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Hydroxatone is Awful Product, Worse Company
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Complaint sent to Better Business Bureau, 1010 WINS, friend who caters for Sundance: I placed an order for the Hydroxatone Product on May 29th, 2008. When asked if I wished to have the product shipped Express Mail (with, of course, the extra express mail charge) I replied clearly and emphatically "No, I'm in no hurry." I received the shipment express delivery with an express delivery charge. I received a second unsolicited shipment also with an express delivery charge 5 days later.

On June 9th, 2008, at 10:20 AM I called the Hydroxatone service center and after a ten minute wait spoke with customer service center rep., "Marissa." I told her of my consternation at not only the second unsolicited shipment but of the specifically unrequested "express" shipment. I was asked received a cancellation number and returned all of the products adhering to their return policy exactly as required on their website. I even sent them back "certified mail" because their customer service seemed so sloppy. I called back at 12:30 when I noticed the two shipments had different RMA numbers and was told that both orders had in fact been cancelled.

I received a letter dated July 21st, 2008, signed by **, Customer Relations. It's titled "Reminder" asking me to remit a billing total of $139.90. I called and after being frustrated for being on hold for approximately 30 minutes, I left a message, stating my case as written above. On October 20, 2008, I received a "Final Past Due Notice." The letter threatens to put me on their "Bad Credit List."

I called on November 3rd, 2008 and after being on hold for approximately 5 minutes spoke with a woman who asked me if I had sent the package back by certified mail. I told her that I indeed had and she replied "well maybe it got lost in the mail." I was told a supervisor would return my call. Supervisor "Theresa" returned my call several hours later and I was not home. She left her extension number (**). According to their answering system they were open until 6 PM that evening. I called back 4 times between 5 and 6 PM and tried that extension hat tells you the person is busy and please try your call again later.

I called back at 9:30 today, November 4th and after being on hold for several minutes spoke with a gentleman who said the computer systems were down. I asked to speak with supervisor Theresa and when transferred got the unavailable message and "please try your call again later." I called back and left a long message with another gentleman with all of the above information and was told Theresa would return my call.

This incredibly sloppy and incompetent customer service began as an annoyance, became a nuisance, and now they have wasted much of my time and are sending threatening notices. I have threatened them with legal action and intend to follow through. I will present my documentation.

Mad In Missouri
By -

WASHINGTON, MISSOURI -- I fell for the "just pay ship/handling to try." I tried and the product made my eyes water. I called, they said send it back (my expense). I did, within the allotted time but did not get a return receipt. O-K! I've learned a couple of valuable lessons. But their claim of... you guessed it, they didn't get it, began a 3 month fight after they charged my account twice $69.95. I had a lawyer draw up an affidavit I signed and notarized, stating I mailed the two jars back to them, I wanted the money sent to me by mail in 10 days (because I had to close that account so they couldn't take anymore money out!) or I would report them to the BBB and the State Attorney General.

I sent THIS certified mail which they received May 19th. No reply. I am reporting them to the BBB today. I see from the BBB they do not have this company's name in their files. I cannot hardly believe this. REPORT THEM, SISTERS!

Bad return policy
By -

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY -- By purchasing this product, I got myself into a "plan" which meant they would continue sending me this stuff at a ridiculous frequency until I contacted them to cancel. So, of course I had a stockpile to return unopened, and was told that instead of getting a credit in the dollar amount that I paid, I could only exchange product for product, meaning if I returned 5 jars, I could get 5 of some other item they sell.

Of course, the stuff I had was one of the most expensive items they offer, so in order to get my money's worth, I had to choose things I wouldn't have ordered otherwise, because the things I actually wanted were less expensive -- I would have returned a $50 jar of wrinkle cream for a $30 face wash. Do the math and they really make out on this deal. They also would not give me a street address, only a PO box, so I had to pay more to ship USPS than to ship via FedEx ground.

I came away with a very negative impression of this company, considering how much money I had spent over the last several months on their wrinkle cream. It just seemed shady and not very customer oriented at all. Like they are just in it for the quick buck, which is why they get you on the "plan" in the first place, they rely on the fact that people live busy lives and will probably get more than one shipment before taking the time and effort to contact them to cancel.

Hydroxatone Shipment
By -

HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY -- On 7-19-2007 I returned 3 shipments of Hydroxatone to obtain a full refund of $139.80 which I had been charged on my debit card. None of these packages had even been opened and certainly never used. I called their company, Bellezza Products and spoke with a young woman named Stacy ** who informed me that since I hadn't returned the products within their specified period of time, I could not get a refund. I told her that I had never used the product, was out of a job, and needed my money back. She was very rude and said nothing could be done.

Several days later her supervisor, Louise called and said they were giving me a credit of $119.00 for other products that they sell. She specifically mentioned male enhancement products and female enhancement products. I consider this a joke! Needless to say, I told the woman I neither needed or wanted either of the above mentioned products and wanted my money back. Again I was rudely informed there was nothing I could do. Consequently, they have my $139.80 and the additional $8.00 or $9.00 in postage it cost to return their products to them.

This company, Bellezza Products is nothing but a scam. I would discourage anyone from purchasing from this company. They are not interested in keeping their customer happy or being flexible in their return policies. Any of these products could have been resold and I'm quite sure they have been--at my expense! DO NOT EVER buy from this company!!

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