an hour on the phone talking to four -- count 'em 4 -- people, including a supervisor. Finally got the charges reversed, but they refused to make a courtesy adjustment for our time and aggravation. I will change carriers at the earliest opportunity. I suggest that you NOT do business with AT&T Mobility, as they are INCOMPETENT and INCONSIDERATE and NO VALUE ON CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Dissatisfaction of AT&T Mobility Service
By -

ATLANTA,, GEORGIA -- Here is the letter that I sent certified mail to AT&T Mobility, cc. California Public Utilities Commission. On December 23, 2008 Rehabilitation Therapy Inc. DBA Robertson ADHC, entered into a 2 year contract with AT&T Mobility for cell phone service with push to talk service. We received six (6) LGECU515 Blk Units. The LG 515 phones have been a problem from day one. The sound is such bad quality and low volume that you can not hear what the other party is saying about half the time. We have complained about the quality of the LG 515 phones starting on January 14, 2009 to **, Business Account Executive, Northern California.

They Keep Money Paid???? On What Basis???
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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- I have - correction: DID have - a Go plan which meant I prepaid amount the 1st of each month. The amount I chose was $49.99. I noticed I had a balance of around $49.00 and have had it for a while. This month, I called them wondering if I could just use the balance - THAT THEY HAD ALREADY CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD - to make calls since this is what I normally paid.

First phone call - I was hung up on. Second phone call - I got someone that didn't know. Third phone call - I connected with someone that said sure!!! All he had to do was cancel the prepayment for the month!!! This way I could use up the balance on phone calls this month!!! Then towards the end of the month, I would call back and enroll back in the prepayments!!! I was like whoopppeee!!! This was on May 5th.

I kept getting text messages from AT&T, so I figured my phone was working, but this morning, I got an email that my phone wasn't working. I was like what? Tried the number and it's been cut-off. I called up AT&T to find out what happened, and was informed, not ONLY did they cut off my service, but they KEPT THE MONEY!!! I was like, huh??? How can you legally do that? If you pay for services and those services are not rendered, you either have to render the service or return the money??? The android on the phone - ** - said that that's not how it worked.

It seems AT&T does have the right - in their own mind - to keep money that they have no right to since they are not providing a service! I said that number 1, it's illegal and number 2, I relied on THEIR representative - an employee that THEY chose to represent their company - to supply me with the correct information, and she said, "Well, I don't know that!" I said "well, aren't there records of my calls?" She said yes.

I asked her whether she thought it was just a coincidence or serendipity that I called at the precise time that there was supposed to be a payment? She said - I quote - "Our customers are always doing strange things - I really have no idea why they do things." It's nice to know that this employee thinks that customers that call up about their money being ripped off are "strange" for doing so. The end result was that she couldn't handle the simple problem I outlined to her - nor did she make any attempt to correct it. I didn't even want to particularly switch services at this time! I just wanted things rectified.

Now this leaves me getting a new wireless provider, suing them in small claims court and putting a block on the money charged on my credit card. I figure somebody hauling their butt down and making an appearance in court is going to cost AT&T more than $50 bucks, and maybe I'll win by default if they don't appear. All this hassle for $50??? Plus I missed a job because the phone was not working. I'll tack that on the small claims charge.

It's funny that when I asked her to correct the situation especially given the economy and told her I couldn't afford to lose the money - or the job - that she said she couldn't because she was an employee of AT&T and needed to do what they told her. I asked her if she wasn't a human being first and she said no, she was an employee. There's your answer as to why things have gone to hell in a hand basket.

AT&T Extortion-Like Activity
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had AT&T service for some time. In the last 2 years of my time with them, I started receiving promotions from AT&T via SMS. I didn't really care to receive them, so I started the customer service song and dance to have them stopped. However, nothing seemed to stop them, no matter what CS did with my account. Eventually, I discovered that these messages were not free AT&T messages despite promoting AT&T contests and services. Other family members on AT&T were actually being charged for the messages. I was not, because I had a messaging plan.

When confronting AT&T CS about this, they mentioned I might have signed up for something. I had only ever used an old service with Cingular years prior to the merger and since disabled it. CS confirmed it was disabled. When CS and management was unable to figure out what was going on, and refused to investigate, I decided the best course of action was to force escalation through a BBB report. A woman in the local Office of the President contacted me regarding the case. Her conclusion was that I signed up for something and need to figure out what it was to end it. Basically, she accused me of causing it.

Due to her refusal to actually investigate the issue after stating she did investigate, I did my own investigation. I found a third party that was sending the messages on behalf of AT&T. I contacted this third party and they confirmed they created and sent the messages, but the contact list was controlled by AT&T, not them. I read the terms of service over again and found the terms allowed for this, but I still had the right to refuse it.

I contacted the lady with this information and she denied knowledge of this company, or its relationship with AT&T. She blew me off by stating she would look into it and contact me when she had information. She never called me back. I attempted to reach her, but never could. The BBB case sat dormant, other than my periodic updates as I noted I was still receiving the messages and AT&T has been ignoring the case. Eventually, I got a notice from the BBB that they would like the case closed. They offered to enter into arbitration, and that if I did not respond, the case would close. I followed their directions for arbitration.

During this time, I had canceled my service with AT&T and moved to another provider. AT&T then sent me a bill stating I was late in paying a bunch of fees including 2 cancellation fees. I spoke with CS and they were only willing to waive one of the fees, not both. I explained that I would rather wait for arbitration to complete. Shortly thereafter the BBB case closed without my knowledge or consent. No notice was sent to me about the closure. AT&T never really respected the BBB case and seemed not to care because I guess they can make them go away.

I now sit on threats of credit damage if I don't pay their extensive list of fees, probably punishment for reporting them to the BBB.

Watch Out for AT&T and AT&T Mobile
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Watch our if you are attempting to stop your services with AT&T. We had both AT&T and Cingular which is not AT&T Mobile. We thought in September (it's January of the next year now) that we had stopped our services by calling AT&T and letting them know that we wanted to stop our services as of the 1st of October. We made sure to say that we wanted both our land line and our mobile number to be cancelled. We even asked if there was anything else we needed to do. We were told we were all done. Of course we also had them trying like crazy to get us to stay with them but that's another story.

After doing this (they don't give confirmation numbers so watch out!) a couple of months went by and we got another bill from them. We called back and had to go through all of this again. Mind you at this time we already had another service. We were sent to multiple different people. It was not until this next month that we were told that AT&T did not inform them (AT&T mobility) that we had cancelled our service with them. Then it was a back and forth with each passing the buck to the other. We have finally had to get with the FTC and BBB. My husband even got a call at work and went ahead and (unfortunately) paid it because he was worried about our credit rating.

Tonight (mid January now) he got another call at work. I called the people back and were told that we owed AT&T Mobility again. They had our last payment at the end of September when we wanted to end the service. And still they are sending this back and forth. We're told again that we "should" have known we had to cancel our mobile phone and our regular phone separately. We don't want this to hurt our credit any more (we're going through identity theft as it is now). BEWARE of this and make sure you get a name because they won't give you a confirmation number and make sure you cancel both.

WARNING the Worst Phone Company in America
By -

The AT&T people are the rudest, sorriest, worthless, disrespectful, dishonest, non caring, bunch of liars that anyone could be. On the wireless phone we bought was about $200.00 and was told it was a brand new phone. We had found out it was not a new phones it was refurbished, an AT&T tech told us it was a refurbish phones. We got total of 3 Motorola razors and all them were refurbish. AT&T could not fix these phones and then was giving a Samsung propel and it was refurbish. All AT&T did was just replaced the sim cards.

After talking with the AT&T senior tech, he said it was not the sim cards that was messed up it was all their wireless phones that is messed up but they didn't want to let the customers know that all the phone are having REAL BIG PROBLEMS with all the wireless phones because then they will lose money. So we called the office of the president of AT&T wireless, talked to the manager ** and more less told he can care less about customers, called us a liar then we asked to talk to his boss and he said that the call will not go any higher than him. He deactivate our service and whipped out all our info's and the pictures we had in our phone..

We use the cell phone to stay in contacts with our doctors and for emergency. ** said he don't care.. and we found out that there is people above him and they are ** and these people don't care either. And if you go try to go any higher they will call the police on you and make up lies... ANYONE THAT WANTS THE NUMBER TO THE AT&T BOARD # IS 1-800-403-3302 AND THIS IS ** # 1-806-758-6700. I advise anyone DO NOT GET AT&T WIRELESS SERVICE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TALK TO LIKE A WORTHLESS DOG.

Terrible Customer Service
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CORONADO, CALIFORNIA -- So far this company is ridiculous. Their customer service has seriously degraded since being Cingular. Never had any problems with Cingular (or at least bad problems). Small problems were resolved, but lately, it's just one after another with AT&T. During my military suspension which took over a month to get suspended they continued to charge me $20 a month for unlimited text msgs. They continue to charge me taxes from VA. I haven't lived in VA for 3 years. I was told to call and have it changed, but when I did I received a message saying that I could not be helped (no reason), and I should call back later.

Well, just recently I was charged $550+ for data usage when I had a plan for it. I recently changed my phone, and brought it to the AT&T store twice, and I'm sure that's where the mix up was made. Finally, after being harassed by AT&T on my phone 2 to 3 phone calls a day, I found the error. I contacted AT&T by phone only to find out they are closed on Sundays and then I wrote them by email which a few days for them to get back to me. They finally responded saying they fixed most of it except for my past due account which supposedly there is a trouble ticket in which will text msg me as soon as the problem is fixed.

The only problem now is my phone doesn't not work at all. Maybe I should call them, nope that doesn't work. I can't even call 611 to them. They are idiots and screwed up and are now shutting off my service because they are idiots. I always pay my bills, but there is no way I'm paying $550+ for their mistake. Terrible customer service from this company. Everything is too automated to cut down on costs. Is it too much to hire someone on Sundays or how about 24/7 support? AT&T is a gigantic corporation charging way too much for their services.

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Rating: 2/51

TENNESSEE -- AT&T makes it so annoying to opt out from their so fair permission to not sell my info to anyone that most people just give up. How can this be legal? I tried to not give them permission that is getting to the point of saying this is impossible. How can the honorable B.B.B. let this be? AT&T has the confidence to post this: "PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE. All replies are automatically deleted..." I don't know why the B.B.B. make AT&T to if people don't reply they don't have permission. That is more legal, but since AT&T gave B.B.B. a “donation” it's o.k.

By -

UTICA, MICHIGAN -- The customer is always right, wrong... If you like being treated like a second class citizen/customer, AT&T is the provider for you. If you only desire to speak to automated telephone support, AT&T is the provider for you. If you enjoy the inability to settle any sort of dispute whatsoever, AT&T is the provider for you. If you're enamored by offensive and threatening business letters, AT&T is the provider for you. God forbid you should decide to upgrade your services with them because they'll continue charging you for both the old services and new ones.

After 6 prison-like years of services (if you know what I mean), I'm sending it all back. Good riddance. ATT, this is my last act as a paying customer, and it's only befitting that I let everyone know how wonderful you are! Regards, hope AT&T fires you ** from Sales, Service and Billing (phone click).

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