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Don't Deal With Them Anymore
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I have read and fully relate to all of the stories out there on banking practices designed to screw the customer and make major profits for these greedy unscrupulous banks. Overdraft fees, raising apr's for no reason, lowering credit limits, it goes on and on. I refuse to deal with banks anymore, if I have to I will cash my check, even though I will have to pay a fee, take my cash and pay my bills with money orders. No more convenient little debit cards, no more online banking, no more crazy fees, nothing.

I know it sounds extreme but that's what I used to do in the 80's when I was younger and it worked just fine. Pay just the bills I need to: mortgage, electric, water, car loan, and the rest is to be paid in cash. Now I know this would be tough to do for many people but we as a society have become lazy and slothful when it comes to our banking, that's why banks can do this to us cause we let them. Stand up and fight back!! Close your accounts and handle your own money. If people started doing this in masses the banking world would notice. I will be doing this as soon as tomorrow. No more taking money away from me!!

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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- It is a real shame that as a single parent of 2, I am not receiving a paycheck this week due to the amount of overdraft fees that I have been charged. I am being charged $448.00 overdraft fees for $158.77 worth of charges. It really is sad that in our countries poor financial state, that banks still continue these awful practices!

One of their very own Branch Managers advised me to never ever use my debit card to only use cash, I guess I know why now, because it's a totally legal scam!! They charge the debits from greatest amount to least amount so that you are able to charge me as many overdrafts as possible. Does it even make sense to do this? Obliviously a customer who is possibly over drafting doesn't have any money, so let's charge him $32.00 for every dollar that he spends. Come on.

I don't mind paying fees if I am in the wrong, but if I am checking my acct on their website and it clearly shows all the activity on my acct I don't think that it is good business practice for the next day when I view the acct again for it to be completely different, and instead of the bank looking out for the customers best interest (charging the least amount of fee possible) they charge the most, to the poorest people.

I cannot afford any more fees and do not get paid again until next Thursday. The paycheck that I received today was completely used to pay overdraft fees and I still have a negative balance. I can't pay daycare, gas for work, nothing. This is such a sad practice. I will be contacting the Federal Reserve, BBB, Federal Trade Commission, The Florida Office of Financial Regulation and the Florida Attorney General to name a few. And everyone else should too, change happens in numbers, not in people just getting mad and switching to another bank who does the same thing.

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