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Do Not Use Bekins Moving & Storage out of Pottstown PA
By -

POTTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Bekins Complaint. I used Bekins Moving & Storage out of Pottstown PA for an interstate move. To make a very long story short, never never never use this company! They let me down in almost every way possible. I paid for them to pack, store my belongings, and complete the move. The best part of the service was the quote produced in a professional manner. The salesman seemed sincerely concerned about the quality of the service that would be provided.

As soon as he had the sale, though, he didn't care at all about my experience. Even when I emailed him with my concerns based on how the packing went, and later when I emailed him about billing and other issues, he just passed the buck. Never helped me to resolve anything. The first day two guys came to pack me. I was surprised they didn't send more people. Seemed like a lot to get done in one day for 2 guys. The packing was one of the worst aspects of the move. So much of my stuff ended up broken, damaged, ruined from the horrible way it was packed.

I could give you a list several pages long of everything they wrecked. Clothes (they packed a medium box full of my shoes, boots, purses just thrown in any which way—expensive accessories ruined with being bent and creased), technology (they packed my main computer by putting in on its side on the bottom of a medium box with all the peripherals tossed in on top—this computer never worked once I got it set up even after taking it in and paying to have it fixed—have had to replace it) art (broken glass due to horrible packing) household goods (a big lamp shade crushed—lots of crushed boxes in my shipment).

I wouldn't even pack a friend's stuff for free the way I paid these guys to pack my stuff. The movers were unprofessional. They showed up in street clothes (thought they would be wearing uniforms) that hung under their butts. Spent the day having to look at their underwear-covered butts. They had a loud argument in the parking lot at one point. They did not protect the furniture before putting it on dollies and I have permanent marks on furniture from this. The movers on the delivery end weren't great either. As soon as they arrived, one of them broke a torchere on the truck and tried to fix it himself without telling me. This lamp has never worked properly since.

They tried to give me things off the truck that weren't mine. They started bringing stuff in without getting me set up with the inventory first. If I hadn't asked, I don't think they would have done it. The office staff of Bekins Moving & Storage of Pottstown made mistake after mistake. Started off by depositing a check that I had gotten advance approval for them to hold for 2 days. Billing errors for the storage every month. Speaking of storage, things that got stored like my dressers which still had the clothes in the drawers had sawdust in all the drawers. It looked like they had been stored in a barn.

I had to wash all the clothes and completely clean out all the furniture, dressers, armoires, etc. Just what you want to have to do when you are trying to move in. I asked many times for the owner of that franchise to contact me. I asked numerous times for his contact info. I never got a response. When I went to Bekins at the corporate level (sent them a detailed letter with what had happened, pictures of all the damage) they were completely unsympathetic. Just kept telling me I should have bought the expensive insurance. I kept telling them I didn't think I had to pay for insurance to protect me from their services.

To me, the extra insurance is in case the storage building burns down or the truck has an accident. I still don't think a consumer should have to buy expensive insurance so that when the company destroys the goods they have been hired to professionally pack and move the consumer can get paid for it. Corporate Bekins sent me a check for a couple hundred dollars which didn't cover a fraction of the damage they did. Do not use Bekins in Pottstown PA. If you have a problem (and you will) they won't care and won't help.

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Rating: 1/51

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- We got a quote from Bekins. Guaranteed. I told estimator everything goes! Except washer dryer. And a hutch, light fixtures, everything else goes. First day they had people show up they began packing by breaking items, packing garbage cans that were full. Throwing wet towels in a box with new drapes causing dye to run. All ruined. They had a manager come. He supposedly fired guy on location. When they arrived a day late they called and said they underestimate our load weight. But it was a guaranteed estimate. They stated they needed another 5 thousand dollars or they would dump our stuff in a parking lot.

Keep in mind we spent an extra 1,000.00 buying their top insurance pkg.. Arguing with manager. They said we kept adding things. I asked "how do we add if I say everything goes?" They said they'd put it in storage for us only if we rented 3 units so it was easy for them to drop off. So we did. The truck driver refused to go over things as we unpacked them. Because we noticed damaged items immediately. We no longer have one piece of furniture, etc. that isn't broke, damaged or scratched. It cost us another $500.00 to go to arbitration. Part of their contract agreement. It came back as 'sorry, can't help.'

Found out later they are the ones who do that as well. They flat out told us on phone. If we refused to pay their extra fee, they would refuse our damage claim. They damaged everything. Over 11,000.00 worth. They are so crooked. After you have no legal rights. An attorney said we were screwed because we went along with their arbitration terms in contract. After moving again ourselves, met new landlord's brother. He said he worked for Bekins. It's almost a requirement to either be a drug addict or alcoholic. He said it's a joke and would never recommend anyone to use Bekins.

We really got shafted as we paid them 12,000.00 to move us from Calif. to Montana. We lost a ton of valuables nonreplaceable. Everything was brand new as that was our first big house and just bought it all. We lost everything! I think a tornado would have been gentler on our items. Oh but the garbage they packed and moved made it unharmed, I. Perfect shape. So I guess they deserved that credit. Please people. Save your money and possessions. Stay away from Bekins!!! Too much to list of what happened. But you get the main idea. Good luck moving and god bless!!

Bekins Moving - had to help whiny driver park and unload
By -

Oh my God, this was the worst day of my life. I had moved from Portland to Austin. Was told by the estimator that my stuff was guaranteed to be in Austin within 5 weeks, and if not they'd pay me or something. Well it was late, and then Bekins told me I didn't qualify for any reimbursement. But that whole thing is small compared to my experience with the delivery of my household in Austin.

The driver was on the road and kept calling me to tell me where he was. I thought 'oh how polite and considerate'. But then he started asking me to find people to help unload, and to rent a U-Haul for him. As well he kept whining about having to use a U-Haul instead of drive his truck right into the apartment complex. Anyway, like someone who is desperate to get their stuff (something about sleeping on an air mattress for 5 weeks), I rented a U-Haul, told him where to park, and tried to line up some help to unload. I met the driver, went to pick up the U-haul with him and basically did whatever I could to help.

The delivery people I got on Craig's list did not show up. The driver had a bad knee. I had to help him unload into the U-Haul and then from there into my apartment. A bunch of furniture was left in the garage downstairs, so I had to hire another company to come and bring that up. I called Bekins and they basically blamed me for the problem by saying that I should have called them. Well I emailed the idiot who did the estimate, and he couldn't have cared less.

I also complained via the Better Business Bureau, and Bekins would not admit any wrongdoing. They kept harping on the thing about being the lateness of the shipment and how some stupid rule means they don't have to pay me for the lateness. They totally did not want to address how they royally screwed up the delivery. I wanted compensation of $800 and they said something like 'well we only pay our laborers $10 per hour'. I guess they thought that it wasn't a big deal that I was forced to work for them. It's like saying "OK, you need to pay us $200 an hour for our labour, and by the way we are hiring you as one of our workers - we'll pay you $10 per hour."

And an aside on BBB - don't trust what THEY say - Bekins has an A+ rating with them! That was a wakeup call for me - I think I'd rather read consumer reviews than trust BBB. Bottom line - avoid Bekins.

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