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Feel Like Manipulated and Deceitful
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GREENVALE, NEW YORK -- I was searching for a car online and stumbled onto a car I liked online from Baron Nissan. I called to confirm the car was available because it was about a two hour drive away. I spoke with the salesperson and got the details about the car. Everything seemed to be as it was described online. I set up an appointment with the salesperson the next day to purchase the vehicle. I asked the sales representative to start some of the initial paperwork to reduce my time spent at the dealership but from the moment I arrived the next day nothing was as expected. I asked for all the paperwork to be started and basically only needed my verification and signatures.

It was anything but a quick in and out trip. I spent nearly eight hours at the dealership waiting for approval upon approvals. It seemed as if there was no end in sight. When I finally got to see my vehicle after extensive cleaning there were many things wrong. After I inspected the vehicle I discovered the odometer had an extra 1,200 miles, there was a huge tear in the fabric of the backseat, and there were also many minor scratches on the vehicle.

Once I discovered these defects I brought them to the attention of the sales representative upon which he had to bring in the lot manager into the mix of things. The lot manager himself claimed these were all minor imperfections which could be fixed with only minimal cost and time. He also promised me the dealership would incur the cost to repair these damages once an appointment became available within the service center. I was in dire need of a vehicle so I took his word and purchased the vehicle anyway that day thinking in the near future the damages would be repaired and the vehicle would be like new.

It has now been two weeks since I purchased the vehicle and still nothing has been completed. I attempted to contact the lot manager on several occasions only to find he was either unavailable or it was "his day off". I have left many messages also but have not once been returned a call from the manager. Two weeks later and the vehicle has only been in my possession for two days and the rest of the time it has been spent in a garage at the dealership waiting for the lot manager's approval for repair. I have done all that I can to resolve this issue however I have limited resources and most importantly time.

I haven't had anything to travel around in and I'm afraid I will have to keep the car as is at this rate. In the end I only want what was promised to me. I always knew used car dealers had a bad reputation but this exceeds any and all of my worst expectations. I have never felt so deceived and manipulated. I would never ever again return to this dealership to conduct any business and I advise anyone else reading this to do the same. Baron Nissan never ever again.

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