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Billing me without permission and won't refund
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY -- I'm not from the US and more than a year ago I came here to study. I got two pre paids, one for me and one for my mother. We stayed here from January until mid March 2018, and, on my last day, I went personally to an AT&T store just to be sure that bot lines would be cancelled. When they said it was properly cancelled, I went back to my country and forgot about it. Even though we did not enroll for autopay, after a month, we received billing for each of the simcards in our creditcard. We tried to solve the problem online, but the website said our numbers were cancelled, so we couldn't access it, only via telephone. We called, which is pretty expensive since we live in another country, and after a long talk, they said they couldn't do anything because our lines were cancelled. This last months we tried to solve the problem several times, including calling the bank and asking for them to refuse the payment (they said they couldn't do so, that AT&T was the one that shouldn't charge).
Now it is March 2019. It's been a year since I asked AT&T to cancel my two lines, but I'm still getting the bill. I came to the US for other reasons and already went 3 times to stores and spent a few HOURS on the phone with them. Today, I talked to Jane and Anna on the payment phone number. Firstly, they were both very nice, but said they couldn't refund us.
Jane found out that we're being charged because of two numbers from 2017, which doesn't make much sense - even though yes, we also came to the US at the end of 2017, we also didn't enroll for autopay and didn't start being charged until 2018.
We didn't have any numbers from 2017, only two from 2018 that, as they keep telling us, aren't at the system.
Jane first said that they could refund only 90 days for each line, but the line magically was cut when we told her that we wanted a refund for the whole year that they billed us the 40 dollars without our permission. When we called again and Anna picked up, she said they wouldn't refund the 90 days, even. When we complained, the line was cut again.
We tried calling a few more times and the line kept being cut. A girl called Maya picked up one time, she said she was going to check something out and the line was cut. We kept calling, until Jane said that they wouldn't do anything for us and that we should stop calling, that she was trying to help her customers. We told her we are customers and she said "you WERE customers" and the line was suddenly cut again.
We're extremely upset, extremely angry and chocked that a company would treat their clients like that. It was clear to us that Jane shouldn't have said that they would refund 90 days, and when she realized it, she cut the line and all the other assistants would do the same.
We're going to cancel our credit card and ask for a new one so AT&T can't charge us anymore, but we still want a refund. It is absurd that I have to get to the point of writing this review, but I lost all hope of talking to AT&T.
Would never buy any of their services again, and not only I will not recommend, but will recommend to NOT to buy their services.

Duped Into Getting a "Free" Hot Spot.
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Rating: 1/51

OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- I am writing regarding the above number associated with the "free" hot spot I was practically forced to take home with me when I upgraded from my trustworthy flip phone to the Samsung Galaxy S4 last summer.

When I bought the upgrade I was told the phone "came with a free hot spot." I told the salesperson I did not even know what a hot spot was and did not want it. The salesperson, eventually aided by a second, insisted that I could not possibly turn down such a wonderful device, especially when I got it for free. They asked me if I had children and I said yes. They made it sound like I would be nominated for parent of the year if I had no use for it and passed it down to them. I kept declining and they kept insisting. It was basically implied (using all that good salesmanship training from AT&T) that I would be a fool not to take it. Who turns down a free gift like that?

And a fool I was. My bills kept getting higher and I kept getting tagged $15 every time the hot spot's usage went over the GBs included in my plan. At first I did not pay much attention (even after I realized there was a $20 monthly fee associated with the device which I also had not been made aware of). But then it really started to get out of control. In order to keep up with the little monster (the hot spot) I had to upgrade my plan 1, 2 maybe 3 times with more GBs until I finally could not pay my bill. I told my daughter I was sorry, I was canceling it, and assumed it was a matter of disabling the thing and changing to a cheaper plan just for my phone.

You are very, very smart. That is why you are making millions and I had to file for bankruptcy last week, not that you would care. I stuck my neck out to defend you whenever friends and acquaintances mentioned in passing you were the worst, most corrupt wireless company (or should I say spineless).

Two weeks ago I called AT&T to ask that they suspend immediately any services associated with the little monster, only to be told that I had signed a 2-year contract for my "free gift," (you know, the small print). Nobody told me during all that haggling that I was signing a 2-year contract for the hot spot. What was really important for them was that I, your customer of 10+ years, walked out of that store with the little monster. "For free."

I escalated my phone call three times until I reached a manager called **. All he did for me, in order to not incur a $99 penalty for breaking the contract, was to adjust my bill so I would only have to pay $10 instead of $20 for being the proud owner of the little monster (without using it).

Again, I am sure you do not care about the amount of financial stress I have been under lately but I conceded, lowered my plan to 2 GBs and left it at that. I had bigger problems. Now that my bigger problems are behind me, I decided to contact you to inform you of the following: I will not pay $10 a month for the deactivated hot spot. I will subtract $10 from every bill you send me from now on.

Let me know how you will punish me, harass me, sue me or otherwise try to make my life difficult. Bring it on. I know people with the same plan I have (different providers) who pay $30 a month. I hope you will extend me the courtesy of a reply, preferably in writing.


Worst Deal Ever
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Absolute worst company to work with. Every interaction with them has been a total nightmare. Initially, I switched over my wireless service after browsing online and going into the store with a chat transcript of the offer I was interested in. The sales representative confirmed the deal was valid for what I wanted, and stated that I would be receiving a $200 credit on my bill over the course of 3 months. This was a lie. I spent over 4 months battling this, with the transcripts as proof. Instead, they would tell me it's not a valid deal, and that the salesperson must have informed me incorrectly. I ended up giving up on this one.

Two years later when my contract ran out, I called to cancel the tablet that I received when I purchased my phone service. I noticed a few months later that I was still being billed for this service, and called back in to correct this. The agent stated that the note on my account said I decided not to cancel the tablet after all. Then, the agent proceeded to sell me on DirecTV. He said that I would be getting free HBO, a $15 credit on my phone bill, and all of channels that we watch basketball/football on, all for $40 per month including the taxes.

He also said that I qualified for the Unlimited data plan on my cell service, and that I would see a lowered monthly payment on my wireless bill for making the switch. I went over the details of this agreement - because it seemed to be too good to be true - extensively with both the sales agent and his supervisor. This turned out to be a lie, as my bill went from $77 to $144.

I called in about this, and the AT&T reps told me the best they could do is switch me to an $85 plan - still higher than what I was paying - and that I would have to talk to DirecTV separately. So, they transferred me to DirecTV, not even 2 weeks after the service install, and I wasted over an hour on the phone with Danielle, who refused to cancel my service for me. I begged her several times to stop trying to sell me and cancel my service.

After about an hour of this, she finally agreed to cancel, but said it would be $480 in cancellation fees. I wanted to cancel this service because it was affecting my phone bill, and to change my phone bill to a reasonable plan, AT&T said it would increase my DirecTV service to $65/month. She kept repeating that any changes I made to my AT&T wireless service would have no impact on the price I paid for DirecTV which would still include free HBO, and refused to let me speak to a manager. So I gave up, and decided to keep the $40 package.

Side note: Having DirecTV installed was a nightmare. I told them a handful of times before they arrived that I did not want anything put on the roof. When they arrived, they refused to set it up any other way, and I wasn't at home to stop it. Then, the technician told my boyfriend he had to have someone else come out to install it, even though my neighbors on the other side of the duplex got DirecTV with no issues. I called in about this when I got home from work, and they told me the technician "did not want to do his job," and that he marked us as "not home" on the work order.

A week or so after speaking with Danielle, I received an email stating that my DirecTV service was in fact increasing to $65/month - not the promised $40. I called in and spoke to DirecTV yet again. The gentleman this time proceeded to tell me that the "permanent $15 credit" on my account, was actually conditional of having the unlimited data package, however still calling it "permanent." He told me that Danielle had misinformed me, that the package was actually going to increase, and I was going to lose my HBO.

He offered to add HBO back on for $17.99 per month, when it only costs $15 from HBO directly, and it's only $5 additional on the DirecTVNOW app. DirecTVNOW also provides a cheaper rate for the same package as regular DirecTV, but does not include a contract. The app is also not made available to DirecTV customers, you have to purchase it separately. I am infuriated by the level of service I have received from this company. It is clear to me that they do not operate with integrity. As a consumer, I have rights that include not being misinformed and then bound to a contract because I did not get "Buyer's Remorse" within 24 hours of install.

Stole My Money
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Rating: 5/51

CALIFORNIA -- In May 2017, I paid my cellphones (Two) over the phone in the amount of $224.75. I have a AT&T account and my boyfriend has the DirecTV account. AT&T somehow placed the $224.75 toward the DirecTV account. Now, the DirecTV account is only 97.00 per month and is taken out the account per month from my bank. I called them and told them about the mistake that they made and asked them to forward the monies to my AT&T wireless account. I went back and forth with the both the whole day. AT&T said that I would have to take that matter up DirecTV, and DirecTV said that I would have to take that matter up with AT&T.

A few days later my boyfriend received a text stating that the matter was taken care of. On May 5th, 2017 the funds were taken out of my account. I didn't think anything else of it because I thought the problem was solved. In June, I called 611 because I had a payment arrange to pay 150.00, which I paid by phone. Two days later my phones were shut off... I called the 611 number from my phone and the automated voice said, that I owe $600.00!!!

I called AT&T 1800 number and they said they reversed the 224.75 back to my bank in May. I told them I never received anything and that AT&T took the money out of my account. The lady that I spoke with told me to go to my bank and get the bank statement and take it to one of the AT&T stores... which I did. I explained to the MANAGER of the store on Lakeshore in Oakland and he himself said there was a mistake. He called AT&T reps, finance departments trying to help me as much as possible. He even asked them to turn my phones back on until they solve this problem... and they did.

On July 3rd, 2017 my phones were off again... 6 days after the I was with the Manager of the Oakland store. I spoke with AT&T again today and they sent me through the runaround again. Rep told me to go to my bank again but this time have them to fax my statements with the letterhead so that they can see if they reversed the payment. The banker at my bank faxed the statements and nothing on the statements show that they reversed the payment. I then went back down to the AT&T store and no one was able to help me with this problem... again.

I then went home and went online to file a complaint when the popup chat person came on and asked me can she help me. I told her my problem and she told me to hold one minute and she sent her manager to chat with me. He then gave me the runaround saying they reversed my account. So now I'm back to stage one. I'm frustrated, I feel like AT&T stole my money out of my account and placed it on someone else account. I've been a customer since 1990. I feel like I can't do anything about this. I need help!!!

Dish install
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Rating: 1/51

SUNSET, UTAH -- I got Direct TV to cut cost and when they put the dish on my house the installer put it 4 1/2 ft off the ground in my driveway right where everyone walks, so I call as soon as I got home from work to tell them IT HAD TO BE MOVED... they did send 2 guys out to move it (even the new installer guys could not believe where it was install at). A Claim was put in for my house.

I got estimates to fix my house and they put $350. to replace the damage panels(and would not match colors) or $700. to replace the siding of my garage to make it match(but I would have to pay the rest to make the front match the side wall. The claims adjuster said they would only replace the panels that are damaged and they don't care if my house don't match the colors, I told the guy let me put holes in your house and see if you like the mismatch colors on your house...... He said we are not talking about my house we are talking about YOUR HOUSE or let it be the head people of AT&T or Direct TV and the house WOULD be fix properly but sense I am just a NOBODY the big Corporate just want to screw the little people and do what they want to cost as little as possible not what is right to fix the problem.
now I could see if it was thousands of dollars to fix the problem but it is a matter of what couple hundred dollars to replace the siding on my house.
Should big corporate business be able to get away with this or do we just have to roll over and let them do what Big Corporate wants to do. Cable TV and Internet looks soooo much better to me now and I have been with AT&T for over 15 yrs or more, boy do the other Cell Phone Company's look better.


AT&T's total disrespect for their customers
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Rating: 1/51

METRO ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Like most people, I've dealt with AT&T on and off for over forty years as a residential customer. After numerous complaints about my internet service, and time consumed with tech, unplugging and re-plugging the modem to correct interruptions in service, I contacted another provider. I arranged for new service with another provider and then contacted AT&T and arranged for my service with them to be disconnected in a seamless operation to maintain my telephone number while receiving alternate internet service.

At that time a representative did her best to keep me as a customer, but I was fed up with AT&T's tactics and requested a final bill be sent out as well as a return label for the dysfunctional modem. I was told it would be done.
Within a week I received a final bill that included the next month and was disturbed because I should have only been charged for seven days of the previous month, and had still not received a return label for the equipment.

When I contacted AT&T I was immediately put on hold and passed to one representative after another. This went on for fifteen minutes or longer like I was a 'hot potato' until I finally hung up in frustration. When I called back then it was a game of telephone duck, duck, goose! Days later when someone would finally give me some customer service I was told the return label was on its way. This game went on because after five to seven business days I would call back and say I had not yet received the return label and since the reliability of the U.S. Postal Service was dependable and I had a locked mailbox, I didn't understand why I had not yet received the label.

Finally, I just asked for an address to make the return and was told that I could just take it to any UPS where AT&T had an account. When I did, UPS told me that because I did not have an AT&T label, I would have to pay to return the equipment, and as I live on a fixed income, did not have enough funds to do so. When I contacted AT&T again and finally got a representative who would talk to me, I was told that the time had expired for me to return their equipment and the account had been sent to a collection agency. AGH!!

Needless to say, after being an excellent customer (paying bills on time) my credit score took a BIG hit and what should have been a final bill of $25 or less became $172 (rounded up) for equipment they knew was no longer useful to them. Like what good would it be to me either.

AT&T's deceitful practices is why they have to pay $M to mobile customers for padding bills, but I believe they have historically padded land line and internet service bills over the years as well. I'm interested in hearing about anyone else who has had similar problems with AT&T in order to determine if another class action suit against them is possible.

Worst Company Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

So I have been a customer with AT&T for over a year now and I needed to get wifi so I thought I would get it from AT&T since I was already with them and I actually liked their cell service. I paid them $100 to get the internet and then after they took the $100 from me they cancelled my service and told me that something went wrong with the payment.

They emailed me to call them to fix this which I did and then I wait on the line for over 10 min to talk to someone about this "problem" then they answer me that I should wait 48 hours and it might work... They emailed me to call them just to tell me that I should wait longer because it "might" work! Fine I give it time and then I call them again and they tell me the same thing and they tell me they will email me with the details. I wait to get the email but I never get it. By this time I am way too tired to keep calling them to get no help whatsoever and so I log onto the live chat.

They transfer me 3 times on the chat to someone who would be able to help me and I end up having a girl by the name of Regina help me and she tells me I will need to wait 7-10 business days to get my money back but if I want the internet I will have to pay the $100 again. Now I have spent 2 days (days that I had other important plans for) trying to get the money back. All I got from these people was they were rude and condescending and now I am so mad that I am going to cancel my phone service with them and I will never have anything to do with them again! They are literally the worst kind of people there are!

Service is Terrible and Customer Service is Worst
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Rating: 1/51

SUWANEE, GEORGIA -- On Sat (10/17), my service was interrupted, which happens frequently. Why is AT&T even in the cable game? Somehow my account was suspended without my knowledge and consent. I asked the representative how my account could be cancelled when every time I call in, I'm required to give my PIN. No one other than me has access to my account, right? Aren't I the only party with the authority to cancel my account? No one at U-verse seems to know how it happened or why. Certainly, it's not a billing issue. Payment is deducted automatically each month, which is U-verse's requirement.

I've called several times yesterday and today trying to get answers as to what's going on with my account. I'm bounced around from dept to dept; dumped on unsuspecting reps - having to explain my situation again. Two calls were dropped and even though I was asked for my callback number nobody called me back. I had to call and pretty much start all over again explaining the issues. Further, I was told several times that service would be reconnected: first by COB, then by midnight, then again between 2 and 3 p.m. And the customer service - or lack thereof - is awful (particularly a manager by the alleged name of Roxanne).

I was offered $20 for my inconvenience as if they're doing me a favor. I work from home a lot so internet service is crucial. This ongoing interruption is more than inconvenient for me and costs more than a mere $20. Today, David, informs me that I have to reinstate my account in order to regain service. No way. I'm already deep into my second year in a contract with U-verse. Why would I want to start over when the service and customer service is so terrible?

It's 10/22 and I'm still without service. I have meritorious reasons to nullify this contract since I have continual interruption of service and this latest incident with my account being arbitrarily cancelled. There must be a class action coalescing somewhere. No way I'm the only one suffering through a contract with U-verse.

AT&T reps lie to get you to switch to them and customer support is not able to help with their promises, this is fraud!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- AT&T wireless is dishonest, they are liars, they are fraudulent!
***published here***

I went to an AT&T wireless store and they told me if I transferred my three lines from my other service provider to them that day they had a special where I would get free internet service and there was no activation or cancellation fee for the internet and I could leave any time I wanted because my phones where unlocked. On top of that I would receive a $100 credit card by mail for switching.

Long story short, they charged me $99 for internet activation fee. I tried to disputing with manager over the phone and they said there was nothing they can do because that is how they work, they charge $99 for all the internet activation and that I had been misinformed.
I did not received the $100 credit card by mail as the representative in the store promised. I called to complain 5 months later and they told me it was too late. The card that I never received was expired and they can't reinstate it.
On top of this I was having trouble with my internet being too slow even though they had promised 50 Mbps download speeds.

Long story short, I decided to switch to another wireless provider and now they are saying that I have a contract for 1 year for the internet and I am only 6 months into it, so early cancellation fee is $180. I spoke to manager and their is nothing they can do to waive the fee. I told them I was told I could cancel my service at any time because I came with unlocked phones, but they said that my terms for the internet are for one year and $180 early cancellation fee even thought it was free when I have cell service with them. I asked to see the signed contract where I agreed to these terms, but they don't have it, they say that the store should keep the hard copy in their files that I should go check there, but I just remembered that I sighed everything on a table, so there is no hard copy, but they won't waive my fee even though they don't have a sighed contract from me stating those terms, how is that possible? They want to force me to keep the internet service at $60 per month or have me pay $180 for early termination, for a non-existent contract.

They are complete liars what they say and what they do is completely opposite. If they don't get their act together they will go bankrupt because customers like me will never use them again in our lifetime. Unfortunately they will screw millions more before they go bankrupt. Don't trust AT&T wireless they are dishonest they are fraud.

Horrible Coverage, Dropped Calls, Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- I left Verizon Wireless to go to AT&T Wireless because they were offering a deal to lock in a special DirecTV rate for two years. I had assumed (incorrectly) that Verizon and AT&T's networks were essentially the same regarding coverage area, speed, and customer service. Well, I was wrong on all fronts.

Let's start with their coverage area. There is no comparison. AT&T's coverage is horrible. I would have three bars and be talking on my phone via Bluetooth in my car and then drive less than a mile and be down to one bar. Next thing I know, the person on the other end keeps telling me I'm cutting out. Finally, the signal dropped altogether, and I lost the call. The coverage inside of buildings was horrible as well. I was lucky if I could even get one bar. Many times, I wouldn't have any service. I couldn't make a call, send a text, or browse the web. It was extremely frustrating.

Did I mention their customer service is horrible? The people that answer the phones have heavy accents which makes them very difficult to understand. I'm sure you get where I'm going with this. When I called to complain about the problems I was having, they told me there was nothing they could do about the coverage but asked me if an extra 4 GB of data each month would help. I thought they were joking. What good is an extra 4 GB of data if you can't get any service?

It got so bad for my wife and I that we left AT&T after less than six months. We knew it would be costly. We had Samsung Galaxy 8 phones to pay off, and we no longer had the DirecTV price locked in for two years. But what is the point of having cellular service if it doesn't work? The whole point of having a cell phone is so you can make calls when you need to.

So now we are back with Verizon and my wife and I couldn't be happier. The problems we had with AT&T have all gone away. It wasn't a fluke. I proved to myself that AT&T is incredibly inferior to Verizon. I will never leave Verizon Wireless. I hope my poor and expensive experience will prevent anyone from using AT&T for anything. They are a horrible company.

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