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Price Gouging - Unethical!!
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HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I recently tried to upgrade my engagement band at Bellos. I was given a verbal and written quote of 2850 on a setting that I fell in love with. After dragging my husband into the store several times over the past few weeks to give him the hint that I wanted the setting for Christmas, he finally went in hoping to purchase the band for me.

When he asked the owner, Bob, what the price for the setting was Bob quoted him over 4500! When my husband asked about the price discrepancy, Bob told him that the original quote was a mistake. It was no mistake. The verbal and written quote along with the style number was written on a Bellos business card...Bob was trying to price gouge us.

I then went into the store to try to get some answers. The same women who were falling all over me in the weeks prior to this were now rude and cold. I asked the one sales person to go and get the book with my setting in it, match the style number, and show me the price. She went in the back, came out and told me the following, "Bob doesn't want to do business with you." WHAT? Why? She couldn't get the book because it would prove that Bob was attempting to price gouge and confirm that my husband caught him in a direct lie.

The sales person who gave me the original quote of 2850 was also in the store at this time and I asked her directly where she got that price. Her response VERBATIM, "I must have made a mistake. If I had known about the situation..." What situation? I got the quote weeks ago.

The entire team of sales people there including the owner of Bellos are unethical and dishonest. They attempted to price gouge us and when caught and confronted, instead of attempting to make amends, were horrifically rude to my husband and I. There are many reputable, honest jewelers in the Harrisburg area...Bellos Jewelers is NOT one of them...why risk it?

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