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Non-Profit Profiting
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Rating: 2/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I now am in a quandary over billing. I received a EOB from UHC regarding 05/12/2015 to 05/14/2015 billing. They state that the originally bill was for $28,366.60 which $27,266.90 was approved for leaving my portion at $1,099.70 balance. They said the finished processing claim on 10/31/16 and I was no longer responsible for patient amount due to error in processing. I was informed that my portion was $2,569.81 (big difference than what UHC states) and is fully paid off. I have tried to contact Banner billing dept. several times through emails and faxes without a response.

I have filed complaints to BBB, Dept. of Insurance, IRS, Yelp, and now here. This is sad since they claim to be a non profit. So far they have only refunded me $25 and $854 which still is less than what I had paid in. Please note I have not cashed the checks yet until I receive what is due. I don't agree with them. I would've gone lower in my rating but because I love the hospital staff and doctors I why I gave it what I did. The administration of financial services is really out for the buck.

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Rating: 1/51

MESA, ARIZONA -- On December third 2016 I took my wife to the emergency for a pain we thought might be appendicitis. We got there about 5:30 pm. When we walked in we were just told to take a seat and we would be called. That would be ok but they didn't get our name or give us a number and the room was pretty full. There were 3 people behind the counter but all three were sitting behind just one desk. My wife was in terrible pain so after approx 30 minutes I went up and asked what were we supposed to do. Someone finally came over and took her temp and blood pressure and were finally wheeled to a diff waiting room. There was everyone else we had seen in the emergency and sat for 3 HRS. waiting for a room.

When we were Finally taken to a room it was 9PM. A nurse in and said she was going to give her a shot to calm her down. We both said she needs a shot for Pain not to calm her down and she left, came back about a half hour later and gave her a shot. From 9 pm till 3:30 am we were there for just 3 tests: a ct scan, an ultrasound and blood work. That was such a nightmare that even if we were in an accident outside the Hospital we would go somewhere else... 9 and 1/2 hours there... were in the Emergency Room for 30 min and were billed 4,178.00 dollars. What a ripoff.

Patient Abuse
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Rating: 1/51

MESA, ARIZONA -- On Aug. 2nd 2012 my husband's kidney doctor admitted him into the hospital. He had a bed on the 6th floor. When we got there the head nurse refused to have him on her floor because besides having bad kidneys he also has heart problems. So, they put him on the 4th floor. When we got there the head nurse wanted him in isolation for a infection 5 yrs earlier. This was wrong.

I fought the nurse and he said I was right. Then, when it came time for his meals, we told the girls that bought his meals what he didn't like. She informed us that he's going to eat the food he dislikes while he in the hospital. I had to go his doctor to get some food to eat or go out and buy his food. This all happen on Thursday.

On Friday, it seemed everything was OK until the night shift came on. The aid and head nurse tried to put him back into isolation and again the head nurse came back and said I was right, but my husband wanted to leave the hospital because of what I found out. After we signed him out of the hospital the male aid that was assigned to him wanted him in isolation. He didn't care if we was telling the truth or not. He also made several comments that ** my husband off to make him leave. One comment was he shouldn't come to the hospital. He should go home and die. People like us should not be on this Earth and "his wife is a **".

My husband has 3 top medical insurances and each time he's in the hospital, I have review the bill for charges that didn't happen, test that were never given and they also tried to charge him for a case of females pads. This is not the first time they have mistreated my husband. They have gone as far if I don't shut up and do as they tell to do, my husband can stand up a year in the hospital and I was to pick him up when they decide to release him.

I was not allow at the hospital. Since 2009 my husband has been in this hospital almost 30 times each stand get worse and worse each time for the world to know that they abuse the patients. Also the insurance my husband has are 2 Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medicare. They don't care about the patients just how much they can get out of the insurers.

When I go to cafeteria you should hear some of the horror stories I have heard. Thursday they release with 15 in open wound. The doctor took him off all meds. Gave him none to go home. No cleaning supplies to take of the wound and the doctor told because he had tattoo. He a drug addict that why he didn't want him as a patient and stay away from the hospital. I am contacting our insurances and the medical board and letting everyone know how this hospital abuse their patients!

Services and Billing.
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Rating: 1/51

ARIZONA -- I received services at the Banner Baywood Emergency Room on two separate occasions in October and November of 2013. I have Humana insurance and this hospital is in my network of preferred care. On one visit my Humana insurance paid all the bills sent to them from Baywood Emergency. On the other visit here was an additional bill from another company (not Banner Emergency). This bill was not completely paid by Humana because they were out of network and submitted the bill as outpatient services not emergency room services. This company wanted me to pay the additional charges that Humana did not pay.

Humana asked me to tell them to submit another bill as an emergency room billing not outpatient billing and that they would make an adjustment. But instead they sent it to collections and now I am being harassed by them to pay the additional charges. Apparently Banner Baywood Emergency allows out of network doctors to provide services at this facility but no one tells you that they are not in your network of providers.

These out of network doctors do not properly bill your insurance and expect you to pay for the additional charges that the insurance does not cover. I am sure that I signed something when I was admitted that says somewhere in small print that this is what they are allowing but this is clearly a deceptive practice in that you are in a situation where you are under physical and mental duress and prompted "Just sign here." I thought that did everything that I was supposed to do by going to a facility that was in my Humana network but Banner Baywood did not properly inform me of the fact that they were allowing out of network doctors to provide services.

I never would have allowed this out of network doctor to provide any services if I had known the facts. So on one visit I got lucky and had all in network doctors and the following week on my next visit I had an out of network doctor and now am expected to pay hundreds of dollars more for services.

Worst Hospital in the world
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MESA, ARIZONA -- I have had several, several bad experiences with this hospital in the past. Although, I promised I would never go here again.... I happen to live 5 minutes away. My son just happened to hit his head extremely hard and he had a pumpkin seed size hole in the very top of his head and it was bleeding profusely. My sister told me that she had taken both of her kids there recently and she thought things had changed... They got right in...etc. So, I rushed my son down there (getting a photo radar ticket on the way). When we check in at the front desk, no one comes around the desk to determine severity. They put that thing to test vitals on his finger and take us to the waiting room.

The nurse that took us back said we would be seen quickly. 45 minutes pass. My son, still bleeding and crying just wanted to leave so bad. We saw several people come right in.... and then get called back right away. These people were older or elderly. There were no other 6 year old, or young children in the waiting room. After waiting for about an hour, I finally decided to leave. While walking out, I received several snide remarks from the front desk staff. When I got home, I basically had to fix it up myself. It was wayyy too late for stitches at this point. My husband called the emergency room and spoke with the supervisor.

All she could say is that "depending on the severity" would depend on the waiting time. How would they know the severity if they never looked at his head? Then the supervisor proceeds to say she will not stand to be yelled at, or continue any kind of discussion. I try to give these people a chance to redeem themselves.... and they just cannot do it! This hospital is so hideous. It's like they collected all of the worst of the worst in the medical field and they send them all to work at Banner Baywood in Mesa, AZ.

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MESA -- I will attempt to make a very long story short by outlining below a recent experience at Banner Baywood Hospital located in Mesa, Arizona. My adult daughter was ill and I drove her to Banner Baywood Hospital. Newly renovated parking lot is a nightmare to navigate. Extremely narrow parking spaces. Had to park downstairs and either walk-up a flight of stairs or take an elevator up to the ER. What "ill" person is willing/able to do this??

Newly remodeled ER: Extremely brightly lit, extremely limited seating, extremely uncomfortable seating, had to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the next ill person beside me. Seating is arranged so all who are waiting are forced to sit "facing" the people sitting across from them with a space of no more than 5-6 feet apart. I didn't want to be stared at and I was not ill. Can't imagine how an extremely ill person would feel being stared at. I also didn't want to be easily exposed to the germs of those who were ill and I WAS! Within 10 days of this ER visit, I ended-up with pneumonia. Ugh! I don't think it was coincidence either.

Waited and waited and waited. Arrived at 6:15 P.M. and were still waiting at 1:00 A.M. Approximately 1-2 patient names were called PER HOUR. LITERALLY! There were on average at least 60 people waiting at all times. People were leaving left and right. Most all were irate and verbally shared with the staff who seemed offended and not to care.

Several elderly patients were in wheelchairs, moved literally to the middle of the ER waiting room floor and were abandoned. Feeling sorry for many of these folks, after several hours of waiting, I was asking nurses for water and blankets and personally delivered them to these poor souls. The waiting room was FREEZING COLD and these already sick individuals were left totally exposed.

I checked with the admitting nurse once per hour. I was told that the hospital ER was fully staffed. When I asked how many doctors that included I was told "TWO!!!!!!!!" Well there you go! Effective management of resources! NOT! Whomever is making these staffing/procedural/customer service related decisions SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY.

Left at approximately 1:15 a.m., my daughter had still not been called to be seen, and went to a nearby private hospital. We were admitted and seen by the attending physician within 30 minutes. Excellent and thorough service. Extremely professional and competent.

BANNER BAYWOOD HOSPITAL WILL NEVER AGAIN SEE ME/MY FAMILY MEMBERS/MANY OF MY FRIENDS. THEY HAVE LOST MY "BUSINESS" AND INSURANCE COVERAGE MONEY FOREVER! Seriously, go to Chandler Regional Hospital (excellent - model hospital), Gilbert Hospital.... any other regional hospital excluding the BANNER name.

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