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I Can't Get Any Help
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Rating: 2/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was on the phone today for over 2 hours and was transferred many times. This being the 4th or 5th time of me calling, I was having an issue with signing into any of the mobile premium movie apps (HBO GO, Cinemax On Demand, Starz, and Cinemax) and the non-premium ones as well (CNN and Comedy Central). I am able to log into my AT&T app but when I get transferred to the authentication page, an error pops up saying I don't have the services.

Now I know I do and that's because I have the U-450. I am able to watch it at home but during today's day and age, who's home? I have 2 businesses to run and don't have the time to call and be on the phone for so long and not be able to be helped. I even had a technician come out that wasn't able to help either. Now today I finally got a technical support manager to tell me that it is a server error that is on the AT&T side of things. Understandable.

Now my question is why am I paying for this? I got transferred to retention and explained since that's the reason I got the service, I wasn't able to use it so I would like to cancel. Their answer? "No problem, your bill will be $75 instead of $126 (!) because of "bundle" pricing." So then I said "why don't you just cancel my service with the premium channels and give me basic cable?" To which they replied "it would end up costing you more."

Then after asking to speak to a manager, I was told that they were unavailable and would call me back on Monday. So I waited over 2 hours to be right where I was before. I've lost valuable time and got NOTHING done. What happened to customer service? What happened to making sure the customer was happy? What happened to owning up for your own mess ups? Frustrated and in need of other options.

Horrible, Continuing to Charge Me for a Cancelled Service, Keeps Claiming They Never Received Payment for Specific Months, and Claims I Never Sent Equipment Back Though I've Sent Them Tracking Numbers
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Rating: 1/51

CLEMSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I've never written a bad review before but AT&T is absolutely one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. They are crooks. I had AT&T U-verse service (cable and internet) from August 2014 to August 2015. At the end of July, they sent me a bill for over $200 claiming that we had unpaid bills and overdue fees because no one had paid the bill for June and July. They claimed the last payment on their record was from May, when we had for a fact paid the June and July bills. After a long frustrating phone call, we seemingly sorted out the charges and I decided to pay the $15 fee to cancel the service as we were moving out later that month anyway.

They sent me a shipping label for equipment return and said they needed to have all the equipment back by a certain date (about two weeks later). My roommate then mailed back all the U-verse equipment. About a month and a half later in September, they sent me a bill in the mail for over $600 claiming that we had overdue bill charges and none of our equipment had been returned, even though we had cancelled our service and paid off the remaining balance back in July.

After going to the post office and sending tracking information and receipts that we had in fact sent the equipment in the mail, AT&T sent me a message the next day saying that our equipment had been received and that our return had been confirmed. Now three weeks later, they sent me another letter in the mail saying that we had an outstanding balance of $519. The letter did not say what the charges were for or explain why we STILL owed money.

Later that day I got a call from a collection agency about the outstanding balance. When I called AT&T, they said the charges were for unpaid bills in June and July totaling over $300 (which during my phone call at the end of July they told me were no longer due). They said they had records of payments in May and a final payment on August 1 when the subscription was cancelled. Where did the payment from August go then, if they have it on record but didn't attribute it to the June and July bill??? They then said the remaining balance was for unreturned equipment.

When I told them that I had received a confirmation for the equipment return and asked why they would send me a confirmation if they hadn't actually received the equipment back, they said they had sent the confirmation after receiving only 1 of the 4 pieces of equipment and were charging me for the other three, even though they had sent me a confirmation of returned equipment (what??). They said they would need us to send the tracking numbers, even though we had already done that weeks before when the first incident of “unreturned equipment” occurred.

I am so angry that AT&T has sent debt collectors after me for unjust charges and is continuing to tack on more charges for a service that I cancelled months ago. Every time we attempt to sort it out, they back pedal on what they said the previous time regarding what we had paid. This corporation is trying to steal money.

They Screwed Up My Order!
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Rating: 1/51

CUMMING, GEORGIA -- I ordered service in mid-January 2016. I ordered 2 phone lines (because my husband has to have a phone in his garage with his own number), U200 (because I wanted certain channels) and the internet. The install was Jan. 27th. I had been quoted $199.09 as including taxes, etc. While they were setting up, I was told their order was 1 phone line, the family plan (cheapest and not the channels I had specifically requested). I had also told them we would be using 5 televisions.

I had to call customer service to inform them what I had ordered and was told that they (AT&T) had a promotion that the U200 and the U300 was the same price as the family plan. So I took the U300. I was also told they were waiving the installation fee. There was no mention of an activation fee. The phone numbers I had were not released yet so they gave me 2 temporary numbers. Told me to call Feb. 2nd or 3rd to see if they were released. They were so I kept them.

Got my first bill and it was over $218.00 but I just shrugged it off. Then I got my next bill and it was $241.00+. I was dumbfounded! I woke at 5am and checked my email. I fumed till about 6am and started a chat. The first guy got frustrated and transferred me. He didn't stay on but a few minutes and supposedly got disconnected. I got back on in a few minutes and think I got the first guy again. He patiently listened and kept assuring me that it would get straightened out. That was after 7am the same day.

He said a supervisor would call me after 8am to further discuss the problem. I was home until after lunch and when I returned home about 6pm. No calls on the caller ID. I called the 800 number and was transferred to someone in billing. The rudest person I have ever dealt with. She would not listen and kept saying that I ordered 1 thing and upgrade after they got here. That was not the case and I was boiling so I hung up.

Next day I calmed down and tried again. Chat with a female name. Started off ok, but I had to keep repeating myself and put an exclamation point after my comment and she sent me to a supposed manager. He told me to call the same 800 number and I said thanks and cut it off before I got enraged again. As soon as I can afford to get out I will never use anything from AT&T again.

Horrible Service
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I must admit, after these first comments this review is going to get ugly. However, I will give AT&T credit on the fact that their initial installation in my home was fairly smooth, this includes the internet's performance, which is my main concern in this review. However, when I moved and had a change of address is when the problems began. Starting off with the call to get my services switched to my new location the operator on the other end sent both, the DirecTV installer and the internet installer to my last address.

Secondly, when the installer for my internet showed up they didn't use the correct modem, and for whatever reasons outside of my home, there was a problem with the wires so I had to wait an extra 3 days for a modem to be mailed to me in order for ME to install the modem. And I never got a smooth month of service since.

I constantly have service interruptions, some have been for up to nearly an hour, others shorter. Many of their employees have been in my home to fix it, one tech switched the modem with a replacement, and the the disturbances came fewer and further between, but the fact that I'm paying for disturbances just doesn't sit well with me. They've told me they had people checking on the wiring outside before, but a customer can't really tell if that's being done or not.

Lastly their return policy for equipment is completely unreasonable. I have three pieces of equipment at my home and am more than willing to give this back to AT&T, however they don't send anyone out to take these things back, and will put $150 on your bill per piece of equipment. So I saw a bill that read 661.65 because of this. This "give it to us, but we can't get it" policy is completely unfair to those that are disabled, or those that do not have the means to return the equipment to an AT&T Store, or a UPS Store.

I strongly recommend that if you need internet service not to go to AT&T for service. Based on my experience their customer service is so pleasant, ok, and apologetic is because their overall services are sub-par at best. Stick to Comcast, or I'll take a guess that a local cheaper place is better quality-wise. I could go on about their billing but if you need to know, I dare you to try them out. I know I'm sorry I did.

20 year old. Landline # lost by AT&T Mistake. They don't care.
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Rating: 1/51

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA -- This is by far the most disastrous customer service I've experienced. My senior citizen parents who have been AT&T customers since '94. Dad decided to upgrade to an AT&T U-Verse package that somehow involved transferring the landline to their department. After the installation, my father wanted to add additional channels. Their service representative said that he is unable to act on our service, because the order is currently in "Incomplete" state and he is unable to Complete it. His solution? He DELETED our order, which spawned a whole slew of new trouble.

Both the landline of 20 years and TV service were cut on the evening of CHRISTMAS EVE and were never restored. Each time we connected to a Rep, they would dispute and claim that we're not supposed have TV or Landline (No **, YOU DELETED them!) and we have to go through 20 minutes of explaining the situation before escalation. For cases where the representative claimed we'll receive a call from their supervisor or manager, no such call ever came. Hey, they must figure, if our record is gone, they wouldn't be accountable, right?

Finally, I got a representative who was able to find the problem. Apparently the TV package was contingent/bound to the landline number, but that was cut because the landline was deactivated. She asked, "What's the new number you would like?" Apparently, it is not possible to restore our number which THEY cut off only TWO days ago restored, even though no new user claimed it. I explained to her supervisor that it is unacceptable to have our 20 year old landlines to be cut off just like that on an AT&T mistake and that they need to rectify it. I was told, and I quote, "It is not about whether you accept it or not. This is how it is."

Incompetent representatives, ineffective system tools and poor note-taking, and unwillingness to admit and take responsibility for their people and system issues. This is by far the worst corporation and does not deserve any future business with me or any one, and does not deserve to exist.

They Made a Mistake and Won't Stop Billing Me After They Moved My Service to My New House
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Rating: 1/51

I had them move my service to my new house and they kept billing me for both houses the one I sold and the one I bought. It took 4 months to stop the double billing and 6 more months to stop trying to collect $1200! Then after months of U-verse not working at the new location we found out it worked for no one on our street so we canceled with a letter and again they would not stop billing us. This time it was only two hundred fifty dollars and this time they ruined my credit and won't do anything else.

Don't ever use AT&T. They suck and have no common sense. How can they just bully you into paying? I have no say in this. They just did it and I pay or have bad credit. It seems as though I should have a say in this right?

Home Internet
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Rating: 1/51

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS -- AT&T in one word SUCKS. The internet goes out everyday. I already have replaced their modem 4 times and it does the same **. I pay over 100 dollars a month for ** service. Customer service people are nice but don't fix **. They always send someone to check it out 2 weeks later and all they do is check to see if I have it plugged in. We can have live feed from mars but you they can't keep me connected all day.

AT&T need to close down and give their customers all their money back. I had better internet when I was in Iraq in the middle of a war, at least there if I had a issue the guy would come within an hour and fix it and give us a month of free service. I regret getting this service. Thanks for ** your customers AT&T.

AT&T Removed a Incorrect Charge 3 Times and Then Turned Us to a Collection Agency
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Rating: 1/51

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS -- U-verse removed erroneous charges 3 times from our bill. They agreed the charges were incorrect which happened after we moved to another city and did not transfer our service. The town we moved to, Lewisville TX, did not offer U-verse at our apartments. We just found out AT&T U-verse turned us over to a collection agency, and now says we have to prove the $350 charges are not ours. Their first explanation was that we failed to return our equipment, then we provided proof so they removed the charges.

What did happen is they mailed us 3 boxes of equipment when they were supposed to mail us empty boxes to return our equipment. So, we had to make a special trip to return equipment they sent by mistake and did NOT have recorded as being sent. We returned our equipment, and the equipment they mailed to us by mistake, and paid our bill.

We've spent approximately four hours or more trying to straighten this problem out but now they tell me I have to prove we don't owe the $350. We will dispute with all 3 credit bureaus and report to BBB and any other consumer websites that I can find. I will never use U-verse again and we're working on reducing our AT&T cell phone bills and hoping for a better company to change our plans to. Unfortunately, AT&T cell phones is better than T-Mobile and Verizon. Wish there was another player in the game.

After Several Weeks AT&T Has Not Installed the Right Services.
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Rating: 1/51

JONESTOWN, TEXAS -- After leaving Hughes Net for AT&T, I found a great deal of erroneous lightheadedness. The right hand seems to not be in contact with the left. I had ordered Uverse for my computer, and a land line for use of my Merlin pacemaker monitor. The techs installed Uverse and the phone system combo. I cannot use the Uverse phone because my MERLIN WILL NOT WORK ON ANYTHING BUT LANDLINE.

I called cust service to report this mistake, and after a total of 45 minutes, and 4 transfers, I was disconnected. Frustrated, I called once more for the same punishment. To this day, after many calls to cust serv., and tech installers, I HAVE THE SAME SERVICE. My next step will to be with the FCC, FTC and possibly Barnum & Bailey.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SHELBY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have my payments sent to AT&T electronically through my bank every month. I was watching TV the other day and suddenly the screen flashed a message saying my system was being rebooted and powered down. Then I noticed my internet and phone were not working either. My service had been disconnected for non-payment. I have all these services bundled through AT&T. I called the bank and my payment of $165.10 had been sent to AT&T one week prior. I did not have an outstanding balance.

I called AT&T and was told they could not find my payment and could not restore my service until they had found it. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the person that answered, who I seriously doubt was a supervisor, told me the same thing. I had the reference number from the bank, the electronic check number, and the date it had been paid which was a week prior to the disconnection. I was told by one customer service representative it could take 7-10 days for my service to be restored. I became very upset because I knew the bill had been paid.

I told them if it was not restored immediately I would look into changing my services. One representative told me to do what I had to do and didn't seem concerned in the least. I waited a few hours and called them back. I was told by ANOTHER representative that the bank always sends their payments to them by U.S. Mail in the form of a paper check. I knew this wasn't true because the bank had already told me they had sent it electronically and they never send checks to companies via the U.S. Mail. I spoke to yet another representative who spoke to me like I was a slow two year old and even, at certain points, talked baby talk to me. I was furious.

I called them back again a few hours later and was told the same thing. My payment could not be found and therefore they couldn't turn my service back on. They refused to listen when I told them I had the reference number for the payment. I even offered to fax them a copy of the payment information from my bank and they said no. Because I didn't want to go 10 days without service I paid the bill again. My service was back on within 30 minutes. Approximately 1 hour later I went online and looked at my payment history.

Miraculously they had found the original payment and credited it to my bill so I am now paid up through September. I called back and insisted they give me a confirmation number for both payments which they did. I find it hard to believe they couldn't find the original payment 1 hour prior to the other payment being made. This is the second time I've had to ask them to look for a payment. This is the first time they've ever disconnected my service though. I like U-verse programming and I have no complaints with my actual phone, internet, or U-verse services however, their customer service representatives leave a lot to be desired.

The 'baby talking' lady, at one point, even sang "la la la la" in my ear when I tried to give her the confirmation number for the original payment. Fortunately I took the names of everyone I spoke to and I plan on calling their sales department on Monday. I want to ask them if they mention their horrible customer service when attempting to sell their product.

AT&T needs to realize they are no longer the only game in town when it comes to telephone service. As soon as my contract is up I will be changing everything over to a different company based on my experience with their customer service group. Although I like U-verse, I would not recommend anyone buying any of AT&T's services simply because their customer service is horrible.

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