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Cheated, Insulted and Lied To
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Rating: 1/51

EASTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- First the sales manager, I guess that's who it was we were never introduced, told me that my truck will end up at Everett's junk yard. Thanks for your opinion. David **, our salesman, showed us the 2010 certified pre owned F150. He explained the "certified pre owned warranty" as having a 12 month / 12,000 mile total coverage comprehensive warranty and then the remainder of the 7 year 100,000 mile warranty with a $100 deductible. He said it in a way that my wife and I understood it to mean no deductible for the first 12 months, boy were we misguided. What a lie!!!

When the negotiations were at a stalemate we were given the David & friend dog and pony show. A second salesman came over and said he needed the keys to the truck to show it to another customer, even though the key tag said there was a second set, but he needed these keys. My wife and I called his bluff and followed the second salesman out to the truck, son of a gun, there was no customer there. David then came out and grabbed the keys from his partner and gave us a dirty look.

The day after we bought the truck it developed a rumbling noise so I brought it in for service. James **, the service consultant, was pleasant and engaged in small talk,( the pleasantness soon ended) I told him I intended to use it as a truck and a tow vehicle for my boat. He told me that there was a service bulletin on my problem and they only had to install shims to realign the drive-shaft.

After the fix the problem still existed, and now the transmission was slamming between 1st & 2nd gears, up and down, so back it went. I was then told that the transmission needed to be reprogrammed. It was, and I was given no explanation as to what I should do or expect. I drove the truck about 10 days and 800 miles, but it still slammed a bit.

I went back to the dealer with the same problem as well as a ratcheting noise with the door locks and the 12 volt outlet was falling apart. James now informed me that there was a $100 deductible and with all this stuff (3 items) the truck would have to stay over night even though it was 8:45 am and I had an appointment. It was there for 4 days!! He said he waived the deductible previously because he was being a nice guy. I went to David ** to ask about the 12,000 mile/12mo. "certified pre owned warranty" and we ended up arguing. David walked away saying "huh, he doesn't even know what a ** warranty is". Thanks for the insult David. So I got stiffed for the $100.

James said that he heard the noise on the door locks, but when I picked the truck up James said that there was no noise, so how could they fix it?" Which one's the truth and which one's the lie James? James ** also said that the service manager took the truck for a test ride, supposedly. When the service manager saw me, he said "the truck was fine I don't know what I'm talking about". I told James that I had better things to do than go there, he said that I could go on a test ride with a tech. I did and lo and behold, the transmission slammed between 1st & 2nd. The tech said that there definitely was a problem.

It was also suggested that the truck be taken home that night by someone there, I agreed. No one drove it, I checked the odometer the night before and the day I picked the truck up, no change. I bet the truck drove great!!! I was also told that there was a bulletin on this problem and they would contact Ford in the morning and call me by noon with the results. I called them at 3 pm because, as usual, they didn't call. I also showed the tech that the 12 volt outlet was still broken, even James said it was fixed. When James was confronted he said "I guess I'll have to order a part and call you on Monday when it comes in."

Today is Monday, it's 5:45 and no call. What a surprise!!!! Also, a tech noticed that I had a frame mounted trailer hitch installed on the truck, as per the owners manual's instructions and the truck is equipped with a tow/haul switch on the shift column and a step and tow bumper and it's wired for towing. James told me that when they shimmed the truck the first visit, it was set to NON-LOAD and NON TOWING CAPABILITIES!!!! I was never told that I was going to lose those capabilities even though James knew what I intended to do with the truck. (I guess now I have a truck that is now a car and, if their right, totally useless to me).

He then told me that I could PROBABLY tow my boat a short distance with no problem. I guess my boat's supposed to stay in Maine now, thanks to Baystate Ford. When I asked how do I tow my boat home if I want to? A tech standing by James agreed with James when he said "tow it home and if there's a problem, we'll address it",( not fix it address it) like they addressed everything else! And I'll be out another 100 bucks for their addressing.

On the transmission I was told the because it was "reprogrammed" the transmission had to learn my driving habits and it could take 500 to 700 miles to adjust, even though I drove it 800 miles after it was "reprogrammed". The truck has now been driven about 900 miles and it slams more and harder than ever! I have a bad back and the problem is now at the point that it bothers my back when it slams. James claimed that Ford says that the transmission is normal.

I worked at a dealership during my high school years and I remember that whenever the dealership couldn't or didn't want to fix a problem, they would just lie and tell the customer that whatever the issue was that the vehicle was normal. That dealership is no longer in business. I guess the places and people may change but the lies live on. As does the ratcheting noise on my door locks.

Both my wife and I extremely regret ever walking into this so called dealership. If I could go back to March 16, 2013, We definitely would find a more reputable dealer. The best advice I can give anyone thinking of buying a car is don't even think of Baystate Ford or Desantis Ford (as Carfax calls them) or whatever they call themselves over on Washington St. in Easton and especially stay away from David ** and company. While you're online check out the 13 complaints with the Better Business Bureau, I'll be number 14.

Bad Dealership, Illegal Sales Practice, False Advertising
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Rating: 1/51

EASTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Horrible, Dishonest, False Advertising, Illegal Sales Practice. Spoke with Greg, Brett and Leo for 1 week prior to driving 3 hours to Baystate Ford in Easton, MA to purchase their advertised used vehicle. My husband is a disabled veteran, and I have a traumatic brain injury. Greg reduced the trade-in price for our vehicle by $4,000 after we arrived. We were told their used truck we ended up purchasing from Baystate Ford was Fully Serviced, and Safety Inspection Passed. Greg and Brett even had their so-called service manager come out and confirm this vehicle had been inspected. Turns out this guy was the oil change dept. manager only.

We were told all their vehicles have a 60 day warranty, this is printed on their website. The truck we purchased was delivered 5 days later to our home, as it was not ready while we were at the dealership. We drove it 20 minutes, and it broke down, being rendered undrivable.

It had to be left at our local repair shop. We had our own safety inspection performed, only to find the truck needed entire front end suspension replacement, the power steering radiator reservoir was completely empty, rusted and leaking everywhere - completely visible at eye level. If a safety inspection had indeed been performed by Baystate Ford, this would have been easily seen, as stated by our mechanic. Baystate Ford refused to honor their warranty, and refused to pay for the needed repairs.

After numerous discussions, with each phone call being passed on to the next sale person, Baystate Ford tried to manipulate us to pay the $2800 repair bill. On the next phone call, a $500 discount on their $2800 extended warranty policy was offered, as long as we paid for the bill.

We had been told previously we could only purchase their extended warranty program at the time of the sale, 5 days prior. Why Offered Now? On the next phone call, it was "OK, we will pay the bill but you still pay Baystate Ford $500." We mentioned the Attorney General's Office, the D. M.V Dealer and Repair Complaint Division, The Massachusetts Lemon Law, and the Department of Consumer Protection Department of MA, The Better Business Bureau and Baystate's own written warranty only required the buyer to pay $100 in the event of repairs. They then agreed to pay the bill.

Now, Baystate Ford will not pay for the Enterprise car rental we were forced to take on during the repairs for 5 days, as they originally agreed to do, when we first reported the truck broken. Enterprise even acknowledged Baystate Ford has a charge account with them. We were passed from Greg, to Leo, to Bill with each conversation, None taking responsibility, all making excuses and arguing, none returning any phone calls.

We have filed complaints with all the government agencies listed above, filed suit, and have notified corporate headquarters of their illegal activity, false advertising, and unprofessional sales staff. Do Not Buy From This Dealership. It Is As Bad As It Gets.

Took A Large Deposit, Sold The Car To Someone Else.
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Rating: 1/51

SOUTH EASTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- They took my deposit, and then sold the car to someone else! I am an out of state buyer who wired a “large” deposit on a used vehicle on a Friday, with the agreement the remaining balance would be sent Monday via Fed-Ex as my bank will not wire entire balances without guarantee of title. The dealership sent all the purchase orders, etc. to my bank with an agreed price. On Monday, while at the bank I requested a fax of the title to indicate it was free of any liens. Within minutes a received a “dear john” note stating they sold the car to a local buyer.

Nick accepted my down payment via wire, stated the vehicle was now mine, send the money first thing Monday morning. My sales person Gary ** presented a weak explanation that they had not received full payment in time. I then spoke to Ronnie the General Manager who has absolutely no fair business practice or values. Another weak or rather cowardice explanation of being burned by buyers and a verbal over the phone agreement holds no merit.

A large down payment, non-refundable airline ticket, hotel reservations, and insurance did not demonstrate the fact that I was a motivated buyer. They advertise in national trade magazines, but fold when an out of state buyer comes to the table. I am filing a claim with the Attorney General Office of Massachusetts and a complaint to Ford headquarters.

Baystate Ford Complaint
By -

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a 2008 Ford F 350 from Baystate ford to export to Canada. The truck had 26000 mi when I purchased it. I was unable to have the truck inspected before purchase but requested on numerous times to make sure that all the service and recall work was completed and that someone test drive the vehicle to make sure that everything was fine. I was lied to by both Dan ** and Brett ** (my sales reps) who said that the truck was fully serviced by Baystate and that everything was in mint condition (including oil change, and fuel filters).

Well the truck was in good shape but it had an engine oil leak, the tires were improperly inflated and it pulled drastically to the left, the front headlight was completely fogged over and clearly in need of replacement ( all warranty work that they could have been paid for by ford) but they didn't care and just wanted to make a quick sale. Also no oil change was ever done on the truck, the fuel filters that were supposed to be done at 20000 mi were not completed. I took the truck to a dealership in Canada and they gave me a sworn statement that said the maintenance on the truck was 10000 km overdue.

This is after they are 1 hr late picking us up from the airport because the light came on (change fuel filers) during the drive to the airport and they went back to the dealership to have the trouble code erased from the computer instead of replacing the filters. I told the owner of the dealership and he told me that his mechanics didn't feel it needed to be replaced even though it clearly said to be replaced in the owners service manual (and the light came on). Dave the store owner was full of attitude when I requested that he cover the costs of the maintenance and he replied that we got a good deal on the truck and that we were not entitled to any money back.

This dealership is very crooked they have already been sued for 25 million dollars for false emissions statements. This dealership practices corrupt business techniques, and I would never buy a vehicle from them as they are liars and only care about money. I strongly urge people interested in buying a vehicle from Baystate to read all the complaints people have had from there. This dealership needs to be put out of business. Please please take my warnings into account and stay away from Baystate Ford. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and aggravation if you deal with an honest dealership.

I have purchased 6 trucks from all over the states, Kansas Pensilvania, NY and all my previous experiences have been amazing. This dealership couldn't care less about customer satisfaction or doing the right thing. They are only concerned about getting your money and will not be there to help if something goes wrong. Again I would strongly reconsider purchasing a vehicle from Baystate ford because they don't care at all about the customer.

Awesome Deal on my Focus
By -

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went to Baystate Ford thinking I had found the deal of a lifetime, an 09 Ford Focus for just under 9k. I saw in their ad that it required 3500 down, which was about what I was planning. The salesman I dealt with explained that you need to add the 3500 down to the asking price, and that a lot of other places do it too. I didn't really believe what he was saying, but I unhappily agreed to still look at the car. It was in great condition and I really did like it. Although it was more than I was looking to pay, I was told they could help me on my payments and interest rate, again OK sure.

I left to look at a few other cars that were similar in price but didn't have to add 3500 to... or so I thought. Even though one place didn't have anything in their ad about it, they told me I was to add 6500 to their 7500 Focus, PASS! The other focus I looked at had an accident on the car fax (which they refused to show me at first and tried to only give me an "Autocheck" that didn't show any accident. I don't if it is phony or just not thorough, but don't trust autocheck) and didn't sound right while I was driving. I went back to my computer and looked at a few other websites and the one at Baystate was actually a pretty good deal.

It was actually almost 800 less than what Edmunds says I should have paid. Long story short, I went back to Baystate and drove their focus. It drove perfect and was super nice. I said I would try to work with their price because it was pretty good, if they could really help me on my payments. I have horrible credit and they even got me a better rate than my bank could and got my payments to 195 a month which is why I wanted a 9k car originally. Even though you have to add 3500 to the price, it was completely worth it. Their car was so much nicer than all of the other ones out there.

Major League Ripoff
By -

SOUTH EASTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I went into Bay State Ford because I received a recall postcard in the mail (no specifics on the reason why.) But, I figured I'd make an appointment and get it taken care of. Also had them change the oil, and fix the horn. It had not worked very well since just after I got the car. It worked on and off. But, I'm busy and hadn't gotten around to dealing with it. I told them I needed the car back in two hours. After I was there 30 minutes, someone named Mike called me in to look at the car. He said the horn situation was caused by a missing liner, allowing water to fill the horns.

He said it looked like the lining was ripped out. I had no idea what he was talking about, and told him it was dangerous driving with no horn. And they should fix it. I told him to talk to his manager and get back to me. An hour and a half later, he comes out to tell me my car's ready. The oil change runs almost $100. They tell me the recalled item is fixed, but there's no notation of what it was. And, the HORN IS NOT FIXED. But, he says they can fix it for $589!!!

I said "you are letting me leave this dealership with a safety problem," and he shrugged and called over someone named Steve who said that I can pay the nearly $600 next time I come to get it fixed. It involved a missing piece under the car that blocked water from getting in the horn. He said it was ripped and missing. I had no clue about it. So, I left. I go to an auto body shop, and show him the car. He gets on the phone with a Ford parts supplier, and pulls together an estimate to fix the parts necessary under the car to get everything 100%. Estimate? $126 WITH LABOR!!!

I bought my car at Bay State Ford and was going to buy one for my wife there. Now, I will tell everyone I know to treat the place as if it had the plague. I told Steve that word of mouth was big, and that mine reached a lot of people. Spread the word. Stay away from Bay State Ford.

Wrongful doing and possible Bait and Switch
By -

STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Baystate Ford advertised a vehicle for one price then increased the cost of the vehicle by $3,000 stating bank fees. The Manager Brian was rude and arrogant and would not honor the advertised price of the vehicle and refused to give me my money back. No they have my money and the car. Where is the justice?

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