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Bar's Products Inc Bar's Head Gasket Fix Is Crap- 7-22-2013 UPDATE
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Rating: 1/51

HOLLY, MICHIGAN 48442, PHONE 1-800-521-7475 FAX, MICHIGAN -- Bar's head gasket fix # 1111 is a big rip off. Bar's head gasket fix # 1111, the easy way to spend a lot of money in damaged cars parts and damaged engine. The Bar's head gasket product is so bad, that will totally overheated motor. Bar's head gasket goes around like a maniac, not stopping at anything on its way, clogging everything and become hard as steel.

It won't be possible to be removed from all the damaged cooling parts. So, be ready to replace water pump, radiator and thermostat and the engine. The heater core will be gone and will cost an extra $800 to $900 to be replaced.

We aware that bottles sold by Bar's Products to repair head gasket leaks, radiator leaks and something else, all are the same formula with an added colorant, but having a higher selling price. If engine and parts are damaged as a result of adding the product, never accept the money back for the bottle as full payment. Go and look for a lawyer ASAP. Those crooks at Bar's Products, might want to sell their own mother, if a taker may pay the right price.

Bar's Products lies to people, Fred ** has a long nose. Robert ** is the president of Bar's Products Inc. Fred **, is the guy with the Pinocchio long nose and also Robert **. Both are old swindlers. Bar's Products Inc, both men mentioned above, are both Pinocchio's long noses and it's getting bigger and bigger because that its lies are larger and bigger than the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Bar's Products, the swindlers claims on its websites sales of millions and even hundreds of millions of bottles sold of its products. So, you can imagine them as "super rich" and probably being close in fortune to Donald Trump. Not so! It's in the public interest in knowing the swindlers names are from where the swindlers and corrupt people are doing business. "If someone is flying under the radar, you have to wonder why they are doing that." Bar's Products, Fred ** and Robert ** are flying under the radar. Bar's Products Inc, Holly, Michigan 48442.

To pay an independent company for nice bottles with printed instructions is not a big deal for Bar's or any other company selling products. Bar's small business operators try hard to dupe you by good bottle presentation, but the product is crap. But, there is a responsible company or business behind this name? No, is not! And all its claims on the products posted are fakes.

Where you live what you drive is what you are. And Bar's Products is a junk company. Bar's refused to pay for damaged engine and this is something that serious companies will never do, because what is coming next will cost a bundle to them.

These people are evil people, very typical of people living in very small places, that enjoy to deceive and make fabricated stories, now helped by the internet. Bar's Products posted ridiculous stories on its websites that not even their own mother will believe it!

Bar's and its own family fill ups bottles by hand when an order is received. A customer reported that when he ordered a bottle from Bar's, it took one whole month to receive the bottle of the product and he returned it immediately, because of the lousy box used to ship it. It was completely damaged and smashed, but it took 2 weeks more to receive the new exchange bottle. The customer paid to return the bottle to Bar's.

Bar's Products never reimbursed any money for shipping it back the defective product to Bar's. The customer complained that they don't have any USPS bulk rate paid or no US postage and fees paid as all the companies doing business.

When someone posted comments on cars, they come immediately after you and posted anonymous reviews and telling everybody that the Bar's permanent head gasket product is great and they had very good experience and results. All are lies posted by Robert ** and Fred ** and its family on every website available.

Bar's Products is telling the people about the super magic and fail safe of the product, but the product is better known by mechanics, customers and users of it as crap in a bottle. Robert **, "the super rich" guy, according to his statements, is selling hundreds of millions of bottles, but can't afford to live in a house of at least $1,000,000. Neither have a prestigious address or lease a place in a prestigious city business park.

Bar's Products posted in a couple of websites that the company was created back in 1929 and in others websites posted dates contradicting that date and telling the people that the company was created in 1947. Bar's has no credibility and is run by a bunch of crooks.

Bar's Products name and where it came from - Experts were looking at it and the final conclusion is that Bar's claim to be in business for that long is all bogus and fake reports. Most likely, that the name was registered and abandoned by other people. Later it expired by law and was not any renewal of this name. By law and after and few years the business name is available to anyone that is willing to use the same business name. Bar's Products, Fred ** and Robert ** are flying under the radar.

Bar's Products owner, home address - How much worth - Robert's house in Fenton, MI 48430? An estimated value is the price that an agent will list your house for sale, but not the price that the house will sell for, especially in Michigan where properties values are practically very low and in many areas have no value at all.

If a buyer may be interested to buy this property, the price to be paid for that is very low compared to others states. The real value of this property in Fenton is about $140,000 or less, if they may find a taker for it. Many places in Michigan has not an attraction for investors and a lot of cities and towns has a very large numbers of abandoned properties that was given away to the government or the city because many people couldn't even afford to pay properties taxes.

Unemployment in Michigan is sky high and people education in most areas is poorly educated and not having today's the needed high tech training and skills. Large towns were demolished completely in an effort by the government to improve the view of it and to try hard to raise depressing property values on many large places or cities, because of not having value at all. The bulldozers keep working and were working very much to transformer the area, but many large places in MI that were already cleaned up, remain without inhabitants. No jobs is a big problem and if there are no jobs, properties has no value.

So, now you know why those people at Bar's Products are located in Holly, Michigan 48442? It is because everything in their business is bogus and they can't afford anything better in a prestigious address and in a very well-known city and business park.

Bar's head gasket fix p/n 1111 the way to damage engine? Do not buy anything from Bar's Products, MI 48442. Once you added to the coolant it will clog and damage all coolant passages and cooling parts without stopping, including damage to the heater core (very expensive to replace on any car). Fred ** is short for manipulator" and he is responsible for making crap products at Bar's Products MI. Fred ** and Robert ** shares the burden of proof for the failure of Bar's head gasket fix. Fred ** the impostor, quack and faker, promotes a defective product to make easy money that destroys public property (cars).

The application for bar's head gasket fix # 1111 was rejected and trademark not accepted on August 28, 2009. Bar's patent was not approved. Bar's tried hard to get a patent approval for 3 years, 2007, 2008 and 2009, but was always rejected. Bar's business poor credibility and unproven facts on product reliability was a big factor on patent rejection and not approved. Bar's is not having good credibility and got continuous patent rejections. All the information posted here is on the internet.

United States patent and trademark office- Commissioner for Trademarks, P.O. Box 1451 Alexandria VA 22313-1451. The identified trademark application was abandoned in full on 07/30/2009 for the following reason: No response to the office action mailed on 01/30/2009 was received in the United States patent and trademark office (usp to) within the six-month response period (15 U.S.C. 1062(B), trademark rule 2.65(A)).

The public needs proof and evidence of Bar's Products total earning in 2012. Bar's products must make disclosure of the income tax and taxes paid in 2012. To verify the numbers of employees working at Bar's products, Bar's Products must make public disclosure of the state of Michigan worker's compensation.

Bar's Head Gasket Fix Is a Fiasco, Company Posted Its Own Fake Reviews
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Rating: 1/51

HOLLY, MICHIGAN -- California, March 2013 - Bar's permanent head gasket fix and repair, the ticket to damage the whole engine on your car. False advertisement by Bar's, defective product, no patent, Bar's Head Gasket Fix and Repair clogged my car complete cooling system, radiator, water pump, thermostat, acting like it welded the cooling system and also damaged the engine.

Heater core also damaged, but it will cost an extra $850.00, not replaced yet, because engine is gone on my FORD TAURUS DOHC 24 valve, having a powerful engine that mostly will last 270,000 or more, but had at the time when it overheated only 134,000 miles. All the above parts were replaced by the mechanic, I paid $ 680.00 for it, after using Bar's, but it did not help, because Bar's defective product badly overheated the engine and as result of that, the whole engine must be replaced by a new one. The Bar's product is using sodium silicate (class) and sealants that practically welded all the internal engine cooling parts and stop coolant circulation.

A few days ago, before I added Bar's Product, the mechanic told me, that my car engine and transmission were in very good condition. Not problem found. None. The car had an intermittent coolant small leak, but after I used Bar's, it damaged the whole engine by extreme overheating. All Bar's reviewed in the Internet are false, posted by Bar's Products people and there are not posted by customer that bought the product. Bar's deceives people by posting false reviews to entice people to buy the Bar's Head Gasket Fix Repair Sealer.

I love this car and the new engine will cost $ 5,000 with installation. I want my car running again, but Fred ** from Bar's Products, MI, goes around and around and refuse to pay for all the damages caused by Bar's Permanent Head Gasket Fix. I think that the Bar's Products company in Holly, MI, smell fishy and is catering on poor people, people out of work or anybody else having no money to repair the car by a good mechanic, so these people became easy prey. Most mechanic speaks badly about Bar's, telling you that you are adding problem to the problem and your car is going to be gone.

My life now is upside down, and my car is gone thanks to Bar's Permanent Head Gasket Fix. Bar's likes to play judge and jury, but this not Burger King and it doesn't go in his way, but in my way. DO NOT BUY ANY BAR'S PRODUCTS AND LET THE COMPANY TO GO DOWN THE TUBE! – I want also $ 1,200 for damages. Wal-Mart. Auto Zone, Amazon are selling the product and more auto parts companies in the internet.

Follow The Directions, But Not All Of Them
By -

OK, so if your car has a head gasket problem, this stuff can be a quick (though temporary) fix. I guess it depends on the severity of the problem? The head gasket problem on my car was pretty bad. I was adding a couple gallon of water per day. So I tried Bar's leaks, and the problem was solved, been 4 months so far. It's a liquid, you just drain the radiator, pour it in and follow a step by step process to completion.

My complaint is that the directions tell you to run your heater on high while your doing all this. This is not what they should tell you to do IMHO- because the stuff seals cracks so well that it has sealed up my heater core apparently, and now, though my head gasket is fixed, I'm freezing my butt off when I drive. My recommendation to people who use this product is to block off your heating system entirely until you have drained your system of the remnants of Bar's Leaks.

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