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AVG Fail!
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Rating: 2/51

I'm not a pro at writing these reviews, but as a consumer I thought it necessary to let people know my personal problem with AVG in case it helps them make an informed decision about the product in question. I used to run AVG free version, and it was great, BUT it used to have a feature that allowed you to exit the program completely, so it was shut down, and not using CPU.

I upgraded to full protection, it was a good price, but now I can't shut it down completely. I can only temporarily disable it. This doesn't stop all CPU usage however. This feature is important to me as I record videos for YouTube, and with AVG running it slows down my frames per second and doesn't allow my game to run as fast as it could. As a result I have to run it at a lower resolution than I like, thus the quality of my videos isn't as good as it could be. I can't make HD videos in other words.

I called for support only to find out there is only 1 way to do this, uninstall the program. This is of course a major pain in the butt to do every day when I make my videos. I wish I had known this feature was going to be removed, as I wouldn't have wasted my time and money with AVG. As I have paid for the program, I would think there should be a way for the consumer to shut it down completely. Does this make sense to anyone else? I should have control over what programs run on MY computer. I will NOT be renewing my license with AVG and will search out alternate anti-virus software for future use.

AVG antivirus will ruin your computer
By -

After one year of service of AVG antivirus and my contract expired, I choose not to renew after numerous pop-ups. Recently I turned on my computer and received a full-screen pop up from AVG telling me every file on my computer was infected with virus and my computer was frozen. My only option according to AVG was to purchase the products with my credit card if I wanted to have the virus removed. I proceeded to take the computer to a professional to solve the problem. The repairman stated "AVG does this all the time to force people into buying their antivirus." After he uninstalled the AVG there was no virus.

AVG has terrible customer service
By -

When the newest version of AVG was released, 9.0, it was incompatible with my system. I sent a request for support and compiled with all requests for information and I downloaded their proprietary scanning software that sent information back to AVG. At this point, their email responses became rude, telling me that I was not "following instructions" and they would not help me. I have since found a new program and will never use AVG again. Obviously if you never need customer service, it probably doesn't matter what company you work with. I wouldn't work with this company again given their lack of customer service or civility.

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