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Leather Couch From China Peeling Toxic Die
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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- Well it sounds like I'm not the only one that bought a $3000.00 Leather (they say) couch and was shocked to see what started to happen. Chipping and peeling of the top layer as if it was plastic. I found out in China they spray the leather with some type of coating of paint like substance instead of dying it. My daughter also has allergies. I always thought it was the couch. My couch has a little horse on it. Don't know the brand, but was told by the Baer's salesmen that it was made in North Carolina which was not true. Distributed from there and they are out of business. Wonder why.

My neighbor bought the same couch online it happen to him also. I have had to cover up the couch with blankets. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I see it. I have been fighting with Baer's for years they told me I needed to buy the stain protection plan. I spoke with multiple people there even went there to show them. Why would you buy stain protection on leather. Baer's sent the leather guy to my house and he wrote defective. And Baer's still won't do anything.

Buyer beware. I thought by going to Baer's I was going to receive quality furniture. I did not. I receive toxic junk from China that is contaminating my family everyday. I don't want it in my house. I know it's harming us. I would love to have it tested. If anyone knows how to have it tested please contact me. I feel if I get rid of it I won't have any evidence. I think this could be huge. This is a huge problem, and I believe a huge lawsuit. This is unacceptable. Shame on you Baer's. High end my ass. Junk from China. We as consumers are left with nowhere to turn. But to band together and get a suit going. Please someone help us.

I'm a single mother that works full time and goes to school at night. I can't afford to fight them alone. I could take them to small claims court but I think this is bigger. Erin Brockovich here we come. We need to do it together. If anyone that bought furniture at Baer's from China that you think is toxic or defective please contact me at **. I think we need to call Help Me Howard or Shame on You. I have health concerns.

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