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Barron Investment Properties Saint Louis, MO. Consumer Reviews

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Fraud and Illegal Activities
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SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- WARNING! Barron Investment Properties, located at 1200 Yale Avenue, Saint Louis, Missouri 63117, is operating as an ILLEGAL Real Estate Office. Barron Investment Properties is in VIOLATION of Title 4, Missouri Rules of Department of Economic Development, Division 250 - Missouri Real Estate Commission, Chapter 8 - Business Conduct and Practice, 4 CSR 250-8.010, Place of Business. It is not located or maintained in a regularly established place of business but rather, in a 1 bedroom apartment, which the Owner/Broker does not reside in.

The "office" is not open during regular business hours, nor at any other regular stated intervals. In addition there is NO business sign identifying it as a company displayed anywhere outside the apartment. The Owner/Broker also employs one (1) or more agents, so he is not exempt from this rule. The Owner/Broker is also in VIOLATION of the City of Richmond Heights Building Department by violating the definition of "Home Occupation" as applied to the Zoning Regulations governing 1200 Yale Avenue. He also violates 4 CSR 250-8.060 , Display of License, by not even allowing the public to access his "office" to see his license.

The Owner/Broker, known as **, also known as (a/k/a) **, a/k/a **, a/k/a **, purposely does not list properties on the Saint Louis Association of REALTORs MARIS website, so as to avoid paying taxes to the IRS when the properties sell. This means that your house, land, or business will not be widely published for sale or seen by other Realtors.

The Owner/Broker is in VIOLATION of the Missouri Division of Professional Registration, Revised Statutes, Chapter 339 , Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Appraisers, and Escrow Agents Section 339.150 by knowingly employing multiple, untrained and NON-LICENSED persons to perform real estate services for him for which licensure is required. In other words you are not getting proper and legal representation you are required to by law.

The Owner/Broker has also cheated (stolen) commission monies owed to every employee both licensed and un-licensed that has ever worked for him in the past. He claims to customers that he has a staff of 20 plus personnel, but the reality is, that no one continues working for him after getting their hard earned money taken from them. The only steady employee that has stayed since his business opened, 5 YEARS AGO, is **. ** is just as corrupt as Mr. **, as she knowingly and willingly assists him in his illegal endeavors. ** is also known to conduct real estate transactions in the Branson, MO. Real Estate area.

Barron Investment properties is also mentioned negatively in the Saint Louis Better Business website. Please feel free to research their complaints and findings. They mention that they cannot get in touch with the company or the Owner/Broker. This is because, in his secrecy, he will not answer his door when he is there, he will refuse mail that is sent to him, and he, nor **, will answer the phone (314) 781-5577 by using the company name.

Mr. ** also answers his personal/work cellphone (314) 267-2600 the same way. Mr. ** is also known to both local and federal law enforcement agencies. Feel free to do a litigant name search for ** on All of this information and more, that can't be put on this website, has been sent to the MREC, FTC, Attorney General, and other agencies. Do yourself a favor and do not do business with this company or any of its agents.

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Barron Investment Properties Saint Louis, MO. Rating:
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Barron Investment Properties Saint Louis, MO.
1200 Yale Ave
St. Louis, MO 63117
314-823-6200 (ph)
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