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Do Not Be Fooled By
By -

I am writing this article to protect the members of the Iphone Dev Team whose hours and hours of hard work and dedication to the iPhone are being stolen and sold for profit by an evil online company called If you have ever searched anything related to the iPhone, chances are you have seen an ad from this company (posted by Google Ads) claiming they have software to jailbreak and/or unlock your iPhone.

If you go to the website, the company claims that they have "software" that you can access for a one time fee of $29.99 for a lifetime membership. However, that is where the truth ends. If you fall for the trap like I did, you will discover (once you have parted with your $29.99 from your PayPal account) that the members area is filled with links to the software put out by Geohot and The iPhone Dev Team, as well as instructions based on the instructions provided by them.

Being an iPhonephile, I have become very adept at using the iPhone and love the possibilities that have opened up with the limitations by Apple being lifted. I for one really appreciate the work of the iPhone Dev Team and the fact they have chosen to give their software out for free.

At the time I bought my 3GS, the Dev Team had chosen not to publish the new exploit found in OS 3.0 to avoid further cat and mouse games knowing a 3.01 was well underway. I kept seeing the ads for the proprietary jailbreak software for sale, and decided I would try it since they claimed to be able to jailbreak the 3GS. That's when I shockingly discovered the truth about

They lied outright on their webpage by saying it was "their" software, and mislead me by publishing images of a software box. What's worse is they even lied about having a solution for the 3GS which was something they so clearly documented on their webpage.

When I tried to get a refund, I was told the software would be available soon. I wrote a few times insisting on a refund due to the fraudulent statements on the website. I never heard back once I had called them out on the lies. I asked for my money back through PayPal explaining to them exactly what was going on, and they actually ruled for the company in their mediation process. It makes me think that PayPal may be tied in with the scam given that a Paypal ID is required to access the membership area. The site even has the audacity to publish the number of new memberships sold daily.

It boggles my mind this company still exists and has not been shut down for their fraudulent advertising and product. I am writing this article in the hopes that people who google iPhone jailbreak or unlock will see this and read it. I want to save other people their money, and really hope Geohot and the iPhone Dev Team find out and slap these criminals with a fat lawsuit! If you love your Jailbroken iPhone as much as I do, spread the word and let's keep these creeps from banking off the work done by those who gave it to you.

Do Not Use, It's A Scam
By -

I purchased an 8 GB 3g iPhone and am a T-Mobile user. I knew I had to unlock the phone but didn't know where to start. I thought that I would try because they offered 24/7 support and a full refund if I was unable to unlock my phone using their program.

After reading all the 5 star reviews that stated users were able to unlock their phone within minutes, I made the purchase and sat down with my computer and phone to start the process. The process actually took me several hours to download the software (I have a new Dell Inspiron 1720 and 16 meg high speed cable internet so I know it wasn't from my end) and get through the process.

I did send 2 email to technical support in the process and did receive responses fairly quickly (within the 4 hour window they promise). However, when all was said and done, I still have a locked iPhone that I cannot use another provider's sim card in. I restored all factory settings and tried again. A total of 4 times later, nothing has changed. So I decided to get my "no hassle" refund.

The only way to contact them is via a "contact us" form on their site. I filled this out and never received a response. I just sent my 5th refund request to them since within the past 3 weeks and still have not received a single email back. I tried to escalate it through PayPal but there was nothing they could do. So I am out 29.99 and unable to use my phone and am getting no help from Please find another more reliable provider for your iPhone assistance so you can save yourself the time and money.

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