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Austin Infiniti Warranty Issues That Are NOT HONORED
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Austin Infiniti. 8140 Burnet Road. Austin, Texas 78757. BEWARE. \I purchased my Infiniti from a dealer outside of Texas. I had only been to Austin Infiniti one time to have work done on my vehicle, but maintained the vehicle impeccably – just not at Austin Infiniti. I received a letter from Kevin Martin the Vice President of Total Customer Satisfaction via Infiniti National Consumer Affairs Department stating that they had become aware of a cosmetic issue with the dash material on vehicles like mine. For this reason, Infiniti extended my vehicle's Limited Warranty to 96 months and unlimited mileage.

Several weeks after receiving the letter, my car started to have issues with the dash that was described in the letter that I had received from Infiniti National Consumer Affairs Department. I called Austin Infiniti to schedule an appointment with the Service Department to have the issue corrected, giving them two week notice so that they could make sure they had the parts for my vehicle. After leaving my car with Austin Infiniti's Service Consultant **, I was told my car would be ready that day.

Later that afternoon, I received a call from ** saying that my car was not ready, and that they were not going to fix the warranty issue. When explained why by **, I was told that because I had not been bringing my vehicle to Austin Infiniti for maintenance they would not fix my warranty issue. I asked to speak with the General Manager of Austin Infiniti, **, and he said that they are a private Infiniti Dealer and that they could refuse service to anyone they choose. After picking up my vehicle, I contacted Infiniti National Consumer Affairs Department, to see if they could help me out.

I spoke with Emalea **, Regional Consumer Specialist for Infiniti North America, and after her research she stated that I would have to take my vehicle to another Infiniti Dealer. The closest Infiniti Dealer is over 80 miles away, and who is to say that they will not refuse the vehicle warranty work as well. When I asked Emalea ** if I could speak with her supervisor, she refused to tell me how to reach that person or even tell me their name.

In short, it is very very confusing as to why Austin Infiniti could refuse to fix a warranty item that I was instructed by Infinity National Consumer Affairs Department to have fixed at their location. PLEASE BEWARE OF AUSTIN INFINITI'S PRACTICES REGARDING HONORING WARRANTY WORK ON ANY INFINITI VEHICLE.

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