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Blue Cross / Blue Shield Dental Coverage Consumer Reviews - Page 2

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Denial After Pre-Authorization?!?
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MASSACHUSETTS -- My 4 yr old son had to have oral surgery. It was to be done at a hospital, due to the extent of care needed and his age (he had to be "put under"). After receiving a pre-authorization letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield that listed the providers name and date of services, they denied the claim. $7306.07 for the anesthesia and hospital facilities. That, in combination with the $3400 bill from the dentist, is outrageous. We would have never agreed to this treatment if it was covered by both the dental insurance and health insurance. Now, we're stuck with this bill and it is an extreme hardship for my family.

Apparently This Insurance Is Just Above "Don't Have Anything" SUCKS!!!
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ANDERSON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I went to the dentist because I cracked my filling... I was going to have to pay $409.00 and the original bill was $490.00. Which means the insurance I pay on every month for my entire family is not worth it!!! BCBS State coverage for employees is a joke! Shame on you BCBS STATE EMPLOYEE PEBA INSURANCE!

Misleading Agents
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I carry Blue Shield PPO. Moved to a new city (Blue Shield raised my rate based on my new zip code). Was recommended to a new dentist by a friend, so I decide to check to make sure I was covered before seeing said dentist. Called Blue Shield to see if I could see the dentist under my plan. Was told yes. Called dentist to see if they accepted Blue Shield. Was told yes. Both were lying. My bill for cleaning, x-rays, and two replacement fillings is now $1,410, of which Blue Shield paid a little over a hundred. DO NOT PURCHASE BLUE SHIELD INSURANCE.

Blue Cross Dental South Carolina Does Not Pay What It Says It Will Pay
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COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I went to the dentist for preventative care (x-rays, cleaning, exam) and in the Blue Cross handbook, it stated it paid 100% for those services. I called to ask Blue Cross and they confirmed this to be true, and I also asked if I had to go to a network provider, and the agent said there weren't any network dentists, and I could go anywhere. So I had a booklet stating 100% would be covered and a verbal agreement that 100% would be covered. About a week after I went to the dentist, I received a bill from the dentist and it stated that the insurance had only paid 37% of my claim.

This is what Blue Cross paid: $21 on a $73 exam, $31 on a $75 cleaning, $40 on a $93 full mouth x-ray, and $12 on a $38 bite-wing x-ray. Leaving me to pay $175 on a $279 bill, which I thought would be 100% covered. I am angry because I checked the booklet and with the agent, and thought I was safely covered. In today's economy, people can't afford surprises, and that is why I am filing this complaint as a warning for others. I believe they should pay the rest of my bill and will complain and post on sites until they do. Do not get Blue Cross Blue Shield dental insurance!

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