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Horrible Customer Service & Product
By -

REDWOOD CITY -- Don't buy trees from Balsam Hill, period. It's pretty simple. I have had the WORST experience with this company and I've absolutely had it. First off, the tree looked nothing like it did in the elaborate photos they had on their Balsam Hill website. Second, after just 1 uses there were literally hundreds of lights out all throughout the tree.

When I called their customer service line this year for support they offered to send me "a set of lights". Thanks, but guess what... I paid over $1500 for a Christmas tree from Balsam Hill in the hopes that this would be the last tree I'd need to buy for myself and my family for at least 5 to 10 years. The company refuses to replace the tree and I cannot send it back because they don't do repairs at this time of year. I would never recommend purchasing from this company. After doing more research I found they have only been around for a few years in business. Hopefully this is their last.

Balsam Hill - Poor Customer Service / Defective Products
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REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Do not buy from Balsam Hill ( We have had no end of problems trying to get their customer service to assist us. They do not care. We could not recommend this company to anyone. Spent almost $2000 on a tree with defective lights after just 1 month. 3 months later still fighting with them. They will not issue an RMA. They do not return calls. At this time we have filed a chargeback with our credit card issuer. There are plenty of others that have complaints with Balsam Hill and many negative reviews. Wish we had done more research prior to purchase from this shady outfit.

Don't buy these trees
By -

I was sold on the realistic look of the Balsam Hill trees and was told how incredibly easy the setup was. I bought a 7.5 ft tree with both clear and colored lights for about $800. The first year my son and I got the tree up--not without problems but we managed. The second year I was on the phone with a tech support person for over 2 hours (no kidding) as he walked me through getting all the lighting connections right. Their schematic is a joke and there are basically no other instructions.

The inside area of the tree is a mass of cords, all the same color (so no distinction between the cords for the clear vs. the colored lights) and they so very helpfully put little yellow or red stickers on the plugs so as to distinguish them. Only one problem--the little stickers have a tendency to fall off. I tried to take notes from what the tech support person was telling me to do but of course, since you only put up a tree once a year. When I got out the instructions this year, I once again had difficulty figuring it all out. Gave up in complete frustration and bought a fresh tree.

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Balsam Hill Rating:
3 reviews & complaints.
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Balsam Hill
50 Woodside Plaza, Suite 111
Redwood City, CA 94061
888-552-2572 (ph)
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