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Easy Exchange!
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GOLDEN, COLORADO -- We received as a Christmas gift, dinner set for 8, purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond. So rather than wait for the receipt to come in the mail, we took them into the store. We took them to the service desk, asked about exchanging, and they asked for the receipt. We let them know that we didn't have it. She scanned the items, said "no problem, you have this much credit to pick out a new set."

Picked out our new dishes, took them up front, and paid the difference. They had a cheerful attitude, and didn't even hint at giving us a hard time! First, Target can take a lesson from them. Second, guess which retailer is new on my preferred list!

Wedding Registry
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Bed Bath and Beyond was wonderful with our wedding registry. We went into the store to check it out, and an employee immediately jumped to our assistance. He was very polite and helpful. We ended up doing most of it online because it saved time. (The online registry was way more user-friendly than Target's, by the way.) After the wedding we went in to buy things we hadn't gotten. They had sent us a one-time-use coupon for anything left on the registry, so we planned to get a lot of stuff at once. They were out of some of the things we had registered for and needed, so we got alternates.

We went to check out and just happened to get a manager on the register. He was really nice and chatty and we separated out our things from the registry to use the coupon. When he heard that they had been out of some things, he told us he would just give us the coupon discount on everything instead of just the registry items! We also ordered one thing that was not in the store. The woman that deals with the orders was really nice and we got our order promptly with no problems (and with the discount, too). From being in the store other times, this seems just par for the course for them. They offer great customer service.

Bed Bath & Beyond- Sleeping Mask and Hangnail Clipper
By -

DALY CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Do you have trouble sleeping at night partially due to streetlights and or the sun glaring in your eyes? I know a lot of people have this problem and if you do I highly recommend the Dream Deluxe Sleep Mask. They sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond for the reasonable price of $7.99 :) In addition they come with earplugs. Personally I would only wear it on days when I am not working and I am able to sleep in. It's made of 100% polyester and they come in a variety of colors.

They have a beautiful olive green, pink, light purple, periwinkle and I saw other colors from the store online but the sleeping mask is so popular that they ran out of them in the store. It blocks the light from coming in very well; the room is pitch black like it should be.

I have horrible overgrown cuticles, hangnails, and nails that don't grow (my mom has this to so it's in my genes)-hypertrophy. I was paying for my sleeping mask at the counter of Bed Bath & Beyond when I discovered a hangnail clipper by Tweezerman. I asked them if it cuts well; they actually told me I could try it out and if it doesn't work I could actually bring it back and they would let me return it! That sounds a lot like Nordstrom customer service. I decided to go for it and purchase it. Now go take my recommendation and buy this sleeping mask, lol. In addition (if you have hypertrophy that involves your cuticles and hangnails) go buy this Tweezerman as well :)

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