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Bad Carpet, Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

DALTON, GEORGIA -- I purchased carpet manufactured by Beaulieu America for the second floor of my house. Within three months this carpet showed serious signs of wear and matting in the traffic areas and looked like the 15-year old carpet we replaced. Our local carpet dealer looked at this product and agreed the carpet was defective and submitted a claim. The company inspector took two months to look at our carpet and ranked it a three on a five scale (five is new, one needs to be replaced).

Their warranty would cover this product if the carpet ranked 2.5, so our claim was denied. Fortunately, our local carpet dealer, Tottens in Lancaster, OH honored the warranty out of his own pocket and paid to have this carpet removed and reinstalled with carpet from a different manufacturer. I asked our local dealer to help me find a manager, beyond the claims department, with whom I could discuss the issues that I saw.

Beaulieu America responded that it was not legal for an "end user" to speak with their management about product issues (a total non-truth) and, if fact was against their company policy. I wrote a letter to the company and received a call from their claims department, who in turn supported their decision and said for the second time that discussing product issues with their management is against the law and against their company policy. So, after paying thousands of dollars to carpet my house, followed by the failure of their product, I was treated in a disgraceful manner when I tried to find resolution past the claims department.

I proceeded to re-carpet my house for the second time in a year. Thank God that my local carpet dealer stood up and did the right thing or else, I would have paid twice to carpet my house. My advice to other customers: don't consider purchasing products from Beaulieu America.

Beaulieu Does NOT Stand Behind Their Products - BEWARE!!
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Rating: 1/51

DALTON, GEORGIA -- Bought high-end Berber "town square" carpet in 2008 and had it installed in two rooms with very little traffic. We had the carpets only cleaned professionally twice and they really did not need it since the rooms were very low traffic (our living room and guest room) and vacuumed every week or so. We noticed that a loop or two became loose after vacuuming about a year ago and glued them back in place but now, less than 8 years later, rows of loops came up in two places.

Beaulieu refuses to stand behind the product for two reasons: 1) you must have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months and have receipts as proof. 2) But even more ridiculous is that they told me the carpet was only warranted for 1 year (yes, ONE year) against manufacturing defects.

Now I didn't expect large compensation but something in consideration. My expectation for a very low traffic carpet would be for it to last at least ten years. The rest of their warranties for wear, etc. are for 10 to 20 years which would imply that the carpet could last as long as 20 years!! STAY AWAY!!

Doesn't Stand Behind Printed Warranties
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The Beaulieu of America carpet I purchased and had installed through Home Depot began to "pucker" after less than 1 year. Home Depot sent their carpet repair tech, who said the carpet is delaminating and it is a factory defect. Home Depot then sent their "inspector" who reported that there is a "foreign substance" on my carpet and there is no factory defect. Whatever...!!! I ended up paying someone to come and re-stretch my carpet just to get rid of the puckers.

That carpet repairman advised me that it didn't appear to have been power-stretched when initially installed and that was part of the problem. I advised the Home Depot representative of this, and they replied that they always use a power-stretcher. Since their representative wasn't here, and I WAS HERE, I think I know better than they do whether a power-stretcher was used. I didn't know at the time of installation what a power-stretcher was, so I didn't know to insist on it. I never saw one until the carpet repairman came to re-stretch the carpet.

As he was re-stretching, he showed me the extreme delamination and told me that the original installers probably noticed this also but put it down anyway, knowing that it would be a while before I saw the signs (puckering). If the installers point out defects, then the carpet can't be installed that day and the installers lose a day's pay. I guess you're supposed to know what to look for yourself.

Home Depot offered to send me a $100 gift card "for my trouble" and said they would get back with me regarding a resolution to the problem. After a couple of weeks of not hearing back, I called the Home Depot representative who rudely advised me they had closed the issue because I accepted a $100 gift card as settlement. (Like I would really be interested in buying ANYTHING from Home Depot again!) Who in their right mind would accept a $100 gift card as settlement for $2500 in carpet???

I sent Home Depot AND the manufacturer, Beaulieu of America, pieces of the delaminating carpet and BOTH of them refuse to honor their warranty. Rude reps from both companies contacted me. Beaulieu's position is that it's Home Depot's problem, even though Beaulieu is the one who provides the 10-20 year (depending on the problem) warranty.

Home Depot offered to SELL me new carpet at cost and I would have to pay for the installation. So their position is that I must pay to replace my defective carpet that was not installed properly. I wish I had read all of the other Home Depot reviews BEFORE I purchased carpet from them. It has certainly been an education!!! This carpet will probably only last another year or two, or less if I have it steam cleaned (according to the repairman). Obviously I won't purchase Beaulieu carpet again and I won't shop at Home Depot to replace it!!!

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