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Very Upset With Surgeon
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PASADENA, TEXAS -- A stent was suppose to be placed in my husband to open his esophagus. I waited in surgery waiting room. Doctor never came in to talk to me. I saw on screen he was back in room, went up and assumed he had stent placed. Not until after nine that evening did I find out from nurse they had to remove it and try the next day. Well that doctor never came to talk to me. My husband didn't make it the next day. He went into a coma and put into ICU where he passed. I feel like the doctor should of came in and talk to me and apologized and tell me they weren't able to had to find out hours later he didn't have stent.

Would not take my dog to this hospital
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Well, after getting to hospital at 04:00 this am, then not getting into the hospital till they opened the doors at 6 am for my mother-in-law's surgery, they cancel it once again, but, the kicker is they let us sit there till about 10:00 before they tell us it is canceled. Now, when we got to her room this am, she had been given blood. The bag was still hooked up to the iv in her room. The bag had been drained completely. She was sound asleep. For someone "scheduled" to have surgery at 07:00, which we already knew meant probably 8-9 am, was kind of strange. Then one of her nurses seemed surprised she was having surgery. I was shocked.

The nurse, she knew but had not shared the info, which really made us uncomfortable. About 8 am we went down to the surgery waiting room, thinking we would see her go in shortly. Well, there was NO ONE in the surgery waiting room but us. The nurses and all in the surgery area were sitting on the gurneys talking and no one seemed to be doing much of anything. Still did not think too much about till hindsight. We kept waiting, and waiting and finally his sister called us from upstairs. They had never brought her down. Now they were saying the surgery was going to be canceled account - the cardiac surgeon had an emergency bypass.

Now we had no problem understanding that, however, when we all went back up to the room to see what they were going to do, and if they knew for sure when they were going to do it, as we were told it may be later today, this nurse told us we would most likely not be told when they were going to get her surgery done and most likely it would happen "without" her family there. That was how they did it most of the time. Well, we all said that was not right, anyone having this type of surgery or any surgery at all should have family around. She then told us that it was "their policy" to normally not have anyone around when it was done...

Well, you know a couple of us let her know that was unacceptable, we asked her, "if it was your family, would you want them to have surgery without you there?" She told us that was not the issue, that most all of their patients did NOT have the family support that she did and they did this all of the time. I told her this was most definitely unacceptable. She was really rude about it and said we should just not worry about it, what the heck does that mean?

I called a patient representative and spoke to her about our concerns. We keep being told the surgery will happen. Now this is the fourth time it has been canceled. Then the heart surgeon comes to speak to us about the cancellation, he tells us he "might" get to it Thursday, maybe Friday, but most likely will be MONDAY, but then no guarantee about that. Of course, you know I spoke up.

This is our loved one and we have a right to know why all the cancellations? I mean, we do understand an emergency. However, he was not in any hurry. Very rude and very very arrogant, but I have no doubt about his skills. That was never the question. He told us he did not need anyone there for him to do this surgery..... I just don't get it. My hubby, his niece and all of us were very upset. Then, we were all waiting in the hallway to find out what the plans were for her, this nurse called a security guard and he told us we had to leave the hospital.

Now, we have every right to express our concerns over his Mother's health and what kind of care she is receiving. We did not raise our voices or do anything that would cause a need for a guard to remove us from the hospital. I have never ever been through this before and was stunned. He told us the surgery was canceled and there was NO NEED FOR US TO BE THERE NOW... I said we needed to get her moved to another hospital, but she wants to stay there.

I am done, not going back. If she undergoes the surgery, I don't think she will survive. She is not in my opinion a candidate for this. She has been bedridden for so many years and why all of a sudden these drs feel she has to have this and have convinced his sister and all that she will be in great shape if she has this surgery and they are buying into it is beyond me and my hubby is so upset over it all. He too believes she should not have the surgery.

Now, we get in the elevator, get to the first floor, and there is the dr that was supposed to do the surgery, goofing off in the hallway, in no hurry, we watched him goof off for a good period of time, still no one in the surgery area at all. Then a nurse heard us discussing all of this and came over and asked us if we minded telling her what the issue was. I proceeded to tell her. We did not expect them to let an emergency patient wait, that we understand is very important, but to keep canceling and then to be run out of the hospital like that because we have questions is inexcusable. We told her the whole story.

She told me who to write, which of course I will, and that if it was her family, she would not want them to be in that hospital... I was stunned when she said that. She told us that she may work there, out of lack of work in the area, but she had heard many bad stories similar to ours and she did not approve of it. The whole time we were talking, we could see the surgeon at the other end of the hall laughing and talking.

Sorry y'all, we are so very upset over this. We have all taken off work twice now for this, spent countless hours worrying over this surgery, then only to have it canceled again. I mean, they are the ones telling us that she must have the surgery. I personally think it is the insurance and the fact that they want to train students at her expense. You have to see our concerns. This has been one emotional roller coaster over another. At some point you have to say stop the roller coaster.

Never ever in my life have I seen a hospital run this way. Have never had experiences like this. Guess we will see what happens next... I truly am praying she does NOT have the surgery... even if it means she only has a short time left, at least it will be her time...

Our experience at Bayshore ER
By -

PASADENA, TEXAS -- My 7 yr. old son came into the ER with a serious head injury. Despite my pleas to have him seen right away, the receptionist continued to refuse him any treatment or to let a nurse evaluate him. She made the call herself that he was "fine". Other ER patients were watching and commenting to me on his declining condition. Finally after vomiting in the waiting room, the receptionist allowed a nurse to see him and he was taken back to be seen.

The ER doc did a CAT scan, left him lying around and came back much later and decided then to stabilize his neck as he suspected a neck injury. In my opinion, this should have been done as soon as my son entered the building. Thank God he had no neck injury after a C-spine was done. Meanwhile it became harder and harder to wake him as they let him lie there. I couldn't wake him and asked the nurse for help and got eye rolls like I was nuts. He ended up having a depressed skull fracture which meant he had broken bones coming in towards his brain. He was transported immediately to Hermann's trauma unit in Houston. (Thank GOD!)

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