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Rude Behavior and Poor Repair Service
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- When a friend of mine had her 2000 Corolla damaged in an accident, I advised her to have her car repaired at the Toyota dealership because I thought they would do a good job. She took very good care of the car and it ran like a "top" and it only had around 45K miles prior to the accident. I was very much mistaken to recommend this dealership. The dealer fixed the body of the car, but the accident caused motor mount problems which caused the engine to vibrate seriously when engaged. I mean big time vibrations!

The dealer rep stated that this was normal for a Toyota corolla that had almost 50K miles and told her to take her car home. He was very rude. We took the car to her home and I examined it and noticed that the front motor mount was bent. We told them to please look at the problem.They did and they fixed the mount that was bent but the engine still vibrated (but not as bad) when in gear. We asked them to please look again to find the vibration problem they did and they tightened another motor mount but the engine still vibrated when in gear.

We then talked with the "senior" mechanic at the dealership who told us that Toyota Corollas with around 50K miles always vibrate because the motor mounts go bad from normal use. When I told him that not all Toyota Corolla vibrate like this after about 45K miles, he told us they would not listen to us anymore and to leave their lot. Again, they were very rude.

I do not believe them for one minute. All Toyota Corollas do not have motor mount issues after 50K miles - that is silly and not based upon facts from Toyota. Their attitude from the beginning of discussions was "there is no problem" and they were rude to us. I believe Toyota Corollas are good cars and that this dealership, for whatever reasons, would not acknowledge the motor mount problem and fix my friends car. This is a classic case of poor service.

Bell Road Toyota is Sneaky!
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- In Dec. 2006 I purchased a used vehicle from Bell Road Toyota. I've had several problems with the vehicle and had it in the shop 4 times already in just 4 months. Right before I was about to take the vehicle into the shop for the 5th time I found an Enterprise Rent a Car self-insured card in my glove box. The fact that this vehicle was previously a rental car was not disclosed to me. Had I known this I would not have purchased the vehicle.

I contacted Bell Road Toyota and spoke with both sales managers, Debbie ** and Micheal. They told me they gave me a Carfax report that stated the car was a rental and that I had initialed it. This is FALSE! I read each and every paper before signing and was NEVER given a Carfax stating the vehicle was a rental. Nor was I even told this information.

I asked Debbie if she had seen this paper and she said no. I then spoke to the owner of the company and he also said they have a Carfax report showing the car was a rental that I initialed. I told him that was not possible. I also asked him why I didn't have a copy since I had been given a copy of each paper that I signed. He said it is not their policy to give me a copy of that! Well no wonder since I didn't ever even see this supposed Carfax report!!

I didn't even know car dealerships sold rental cars. Rental cars are driven by many different people with many different driving habits and the people driving a rental car may not treat it as if it were their own, they have no sense of ownership. I want people to be aware that Bell Road Toyota will not tell you the vehicle was a rental (which is important to know). Be sure to ask and spend the $20 to run a VIN# report to check the prior owner of a vehicle. If you want to buy a rental car you can go directly to Enterprise and get a great deal.

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